Eye Candy Friday: hat edition

Sarit’s newest hat is done!

It’s been done for a while, actually, and I suspect she’ll be receiving it in the mail today. I’ve been delaying showing it to you until I could share the pattern, but I couldn’t hold off any longer! Cute, isn’t it?!?

The pattern is (basically) done – I am only waiting to be linked to Ravelry’s Pattern Store before setting it loose. Do any of you have an idea of how long that takes? I filed the request on November 2nd.

(excitedly!) EDITED TO ADD: Ah, my impatience shows once again! Just a few hours before I posted, I was granted Ravelry Store access! Watch this space for the link to the pattern once I have everything formatted and uploaded!

Also waiting in the wings – a complete show-and-tell of my mom’s Toe the Line shawl, which she’s has for weeks now. Oops! Plus some new projects and other miscellany. If only my dreadful cold would ease up :(…


38 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday: hat edition

  1. kimmiekat

    This is beautiful! The flower at the crown is a show stopper. It will make a wonderful gift for someone I know. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. mramichael

    beautiful! the crown decreases worked out perfectly. another grumperina pattern that i’ll HAVE to knit!

  3. Karen

    Stunning! I love it. Hmm – I have some lovely purple cashmere I just recycled, a niece who has a birthday coming up and loves the color purple, I think maybe this would make an awesome birthday gift for her.

  4. linken

    Awesome. My 6 yr old daughter would totally dig it…but only in pink. *grin* The kid in me likes the subtle ‘bling’ of the beads, but the knitter in me loves how the hat works at the crown. Just awesome. 🙂 Happy Knitting.

  5. martha

    Just yesterday I started Odessa, I’ve got to get get it finished so I can knit this one. It’s beautiful!

  6. courtney (knitnpurlgurl)

    Very pretty!! I cant wait to get my hands on that pattern. I love all your patterns, you are just brilliant!If you ever need test knitters send me a message! I know you probably get alot of offers, but I just wanted to put that out there 🙂

  7. yaiAnn

    Very cute!! She’s lucky she’s so cute, or else she wouldn’t have gotten 2 replacements.. okay, maybe she would.. but she’s still so darn cute!

  8. Trish

    Wow – that’s super-cool. I’ve been kind of obsessing on hats lately, love this one. It took me about 5 days to get my pattern store up after I asked…..it works really well!

  9. Seanna Lea

    Ooh, I love how the beads in this hat are more like grace notes to the final image rather than being the main focus! Now I just need to finish a project or two and make myself a new hat!

  10. Jayneb

    I made 2 of these over the weekend as xmas gifts for my niece & sister in law. Great pattern, easy to follow and best of all a refreshing change to have a pattern with no mistakes! I used Elle Elite wool cotton, very pleased with end result as will be the recipients.

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