O hai. Happy heart-shaped Kitty-rump Day!

(This photo and all others are used with permission.)

My cat’s bummus says I heart you.

Today I’m very happy to tell you about the grand launch of Fat Orange Cat Studio, pet photography for the best of ’em. Whether your pet is the cutest, the fluffiest, the smartest, the best behaved, or just the silliest, FOCStudio is the place to capture the essence of your ani-pal.

FOCStudio is near and dear to my heart because it’s your favorite and mine, Ms. Domesticat, who started the whole thing. She’s a long-time friend, fearless knitter, enthusiastic Red Sox fan, mixed cocktail connoisseur, mom to the fluff-tastic Bunny and Veebs (my favorite photo of those two), and most importantly, an extremely talented photographer of pets, yarns, and everything in between.

I’m so happy to see that she’s found her passion, and is now realizing her dream with utmost professionalism. Starting a business is no joke! I mean, it’s a joke to a lot of people, but not to Li. If you want a little history, take a look at how she chose the business’s name, settled on a logo, and created her fab business cards. Then visit the FOCStudio blog to see how several months of photographing friends’ cats and dogs morphed into an amazing portfolio. See? Professional!

Oh! While you’re at it, enter to win some gorgeous yarn prints! Yeah, have I mentioned that Li photographed some of Sundara’s yarn for her shop??? When hundreds of people count on you to show them the right color, you have to be amazing.

– – – – – – – – –

For me, all of this comes full circle because Li came over one day and photographed my Kitty. My furry love, my irresistible pile of floof, my stripy beast, my polydactyl princess.

Mushy, eh?!? It’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m going to allow it, just this once :).

It was an incredible experience because… well, I see my cat a certain way. I photograph her in a certain way. I find some of her looks and poses irresistible, and others commonplace. And here was this whole other person, a professional photographer, sporting way better camera equipment, having her own attention-getting tactics, seeing her own colors, angles, poses, movements… It was like seeing my cat for very the first time, all over again.

The photos were amazing. Mr. Sweetness and I were thrilled!

All yarn requests must go through me.

I’m *this close* to bipedalism. Soon I will don a tiara. Watch out.

We ordered a few prints, and honestly, I was shocked. I guess I’m used to seeing stuff online at the typical 72 pixels per inch. Looks great. And then you get a print, and it’s like, what, 600 dpi? Holy moly! It’s intense! It’s beautiful! I must get prints more often!

I wasn’t able to admire the prints for too long, because before I knew it…

Are you photographing me while photographing photographs of me? You bore me, stoopid hooman.

Now Mr. Sweetness and I are faced with the humongous task of choosing which prints to frame, in what combinations, and where to display them. Fortunately Li just wrote a post about displaying prints (and how she photographs animals envisioning the framing “story” in advance!) using Kitty’s mug (and rump) as examples! Notes have been taken.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

B&W 5×7 above my sewing area.

Color 5×7 in the living room.

Shifty-eyed kitteh 4×6 on my desk at work.

Yes, between my Brother label maker and my Dymo one, I have a framed photo of my kitty. It is truly a place of distinction ;). Kitty’s shifty-eyed expression mirrors my own a lot of the time :).

Now, the other prints… Mr. Sweetness and I are still deciding. We want to display as many of them as our small apartment can handle without, you know, appearing to be “crazy cat people.” Because “crazy cat people”? That’s definitely not us.



27 thoughts on “O hai. Happy heart-shaped Kitty-rump Day!

  1. erin

    Those pics are great! It’s really hard to get a good picture of my black cat…I don’t suppose Li wants to come up to Canada…

  2. Beverly

    I’ve been a devoted reader of Li’s blog for quite a while now and the pet photography is amazing! It’s such a pleasure when she has new pics up. I especially love the pic of one of her cats (can’t remember which one) helping her block a scarf.

    I love the heart rump too. So cute!

  3. Bridget

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mr. Sweetness and Miss Kitty! Those are fantastic shots, and I am so happy her business is up and running. Someday when I win the lottery I’m going to fly her to Philadelphia to photograph our kitties …

    (And I’m glad someone else has lots of kitty pictures around their house …)

  4. Trish

    First of all, you have two label-makers. That rocks. Now I don’t feel like the only one…..

    And…that heart-shaped rump is adorable. Isn’t it great when you watch your friends develop and grow their businesses? Li is very talented!

  5. Cirilia

    Oh, they’re great! And “crazy cat people…” as long as you haven’t gone the way of Angela Martin on the office, who store a cat in the file cabinet at work and grooms them with her tongue, you’re okay!

    I think I will finally get to meet Li when she comes to photograph the adorable dog my housemates own! Excited!

    And of course you would have a polydactyl cat! Can you imagine the knitting that cat could do??

  6. Janis

    Beautiful! I wonder how someone would photograph my kitty. I take photos of her but it would be interesting to see how she looks to someone else’s eyes.

  7. anne marie in philly

    OMG, such beautiful pictures! wish I lived closer to boston…

    happy valentine’s day to you and mr. sweetness and kitty!

  8. Shaina

    Hmmm…I both fear and respect polydactyl cats. They seem so much more inclined towards world domination than their normal counterparts.

  9. Paula

    Oh my! I am definitely going to hire her when I finally get another kitty. 🙂

    And, really, why is it ok to have gazillions of dogs, but having a bunch of cats makes a person crazy???

    I am going to embrace my feline addiction and own the crazy!


  10. Karen B.

    Now that’s “the living end,” as the old saying goes!

    Miss Kitty’s markings are so pronounced and her expressions are priceless.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

  11. Angie

    This is such a great post. I couldn’t figure out why I can’t get good photos of my dog. But she won’t sit away from me if I’m in the room. A professional can not only see her from a different angle, but reinforce for me how wonderful she is.

  12. SallyA

    Love the photos, but really have a question. Why do you have two, not one but two, label makers? Many people don’t even have one. I’m figuring you must be making lots of labels but in an apt. what’s to label. Hope I’m not being too nosey. Just curious!

  13. Susan

    We have 5 cats, and I’m not addicted, I reckon that you need to have at least 10 before you are totally addicted!

    Wish that photographer could come to the UK to photograph my lot.

  14. Seanna Lea

    My husband and I really enjoy our cats antics but aren’t too good at getting them on the camera. I’ll have to check Li out, because pictures of our cat would be a nice thing to send out to the family.

  15. Ann

    We just adopted two grown cats in December. I am totally addicted to them, and they to me. Your pix are fab! Never too many, if you ask me.

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