Serious lace business

Okay, okay, let me tell you what those gorgeous night and day yarns are all about.


“Night,” also known as Mountain Colors Winter Lace in Mountain Twilight, will be used for knitting Chrissy Gardiner’s Path of Flowers stole. A very pretty design that’s not complicated to knit, but it’s sizeable (finished dimensions 25″ x 66″) and the yarn is dark, which I always find a bit tricky. The 21-25 scarf is taking forever for this very reason.


“Day” is of course Schaefer Yarn Andrea in Greenjeans, a yarn which you’ve encountered on this blog before. I’m hopeful that a year and a half later, in an entirely different colorway, it will knit up like a dream :). I’ll use it for another Chrissy Gardiner design, Kiwassa. Knit from the nape of the neck out, I know this shawl will simply fly off the needles.

Both of these shawls are due in mid-May, so Chrissy can show them at her booth at TNNA.

Completing two shawls in two months would be generally pretty simple for me, except my grandma’s Crown Prince shawl needs to be finished by June 1st, her 80th birthday. Progress? Nada since my last update, not even one more row.

PLUS I have a secret (for now) lace project due on June 30th, using one of the gorgeous yarns below:

Can you guess what these are?

So, it looks like it will be the Spring of Lace around here. I have two small lingering projects – the Anemoi-Lillyfield Frankenmitten and the Child’s French socks, which I expect to resolve themselves, so to say: between this and that, they’ll get done. Other than that, four lace shawls/stoles in a few short months. No ifs, ands, or buts. Expect some serious lace business over here!


22 thoughts on “Serious lace business

  1. Kristy

    It’s great that you’ve got a variety of colors; if you get tired of one, you can switch to a completely different color. The shawls all look lovely. Good luck!

  2. margaret

    you’re a terrible enabler! I just downloaded Kiwassa, and I happen to have just enough Fiddlesticks lace (Zephyr Wool-Silk) in the Aegean Blue colorway, which will look sensational in this pattern …

    I’ll start now but promise not to race you – you’re the champ!

  3. dobarah

    I love my Mountain Colors Winter Lace! I’m getting to the end of my Ozark Autumn stole using the Wild Horse MC colorway…and the darkness can cause some interesting moments. You certainly knit lace much faster than I do!

  4. Cindy (maxfun)

    I’m knitting Kiwassa in a lovely color called Logwood of Madeline Tosh silk lace. It’s starting to look lovely, although finding time to work on it is a challenge.

    Good luck with finishing everything on time. That’s a lot of lace knitting to get done! 🙂

  5. Heather

    That Kiwassa is particularly intriguing…and is that the much maligned sock yarn that begins with a K, possible repurposed for lace?

  6. little_lj

    Wow, I’m so inspired… I’m just about halfway through my first cardigan and it’s taken me a month! AND it’s chunky wool! As a complete knitting beginner, I cannot wait to see what you achieve! Lacework scares me, but I can’t wait to be good enough to give it a go!

  7. Jane in London

    Remember to stretch – I find that lace knitting makes my forearms seize up if I’m not careful (particularly if I do lots, with really fine yarn). It’s always handy to have something to knit in a slightly heavier weight to hand. Or a jigsaw puzzle. I love the pinks. ~x~

  8. katherine

    I think the top one is Sundara Fingering Silky Merino in the sugar plum colorway … I just started knitting a lace scarf out of it!

  9. allison

    Those two beauties at the bottom are most definitely Sundara FSM in Sugar Plum and Flaming Flamigo! 🙂

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