Eye Candy Saturday: scheming

With a number of time-intensive projects out of the way (or almost out of the way), I am happily scheming something nupp-licious.

Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace | 50% silk, 50% wool | Cranberry colorway (45ns)

Helen’s Lace is a fantastic yarn: soft, bouncy, easy to knit, and easy to block. I’ve used it with pleasure twice before – my grandma’s Misty Morning Shawl, and the sample Toe The Line Shawl for Chrissy Gardiner.

Each of those shawls required less than a skein of Helen’s Lace, and each of those shawls came out plenty big! This time around, as you can see, I’ve bought 2 skeins (from Linda, as usual). That’s a total of 2500 yards of laceweight yarn. I’m obviously going even bigger!


16 thoughts on “Eye Candy Saturday: scheming

  1. Rebecca in CO

    I’m all curiosity now because that is a huge yardage amounts! The color you picked is absolutely gorgeous so I can’t wait to see what your knittin’ fingers do with this heavenly yarn!

  2. Lynn

    I believe that Helen’s Yarn is Zephyr yarn that has been specially dyed by Lorna’s Laces. Zephyr comes in many solid colors and on cones, so you can buy it by the half pound cone and have no ends to weave in. It’s used a lot by weavers as well as knitters. Zephyr is made by Jaegerspun in Springville, Maine (almost your neighbor), so if you ever go on a road trip up that direction, maybe you could check out the mill. No affiliation, but I sure wish I did! I love the stuff.

  3. Miss Knotty

    Oooh, will it be Estonian? I dare think so. Will be large and Square and Estonian? I daaarrrreee thiiiiinnnkkk sooo!

    I’m giggling with vicarious excitement, mingled with envy – ooh if I had the time!

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