Dangerous, it’s a wrap!


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Thanks, everyone, for entertaining my ramblings over the past few weeks! I can honestly say that I got some terrific feedback about potential projects, and a whole lot of encouragement. Result: a new spurt of motivation! Yes, I won’t just talk about these things, I will knit them! Well, at least some of them :). I’m also happy to have shared with you some of my recent finds – new books or patterns which went unnoticed for one reason or another. I hope you came across something exciting and interesting to add to your queue!

For now, two little tidbits from two newly-started projects:

The Crown Prince Square Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia is the most ambitious and time-consuming project in my line-up, and one with a definite deadline – June 1st, 2009. I know I won’t regret the early start when I’m not hustling to finish a few weeks before the big day (speaking hypothetically, of course).

Most of the details are listed in Dangerous, Part I. I’ll add that I decided to use slightly smaller needles: 3.0 mm (US 2.5) KnitPicks metal fixed length circs instead of the recommended US 4, so that the shawl itself will come out a bit smaller and a bit denser. I now realize that the dark pink cord might complicate stitch counting and compromise some future photographs … or maybe not. I thought it was the best choice in terms of pointy tip (nupps, people, nupps!) and needle size, so I’m going with it for now. Fortunately, I also have Addi Turbos and Inox Express in the 3.0 mm diameter in case I change my mind.

Please note: make sure to download the errata if you, too, are knitting this pattern!

I also started the Punctuated Rib socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. I’m using my favorite Susan Bates US0 dpns. Conveniently, both the yarn and the pattern were mentioned in this series – killing two birds with one stone! My reasoning for starting this is that I’m going to be spending dozens of hours traveling over the next few weeks, and this type of project is the perfect travel companion. Plus, no socks for grandma since September?!? Shameful!

In the comments, someone asked whether this book has any toe-up patterns? It does, and this is one of them! The other toe-up patterns are Staccato and Split-Toe Sweethearts. Also, Spread Spectrum is neither toe-up, nor cuff-down, just thought I’d mention that ;).

These two should keep me plenty occupied for now, but I must admit I’m itching to cast on one more. I’m leaning towards one of the colorwork projects, but I can be swayed otherwise :).


13 thoughts on “Dangerous, it’s a wrap!

  1. Leena

    I´d like to put in a good word about afterthought thumb. It´s really not that uncomfortable. I use it all the time! I mean I wear mittens with thumb like that, not just knit them. I have knitted several pairs from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush very recently, and the mittens all have afterthought thumb in that book. I like both mittens you have introduced here, yet I like the Lillyfield pair better. So, just wanted to tell you that you shouldn´t let the thumb scare you off. It is totally useable.

  2. rose

    gorgeous! i love the end of year motivation that carries over into a new year. it all feels so fresh and vigorous to line up new tasks, especially knitting ones!

  3. Penny

    Everyone is being so polite – not me, what’s the big June 1st event?

    The projects are all interesting choices and I look forward to watching your progress.

  4. Beth

    Your grandmother is going to love that shawl.. she is lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing all these lovely projects. Lace scares me, and I am always inspired by your posts. Merry Christmas!

  5. Ühltje

    Good for you! I was starting to wonder, if this whole set-up was to let us know that nothing from this dangerous series was actually going to be knit. (or crochet)

  6. Dawn in NL


    Just dropping by to say thank you for your entertaining blog.

    All the very best of the season to you and yours and a happy, healthy 2009!

    All the best,


  7. Melissa

    The shawl color is beautiful. You should start on one of the hats next. I finished the sideways grande in a couple of days. I love quick projects when I have start-itis.

  8. julie

    In the end you will be sooo glad you used the pointy Knit Picks for the nupps (p7tog). I started with addi turbos and spent much time cursing them. I am very excited to see how your crown prince turns out.

  9. Suzy

    I’ve been lurkin’ for a while and just wanted to quickly stop and say hello and Happy Holidays! Thank you for the always inspirational posts!

  10. Rebecca in CO

    The photography in the Handpainted book is so lovely that it makes me want to dash out to purchase it. I have also found the patterns very different and interesting. Looks like you have some great project ideas for the upcoming year!

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