Corded: anniversary edition

It was about 1 year ago that MagKnits closed its doors. The decision left me scrambling to re-format and re-distribute my patterns, all at an impossibly inconvenient time: I had just started a new job! Picovoli quickly landed at knotions, since it’s a pretty long pattern that I simply didn’t have the time to tweak. I was thrilled to have Savannahchik Jody do the dirty work for me :). Odessa was a breeze to paste into Illustrator and distribute via Ravelry. Jaywalker was more tricky, but for a long while I had wanted to combine the original and the extended size versions, so I grit my teeth and delved in. It, too, is now available through Ravelry.

Corded, the little baggie knit out of 1 skein of Noro Daria suffered the worst outcome. I think I simply ran out of steam, and then kept procrastinating because I didn’t receive too many inquiries about the now-defunct pattern.

To my surprise, however, even though the number of Corded pattern requests was low, they continued to trickle in, all year long! So, I finally decided to devote a few hours to this project, to re-format it all nice and new, and to re-release it back into the wild!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Corded! Familiar to some, a new face for others, now a free Ravelry download. Enjoy!

If you do not have Ravelry access, please e-mail me for a copy of the pattern.


22 thoughts on “Corded: anniversary edition

  1. Diane in Northern CA

    I love this pattern. It was because of this design that I found your blog. I had purchased some Daria and searched the internet for some pattern ideas (long before our beloved Ravelry). I found your designs and ultimately your blog.

    Thanks for redoing the pattern; I believe there is still some Daria in my stash……


  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    That was a stunner, when MagKnits up and quit, especially before I’d printed out some patterns I coveted. Thanks for making yours re-available. (Made so far: several Odessas and one pair Jaywalkers.)

  3. Cheryl

    Thanks for the pattern, it’s cute. I bought 3 different skeins of Daria ……just because. Now, I can actually make something that shows it off. BTW, my jaywalker socks always get rave reviews!

  4. Hanna

    Thanks for the story about what you came to do with your Magknits patterns. I still haven’t figured out to do with the one I wrote! I’ll probably take your lead and fix it to be a Ravelry download …

  5. margie in Maryland

    THANKS for posting this. I really like Daria, but had never seen a pattern that I liked for this. AND THANKS FOR THE EXTENDED SIZES JAYWALKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have large feet and and many regular sock patterns would not fit me.!

  6. Katie

    Thank you! I had always wanted to make this and now I think I finally have the right yarn for it.

  7. Seanna Lea

    That reminds me that somewhere I have a bag I made out of a skein of Daria multiple years ago that still needs some finishing work! Another weekend project for the spring.

  8. WendyBee

    Way cute bag! Thanks for making the pattern available.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have found your how-to posts very valuable. I just finished wrestling with a pair of socks, and used your combined method for the 2-color Fair Isle style, as well as the “pretty” heel-flap stitch pick-up!


  9. dimaguire

    Thank you for the extended sizes on Jaywalkers! I am making a pair right now but they might have to go to my daughter because my feet are kind of big (which makes her happy).

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