The third hat

I know! Can you believe it? My little cousin Sarit has once again lost her handknitted hat. She was the inspiration for the design and the recipient of the original Odessa. When she lost her Odessa, I designed and knit up a Black Sea hat, just for her. And now I’ve been asked to knit a third. Good thing she’s a cutie-patootie! I would never say “no” (or even “maybe”!) to my flower girl!

With Sarit’s “stellar” hat retention rate, I’ll be designing a beaded hat with some purple element every winter! That’s the requirement – purple, but not a light purple, and beaded. Obviously it doesn’t have to be my own design, and it doesn’t have to be a new design (I could whip up another Odessa), but why not?!? I’ve done it twice before, no reason to skimp now.

As soon as the request was placed, I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a hat which looks like the Shibori Scarf from The Elegant Knitter (you can see a photo of the scarf and read a mini-review of the book here). But I didn’t want to felt anything! I just wanted to knit something with the representation of meandering bubbles using the typical techniques – knits and purls, increases and decreases.

I found a stitch motif in Barbara Walker Numero Tres called Palm Leaf and Bobble Pattern which served as my starting point. Later, I came across a picture of Cirilia Rose’s Matryoshka Stole and was further reassured that placing beads in the middle of raised motifs would probably look okay, even if Sarit’s new hat won’t be quite as three-dimensional as Cirilia’s stole (it has to stretch around the noggin, after all).

I went to Windsor Button with every intention of buying two skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cahsmerino in some variation of purple. That’s another thing I knew right away – that I wanted to use Baby Cash. I’ve had really great luck with it!

However, another yarn ended up coming home with me that night.

Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK, shade 0066

Sublime yarns are completely new to me, though I’ve been noticing their kids’ patterns for a while – the Retro Flying Helmet and Bonnet kill me with cuteness. Anyway, their particular purple offering #0066 seemed much more appropriate for Sarit than whatever Ms. Bliss had, so I changed my mind! As quickly as that!

You can see that I’m once again going with the pre-stringing method of beaded knitting, and just like with the DK-weight yarn I used for the Odessa, size 6 seed beads are doing the trick (for more info on beaded knitting, you can read this post or my article in the Fall 2007 issue of knitscene). The beads are clear glass with a metallic finish on the inside of the hole, purchased at either the Boston or the Cambridge Beadworks.

While I like where this design is going so far, I’m beyond anxious to knit up the requisite 5.5-6.5″ of flat knitting and start the decreases. I think this type of stitch pattern lends itself perfectly to forming the crown of a hat. I can hardly wait until I get there!


44 thoughts on “The third hat

  1. Jeanie

    What a lucky cousin! She is a cutie-there is no way to say no to that face:) I can’t wait to see the finished hat!

  2. Sheila

    Ya hoo! Sublime is just that, isn’t it? I have made a few items with it – have the ltttle sweater with button front raglan done – now must do the leggins and the little hat with the lowered ears. All for my 1st grandson Luke who is growing so fast I can hardly keep up! The little sweater blocked like a dream – but beware it blocks a little bigger than guage – at least mine did. But oh so soft – I would like to see more colors tho.

  3. Sarah O G

    You have to wonder if people are taking the hats cause they’re so beautiful.

    She is a doll by the way and that hat is another gorgeous knit.

  4. Mary K. in Rockport

    I fell hard for that Sublime pattern book and have made both the retro helmet and the girls’version with the flower – very cute. Haven’t tried the Sublime yarn yet – I’m glad to hear that it’s nice. DB cashmerino colors are a little grayed (to my taste) for children’s items.

  5. martha

    What a beautiful child. And it looks as if the hat is on its way to being a beautiful hat. Please share a picture of the hat on the child when it is finished and before she misplaces it!

  6. Liz

    I have made 3 Odessas so far and cannot wait to try your new design when published. That is one gorgeous hat pattern for an adorable child.

  7. Laura

    Mmmm…lovely. I’m also using the Sublime Merino DK for a baby sweater/hat combo right now. I love this stuff.

  8. Deborah

    I did much the same as you….went to my LYS with the intention of buying, in my case, DB Cashmerino; the shop lady asked what I was making, and promptly took me to the Sublime rack, and showed me the Cashmere-merino-silk Aran….wow! I was sold. Love that stuff! And I hadn’t heard of Sublime before then either, but I’ve bought it several times since. It lives up to its name. That’s not to diminish Cashmerino, which is still quite lovely.

  9. kv

    don’t count oher outgrowing this—i still lose several pairs of gloves a year, and i’ve got over forty years on her. youmay be knitting hats for a long time!

  10. Debbie

    Oooh, I will love this hat. It’s impossible to resist requests from those adorable little ones. I hope you will share the pattern with us.

  11. Jeannine

    How funny to see your ‘young’ picture side by side with Sarit’s. If I didn’t know otherwise I might think it’s one and the same girl….

    Very good hat! To me it’s a case of third time lucky. I really, really, really like your latest creation. And thank you for your blog, I enjoy it on a regular basis but usually just ‘lurk’.

  12. Ann R.

    If you can hardly wait, imagine how I feel! Sarit’s hat is off to such an excellent start, the grand finale is sure to be amazing. Hope you have fun with this design every stitch along the way.

  13. Katie

    Wow, lovely stitch pattern! I just finished a big squishy scarf in Sublime Merino/Silk/Cashmere…it’s divine. I’m about to start designing a cowl with their Angora Merino too. I love that purple you found – it’s so cheerful!

  14. PaulaRed

    So adorable–such a great idea to make a new hat every year! As others here have said, she looks like you, but no signs of grumpiness yet. Good luck with a fabulous project for a sweetheart.

  15. Laura Neal

    Very nice hat. I love those treasuries of B.W.’s. I love the fact that your cousin is a purple fanatic. That is sweet that you are knitting her a beautiful hat. πŸ™‚

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