Belated and beautiful

Pattern: Child’s French socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.

I’m really glad I took the time to knit this pattern. I was very inspired and motivated by all the Child’s French socks that have been completed over the past few years. Just to name a few, Siow Chin, Yahaira, Terhi, and Chawne all made gorgeous ones. Call it jealousy if you will, but I had to knit a pair, too!

Yarn: Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm sock yarn, 80% wool, 20% nylon, 500 yards (no colorway specified).

I started these socks back in February, but the originally-chosen Koigu didn’t work out. Switching to Ellen’s ½ Pint Farm sock yarn ended up being a great decision! The yarn is wonderfully variegated, and knits up like a dream. I know I mentioned that the thinness, composition, and feel of this yarn reminds me of Lorna’s Laces, which is perhaps why I had such an easy time with it :). And just like my Lorna’s socks, I ended up with a ton (30 grams) of leftovers!

Needles: Susan Bates US 0 dpns. My favorites for sock knitting.

I’m certain my grandma will love these socks, and will happily accept them as a belated birthday gift. The trick is to stay motivated and finish her shawl, regardless of her happiness with these socks. I think I’ll be visiting her again at the end of August, and that seems to be a feasible deadline. Cross your fingers that I’m not lured away by something shiny and new ;).


22 thoughts on “Belated and beautiful

  1. juniperjune

    gorgeous socks! nancy bush is the greatest, and that colorway is fantastic. i think your grandma will be happy to wait a little longer with these to tide her over!

  2. Lisa

    The Susan Bates DPN are my favorites for sock knitting as well. I’ve tried others, even magic loop circs, but I always return to the SBs!

  3. yahaira

    omg that yarn is perfect! I don’t see any weird pooling that I get on semi-solids sometimes.

    the socks came out great, I love that pattern. now get on that shawl!!

  4. lauren

    It looks like that yarn worked out perfectly! It has just the right amount of color variation, and it certainly looks softer and more pleasant to knit and wear than the koigu did.

  5. mrspao

    They look perfect. I definitely think a thinner yarn is best for this pattern. I knit some in cashmere and they were very nice and yummy.

  6. Kay

    Kathy, those turned out beautiful! I have a pair going in CTH from Linda and you have inspired me to get back to them and get them finished. Did you do any mods on this pair?

    (Now get going on the shawl LOL!)

  7. Kenny

    Man, you got a real talent from turning something from a book that looks hmmm, kinda ok, to STUNNING! Love it Love it love it!

  8. Julie

    What a beautiful pair of socks, Kathy! Yours inspired me to make my own pair, which are nearly done. Can’t wait to wear them this winter…

  9. Siow Chin

    Seeing yours make me want to knit another pair! ( I gave the Fleece Artist ones to my sister-in-law). Your grandma will definitely love these.

  10. Siow Chin

    Seeing yours make me want to knit another pair, I gave the Fleece Artist ones to my sister-in-law. Your grandma must be very happy with these.

  11. Lynn Lisiewski

    If the socks are that nice I can only imagine how pretty the gift will be


    Modesto, CA

  12. Lynn Lisiewski

    If the socks are that nice I can only imagine how pretty the gift will be


    Modesto, CA

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