Sheep, and alpaca, and goats, oh my!

Last year I posted some alpaca and sheep photos from my trip to the 2008 New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. I was tickled pink to receive many comments on those posts – it seems you guys like the woollies, too! So, here’s a batch from 2009!

Llamas are magnificent animals. Statuesque, graceful, expressive, inquisitive. These two in particular were gorgeous:


Some alpaca:

A young competitor and her beautiful alpaca:

I love the ears on this guy. And his Rembrandt smile:

These baby Angora goats were the tiniest cutest little goats ever:

The festival was wonderful, as always, and I especially enjoyed bumping into many old friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in a good three or four years! (Though I now realize I missed Terry, boo!) I think good friends are one of the reasons I eagerly attend NHS&W.

Another reason is, of course, the wonderful artisans. Last year’s purchases became Toe the Line shawl, Child’s French socks (in progress), and the 21-25 scarf (in hibernation, but not forgotten). What will this year’s goodies become?

From left to right:

  • Paddington handpainted sock yarn from Mocha’s Fiber Connection in Colchester, CT. This is 100% British Blue Faced Leicester 3-ply superwash wool, in the Ashes of Roses colorway (422 yards, 3.5 oz). So far I’ve only knit socks using merino wool, so I was instantly drawn to this new-to-me fiber.
  • Wool-blend yarn from Ellen’s ½ Pint Farm in Norwich, VT. It’s composed of 50% wool, 25% soy silk, 22.5% cotton, and 2.5% chitin. Again, the unusual fiber combination caught my eye, as well as the subdued denim colorway (no colorway name marked on the label; 475 yards, 3.5 oz).
  • Arbori 50% merino/50% tencel from the lovely Judy at Ball and Skein, Barton, VT (Sprout colorway, 350 yards). The color, oh, the color! It’s punchy and vibrant and makes me want to eat salad! I purchased this yarn as part of the Japanese Vines scarf kit.
  • Silver Optima, also from Mocha’s Fiber Connection. I’m not sure if you can tell in the photo, but the yarn has sparkles! Oooh, shiny! It’s composed of 63% superwash merino, 20% silk, 15% nylon, and 2% silver (Raspberry Crème colorway, 420 yards, 3.5 oz). Can you just imagine the fabulous lace scarf this yarn will make?!?

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35 thoughts on “Sheep, and alpaca, and goats, oh my!

  1. Rachel


    What fantastic pictures!

    Any chance I could get a higher-res version of the first alpaca pic (tan with purple leash thingie) as a desktop background?

  2. Seanna Lea

    The colors! I love the colors (though especially the sprout – I love the green of new growth).

    It sounds like NH was a wonderful festival. Someday I’ll even make it up there!

  3. amalia

    Is there anything cuter than wooly babies? Thanks for sharing the pics! Those alpacas are just too cute.

    And that Sprout yarn!! OMG!! I want it.

    Glad you had a nice time.

  4. Meg McG

    Ohhh! I just bought some silver optima at the CT Sheep and Wool last month. It’s the prettiest yarn, EVER (without being gaudy!) Of course I bought it for socks, but I wonder if yarn that pretty should be hidden in shoes.

    And I LOVE the Rembrandt smile!

  5. Divine Bird Jenny

    How did I not see you there?! I taught drop spindling on Saturday and walked around all day Sunday. I even petted the pretty brown sheep with the horns and the white patches on its face. What a nice festival!

  6. Kristina


    Thanks for sharing the photos. I went down to MDS&W. Aside from the rain it was fun. Your pictures are great. I hope to go to MAS&W in a few weekends. I just can’t get enough of the fiber producing animals.


  7. trek

    I pointed you out to my Number Guy as a knit blogger I recognized from pictures on your blog. He asked how come I didn’t go say hi but you and your new husband looked all cute and honeymoonish.

    So, here I am now waving from half a dozen states away.

  8. Robin Marie

    I just thought you should know my dad will be very upset with the fact that you’ve inspired me to go back to pestering him about getting some alpacas! I think I can wear him down if I show him these absolutely adorable photos!!!!

  9. Janet

    Great photos – thanks.

    Janet, a native New Englander but I have never been to the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival

  10. cath

    NH was great fun–I wanted to bring one of those little goats home–sigh–but I didn’t.

    And we even spotted you 🙂

    but did not want to interupt you in your quest for food.

  11. margieinmaryland

    There were baby goats with 1″ horns at MDSW also – there was a little brown one who was particularly engaging.

  12. lolly

    Perfect photos! I love all of the animals – that alpaca with his little toothy smile totally made me laugh out loud. What a cutie!

    Lovely yarns!

  13. Thea

    I LOVE BALL AND SKEIN! My mom and I saved them for the last and went a little crazy. Also, did you see Jan Marek Raczkowski? He was in the Hood Barn with some beautiful art yarn type of stuff.

    Also, your pictures are gorgeous! I was crazy about some alpacas, but yours put mine to shame. Thank you!

  14. Kat

    Too cute! Makes me miss S&W fests. Awesome pictures, I totally want to cuddle up with one of the baby angora goats. And choice yarn selections! I can’t wait to see the Ball and Skein yarn knit up.

  15. Jennifer

    I took a gazillion pics of those baby goats too. My boys totally wanted to take them home, along with the pair of little alpacas, hehe.

  16. Kate

    I have to delurk to say I love the pictures. I drive by a llama farm on my way to work and always hope they are out grazing so I can sneak a peek!

  17. Judy

    How can you look at these creatures and not want to keep a few on your back yard, or parking pad? Too handsome, and the wool to die for. Thanks for the photos, keep them coming.

  18. K See

    I have passed up going for the last two years. I must attend next year so I can find you and my other knitterly friends. Love the pictures.

  19. Emily

    The second picture of alpacas–sure it’s not a llama? The way the ears turn in is really more of a llama thing.

    Either way, so cute and fluffy!

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