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When I first learned to knit a little less than five years ago, successfully knitting lace – in the form of scarves, shawls, stoles, etc. – was one of my personal goals. In my mind, once I knew how to knit lace, I would be on my way to becoming a true knitter. With that thought in mind I tried out many different types of lace projects: simple, complicated, little, big, and everything in between. Certainly not as numerous or as diverse as many other knitters, but my fair share for five years, I’d say.

It all boils down to this: out of all the different lace projects I’ve completed, the Path of Flowers stole is one of my favorites. Melon scarf is up there, too, but that’s it for the top tier.

Pattern: Path of Flowers stole by Chrissy Gardiner (on Rav).

The pattern was a bit of a pain to knit at first, but the finished stole is amazing: airy, light, delicate, and divinely beautiful.

Yarn: Mountain Colors Winter Lace (50% wool, 50% silk) in Mountain Twilight. I used up about 870 yards, less than 1 skein.

A little more hairy than other wool/silk blends I’ve used in the past, but the color was spot on for this project – deep, slightly variegated, worked well with the pattern, and photogenic to boot :). Blocked like a champ, too.

Needles: Addi Turbo circs, size US 6.

Finished dimensions: after blocking, 23″ wide X 70″ long.

Holy moly, this stole is gigantic! Remember how I said that the finished dimensions are the size of a human? Well, it came out even larger than that, since it blocked narrower and longer than I had estimated!

But just imagine how warm and cozy it will be on chilly days (as it was the day we took these photos – I was wearing a wool sweater! In May!).

In conclusion, this is one of the best I’ve made so far. It was a bit rocky at first, but at the end, everything about it made me very happy. End of story.



64 thoughts on “One of the best

  1. Wendy

    Congratulations! This is really beautiful, and you should really be proud. Absolutely stunning…

  2. Pandorasslave

    My goodness, that is absolutely gorgeous! I have never thought to use the Path of Flowers pattern, but now that I have seen it, it will be entering the queue.

    I am impressed with the size as well!

  3. Amy P

    Ahhh! You let it touch the ground!

    It’s beautiful! I can see why this is your all-time favorite. Nice work, and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

  4. The Left-Handed Crafter

    Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! *drools* : )

    BTW, I can’t believe it’s been five years since you learned to knit! I’ve been a fan of yours since the beginning and love the scientific perspective you bring to things. Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Kathy

    WoW! This one is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it does make you so happy.

    Beautiful, breath-taking work!

  6. PammieTaj

    That’s just stunning. I wish it were easier to find her patterns. Something along the lines of paying for a download?

  7. mari

    I am so blown away, as usual, by your knitting! But this is definitely something special. I think the combination of yarn, color, and pattern are just perfection!

  8. Rachel


    Seriously though, congrats – and in only five years! That’s less time than I’ve been knitting and I’m 17! 😉

  9. Zoe

    You mention this shawl being in your top 10 favourite knits, and I agree with you! It is beautiful! I wonder if you would like to do a post on that, your top 10 list? I would love to see it!

  10. jacqueline

    stunning! as i said in a previous comment – i had no interest in this stole…but your ‘to-die’ for version has convinced me otherwise.

  11. margene

    Lace takes extra care in the beginning and I usually find it best to start a couple of times to find my footing. A shawl might get off to a bad start but it is so worth persevering and going the distance. This shawl is stunning!!

  12. Ann

    You have this amazing ability to make me covet patterns I hadn’t looked at twice. You’ve done it again — this is GORGEOUS!

  13. Seanna Lea

    That is stunning! I love the organic shapes with the honeycomb like mesh. A wonderful piece.

    I don’t think I’ve ever blocked out any of my lace pieces to be that airy, but I really like the look each time I see it. I really need to remember to monster block my next lace shawl!

  14. technikat

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while.

    It’s hard to believe you’ve only been knitting

    for 5 years. You do such beautiful work

    and you don’t hesitate to design and to

    change things to suit yourself.

    You go, girl!

  15. Kristen

    Good heavens, that is beautiful! I love the center motif so much – Chrissy Gardiner’s lace patterns just make me salivate. Your color choice is lovely, and the end result is just perfect!

  16. Harriet

    Absolutely beautiful lace!! I made much the same committment after seeing lace knitting for the first time a few years ago. Again, gorgeous.

  17. Stephanie

    Oooh, gorgeous. I have some yummy Sundara lace that I need to find a project for and this just might fit the bill. You’re always such an inspiration to me.

  18. sixtyfour

    it looks amazing. lace like that is definitely on my list of things to do once i am confident enough! i have the yarn, now all i need are the skills (and patience!). the colour is beautiful too. good job all around i say 🙂

  19. Christina

    Wow! It’s stunning! The slight variegation is beautiful. Really love that lace pattern, too. Absolutely going in my queue. Have fun wrapping up in that. Count me jealous!

  20. Christy / Not Hip

    So beautiful….and straight in to my queue.

    I’ve been ogling many lace patterns recently, trying to find the perfect ones for 2 beautiful silk lace yarns I have in my stash.

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