Familiar encounter

Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks was released three and half years ago (wow, time flies!), and at that time many gorgeous, stunning, spectacular Child’s French socks were knit.

Undoubtedly I admired them all, but my needles were busy knitting other KVS designs:


Then recently I started to notice a new wave of Child’s French socks. Or maybe socks from KVS in general. Actually, most likely it was simply my brain reminding me how much I’ve admired that pattern, prompting me to finally cast on, no ifs, ands, or buts!

As you know, that urgency and excitement didn’t end so well :(.

Though I could part with the yarn, I simply couldn’t forget the pattern. No way! Especially since I had knit a few inches with Koigu already and understood the pattern’s appeal so well – beautiful, but entirely memorizable.

Hello, lovely! You look familiar ;). Oh, that’s right.

And what a beautiful Child’s French sock you make.

The yarn is thinner than Koigu and highly reminiscent of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. A 72-stitch sock pattern on US 0 needles seems completely natural. The lighter color makes it easier to knit. The variegation is delightful. Oh, seems to fit, too :).


24 thoughts on “Familiar encounter

  1. mai

    hmm, i’m pretty sure i need to buy this book. it’s almost a sin that i don’t own it already, don’t you think?

  2. Kristy

    This sock has been on my list for a long time, and I even have some yarn picked out for it. I’m glad you found a yarn that works better for you!

  3. Shaina

    I was thinking that yarn looked like a LL base! It looks just like the Manzanita Shepherd Sock I’m knitting into lace socks right now. Mmm…

  4. earthchick

    Oh MY, those are going to be some beautiful socks. I love that color – I swear, shaded solids are the best. I have had that book for a couple of years now, but can you believe I’ve never knit anything from it?

  5. The Knitting Archaeologist

    This is my go-to sock book, by far! I love all the patterns, and plan to make every sock included at least once. I have already repeated the Gentleman’s Winter sock with Dutch Heel! Thank you Nancy!

  6. Diana

    This pattern is on my to-knit list too. Like you, I’ve knit a bunch of other patterns in KVS, and its about time to get to this one, because its really cute!

  7. Vickie

    You should get a commission. The last two sock knitting books I purchased were because of your beautiful examples of the patterns.

  8. Janie

    KVS is so my favourite sock book, although must admit am looking forward to the release of Cookie A’s book in April.

    Thanks so much for doing the link to all your other KVS projects. I have been reading your blog all this time but still enjoyed revisiting them. All so beautiful!

  9. Hookie, UK

    “Fan-ta-bulous” – as my granddaughter would say (in a mock American teen accent as many young English teens seem to speak with these days, lol!)

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