The Dangerous series will resume shortly – I still have another 3 or 4 interesting things that I want to show you. Your input on the Anemoi and Lillyfield mitten patterns was immensely helpful, by the way. I’ve only knit two pairs of mittens before, both with gusseted thumbs, and both gifts. So, I just didn’t know that afterthought thumbs are awkward to wear! Your experience educates me, and is the whole reason for the Dangerous series ;).

Today let’s look at something über adorable.

You cannot resist my lashes! bat-bat-bat

I bought this Girlie Penguin from the wonderfully creative Maritza at Bazaar Bizarre a few weeks ago. She is so cute with her yellowness!

I’ve eyed the Soto Softies penguins for a while now. I love penguins. I wanted to give chocolate penguins as favors at my wedding (we went with Ghirardelli instead). I even contemplated Soto penguins as toppers on the wedding cake (would have been vetoed in a second, so I didn’t even try – we had a cream bow). That would have been wild!

Instead, I waited patiently for the perfect opportunity, and now Girlie is all mine. But there’s some room for sharing – just this week Maritza put together the Le Penguin sewing pattern, now available in her shop. As a pattern writer myself (one who has her battles with Illustrator on a regular basis) I will be the first to say that the Le Penguin pattern is a work of art in and of itself – five full pages of directions and pattern pieces to trace, dozens of illustrations… It’s excellent.

Even if I’ll never attempt sewing my own Le Penguin (I have Girlie, and I know nothing I sew will compare), I am in awe of the amount of work that went into this pattern. And I look forward to others from Soto Softies!

Wedding photos ©2008 Gulnara Studio


10 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Ritsuka

    I also purchased a softie from Maritza at Bazaar Bizarre! I saw one of her bats, and just had to have him. All of her animals are so cute!

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    Hey, we share a wedding anniversary date! (The choice, in our case, had to do with taxes — and the immigration authorities.) Our day was stormy and gorgeous.

  3. nancy

    I LOVE the eyelashes! I totally should have picked up a penguin at bazbiz too! SO CUTE! Although, Hortense, my owl, she’s pretty cute too if I do say so myself!

  4. Erin

    As much as I love trying Maritza’s patterns, it only makes me appreciate how good she is even more! Mine are no where near as cute!

  5. Pat

    I think you should get a wedding cake to celebrate your next anniversary. Put penguins on it. When we got married we had a Greyhound bus on our cake. We had spent most of our engagement traveling back and forth on the bus so it seemed right. Never too late to celebrate.

  6. Trista

    I love your little penquin! There is a really amazing penquin & orca video on and it is also on youtube. I think it is a game of “penquin” for them, but watch all the way to the end and you will be laughing at the cuteness!

    here is a link or seach on youtube for “pengWin”

    I have not commented on all the knitting projects, but since I am writing, I am really looking forward to blog posts of the beautiful shawl you are starting for your grandmother and I also hope you make the hats since they will be fast knits and so useful and cute for you! Happy Holidays!

  7. Dove

    We had a penguin cake topper! My husband proposed to me in front of the penguin exhibit at the zoo (it was the perfect place for us). I love penguins, and this one is darling.

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