Eye Candy Saturday: New England fall


36 thoughts on “Eye Candy Saturday: New England fall

  1. Shaina

    Mmmm…Just visited New England for the first time in mid-September, wish I had been a couple weeks later! It was very much still summer when we were there but unbelievably beautiful nonetheless. Will definitely have to come back for fall one day!

  2. Desiree

    What alovely area…unlike Las Vegas in the fall…sigh.

    Oh but what horrendous bugs! It’s makes my skin crawl just looking at them! 😉

  3. Cathy-Cate

    Oooh nice!

    Our fall in Wisconsin doesn’t quite look like that yet, but it just turned cold so soon. Maybe I need to get out in the woods….

  4. slimsdotter

    Heh. Boxelder bugs. Never saw them in Ohio growing up, but they are all over the place here in Wyoming. I thought they were a western thing. Guess not! Lovely pictures, thanks for showing us!

  5. toni

    This is eye candy at it’s finest. Not fall here in Northern California yet, but I am so looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  6. Tammany

    Hubby and I were married in MA two weeks ago and honeymooned in the Berkshires. We just got back to IN on Saturday last. Your photos make me wish we were still there more than I already do. Beautiful!

  7. may

    Hi Kathy –

    Nice pictures! I’m missing the fall in New England being in Hong Kong. Your picture is just the right eye candy! Take care.

    ps. I had lunch and dinner with Zhiying today!

  8. Marie

    I’ll fess up: I just emailed one of those fabulous pictures to friends that live in FL who used to live in the north and still miss those changing colors (NJ’s close enough).

    Thanks for the pics.

  9. Judy M

    What beautiful photos. I love the one of the red tree reflecting in the water. You should enter that in a photography show. Fall is my favorite season, I wish we got more of it in eastern NC.

  10. Meg McG

    I spent some early years living in Marlborough and now I live near New Haven. I coudn’t imagine moving away from fall, its the most beautiful time of year and your photos do a great job capturing it. My neighbors lit their fireplace yesterday and there’s no better smell on a chilly October day.

  11. Chris

    Absolutely love the fall pics. The pic of the trees looks just like the back of our property on the other side of our lake. Gorgeous!

  12. Holly

    Boxelder bugs…..ugh! I could learn to live with them outside; but they eventually make their way inside when it starts to get cold.

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