New Year: new surprise!

Delectable little shell

Shortly, in about two weeks

Free pattern for you



41 thoughts on “New Year: new surprise!

  1. Chris

    Oh Crap! Does this mean we won’t hear anything from you for two whole weeks! Are you and Mr. Wonderful off on a lovely Carribean vacation? I know Boston at this time of the year and it bears leaving for warmer climes.

  2. Janne Lea


    I’ll look for some bamboo

    in my stash in the meanwhile,

    hope it has the right colour too.

  3. Ella Karlsson

    I like your Blog!You give me inspiration.

    Have a Fantastic KnitYear..2009!!

    I´m looking forward to it in your blog!


  4. Jean

    I reviewed your last few posts, what a plethora of knowledge. Now I have a couple of books (especially Boutique Knits) to add to my list of books that I want. I really liked the hats and will have to make them now. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

  5. StellaMM

    Dear Grumperina and Mr Sweetyness

    Congratulations on your first year of marriage, I am sorry I did not write for the 5th. I hope it has been a year of some good highs for you both.

  6. April

    oooo YAAY! Can’t wait, I always love your patterns. Especially when “little” is part of the description. I’ll probably need a little delectable pattern right about the time it comes out =)

  7. StellaMM

    Dear Grumperina and Mr Sweetyness

    Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary. I am sorry I didn’t reach you for the 5th. Lots of love to you both.

  8. carrie m

    hey, just saw your shout-out about my loop shawl — thanks so much! it is delightful squishy, and i wear it all the time. can’t wait to see yours (and the new pattern.)

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