Soft and bright

With the weather the way it’s been – monochromatic, either white, gray, or black – a little splash of color is just the ticket, don’t you think? Thoughts of green leaves, pink flower petals and long-lasting blue skies can instantly transform our moods…

Though I’m reporting this FO in 2009, it was actually completed during the last week of 2008. And I think it’s quite a pleasant project to wrap up the year – a harbinger of the happy things to come!

The inspiration behind this seemingly impossible (for me!) project and many of the details can be found in this post. For tidiness and completeness, allow me to summarize:

Project: Boteh Scarf by Kathy Merrick, appearing in the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Crochet and available as an individual pattern in the Knitting Daily online store.

Yarn: Eden Madil, 100% bamboo, color 629. Four skeins at 109 yards/50 grams each, used up nearly in their entirety.

This yarn, or rather, working with this yarn (versus wearing this yarn), is my only complaint. There are no two ways about it – it is splitty. Eighteen slippery plies, all hell-bent on sabotaging this novice crocheter. While working, I had to be extremely careful in catching all the plies with every stitch. On a few occasions I had to rip back to correct misplaced plies, and it was irritating each and every time.

Maryse (bless her and her crochet-pushing soul) warned me that the hdc edging would eat up a lot of yarn. And boy, did it ever! Thanks to her warning, I realized early on that I had left too little yarn to go around the entire scarf’s perimeter, and so had to frog only minimally. For the number-inclined, this 190-gram scarf has 31 grams’ worth of edging, the remainder (159 g) being the main triangles (of which there ended up being 16, just as the pattern recommends).

Crochet hook and tension: US G-6/4.00 mm hook, 18 sts and 12 rows = 4″ in hdc before blocking.

Finished size: after blocking, about 6½” wide and 78″ long. This is the size when the scarf is all neatly and flatly laid out on the floor. When worn, with a little help from gravity, the scarf twists on itself, narrows, and lengthens. A “long, skinny scarf” is what the kids call them, I think ;). It will be absolutely perfect for the spring – so soft and so bright.


36 thoughts on “Soft and bright

  1. Angelia

    The scarf is beautiful. I would never guess it was your first crochet project. It is an excellant piece of work.

  2. luneray

    You had more patience with 100% bamboo yarn than I did.

    I bought a skein of truly gorgeous variegated blue bamboo yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and tried to knit a small shawl with it. I hated that yarn with such a passion that I contemplated just tossing it out, but the cheapskate in me couldn’t do that. Instead, I sent it too Goodwill but I still feel pangs of guilt for the person who thought they were getting a lovely yarn..

  3. Divine Bird Jenny

    Beautiful! I think I’m going to purchase the pattern since I didn’t get that issue of the magazine. I have just the yarn for it…maybe if I make it a little shorter, I’ll be set…

  4. Erica

    The scarf is beautiful! I really like the swooshy feeling of the pattern. And you’d never tell by looking at it that it was a pain to knit. =)

  5. caro

    Nice work! I have yet to do an entire crochet project, but these girls are softening my resolve. Beautiful colour for that scarf.

  6. red

    welcome to the fun world of crochet. I find that it covers more ground more quickly than knitting and so, yes, it eats up more yarn. On the other hand, frogging is sooooooo much easier to do and much easier to put down and pick up, and don’t have to wait for the end of the row.

    Lovely scarf and yes, the color is essential.

  7. Martha

    THat scarf is just beautiful. The color is perfect. I really love its undulating lines. Not quite enough to pick up a crochet hook, though!

  8. Stephanie

    Crochet huh? Very nice scarf. I love the color and the triangles are visually appealing. I’m still scared of crochet, but you make it sound like it’s worth it in the end.

  9. Lisa

    Wonderful scarf! Welcome to the world of crochet. I’ve been both knitting and crocheting since I was 5 years old and I like both for their respective strengths and weaknessess. I love how well they play off each other. I can’t imagine knitting without knowing how to crochet and vice versa. I can’t wait to see what you make next.

  10. EtSu

    Ooh crochet, I really must learn how to do that. The colour reminds me of a spring sky. Perfect for this time of year. Well done for persisting with the plies!

  11. Dianne

    Lovely scarf and very ambitious for a new crocheter. The scarf looks great in hand-painted yarn as well and in any weight. Cheers

  12. Marie

    Wow, I had this lined up in the cue(?) for use with sock yarn as the pattern calls for, but yours is rather a nice alternative.

    Great job, you muli- talented, mulit-crafter.

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