Eye Candy Friday: Night and Day


Mountain Colors Winter Lace | Mountain Twilight | 50% wool, 50% silk

As dark as ink, soft texture, blurred edges, falling into itself.


Schaefer Yarn Andrea | Greenjeans | 100% silk

Illuminated, crisp, defined, rising to greet you.

Project details to come!


21 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday: Night and Day

  1. Luci

    Ooooh, the midnight blue is scrumptious. I can’t wait to see what you make with it, and I think I want some of the same yarn, too. Yum.

  2. andrea

    Eeps! The Schaefer Yarn is named after me! That must mean that I should buy it =)

    These colors are gorgeous, Kathy. Can’t wait to see what they become!

  3. SallyA

    They are lovely. Just gorgeous. And the pictures are so good, I swear I can feel them!

  4. Heidi

    They are amazing and now I keep hitting refresh to see what you are going to do with them. I am very impatient so let’s get on with it. What are they going to be??

  5. Seanna Lea

    Those are two gorgeous yarns! I have yarn envy, but shouldn’t buy more laceweight until I have finished some of the laceweight I left out for specific projects.

  6. Margaret

    I have the Schaefer Andrea in Greenjeans and have never settled on a project worthy of it. Can’t wait to see what you select. Frankly the picture doesn’t do it justice! Silvery green.

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