My life, through your eyes

And so, August has come and gone without a single peep from yours truly. Regretfully, everything was completely topsy-turvy around here for weeks on end. While the rest of the world enjoyed their glorious August weekends (and this year, as though to spite me, they were truly glorious in our area), I committed to memory the floor plan of every nearby Target.

Each day there are fewer and fewer things left to do, and I think we only have 3 or 4 boxes left to unpack. But having hardly picked up my knitting since mid-July, I understandably haven’t had much motivation to share my nonexistent progress with you.

I can’t predict whether my opportunities to chat with you will be more numerous in the immediate future. I hope so. That is, when the internet’s working, and we finish assembling the furniture in the living room, and there aren’t looming trips to Target or IKEA for this thing or that one, and I finally wash off the dirty footprints in the bathtub (don’t ask… or rather, ask my husband), and… right… I actually locate some knitting and knit a few stitches, so that I have something to show you. Then I’ll return to blogging.

For today, two exquisite reasons bring me to you. First, I’m home from work with a cold that threatens to blow up my head. Good thing I make an excellent cocktail. Second, our internet is totally busted up and I’m waiting for the Comcast technician to come by and put us back online. You might ask how I’m able to blog, these two things considered, but my stuffy head can’t come up with an answer right now, sorry.

Anyway, while it’s clear that all my free time has been committed to packing, unpacking, and setting up the new domicile, I have not forgotten about you, not for a second! How could I?!? Everywhere I looked, and each thing I touched, no matter how mundane or personal, was a tribute to my involvement in the knitting community. Want to take a look???

For example, let’s start with cosmetics. If not for Sundara, I would have never even heard of Paula’s Choice skincare. I love many of their products, but the Barely There Sheer Matte Tint is a “don’t accept any substitutes” favorite.

About a year ago, a speedy but fruitful trip to Sephora totally refreshed my makeup drawer, and for the better! The culprits? Diana and Maritza, of course! They tested the colors on my face, then shoved the goodies into my basket. Now I’m on the second or third iteration of most of these products.

Just some of the new favorites I discovered that day, thanks to my knitting friends: Mineral Veil, Tarte cheek stain, and Benetint.

The queen of knails herself, Fluffy Knitter Deb, introduced me to glass nail files when I was readying my hands for my wedding. The results were excellent (“tears of joy” photo as an example), and I’ve never looked back.

Speaking of Deb and her P-Man… I think our Kitty has benefited the most from my association with all the (cat-lovin’) knitters. Whenever I read about something new or cool for the furry ones on a knitting blog, I just go ahead and buy it, no questions asked. Hasn’t failed yet, not even approximately! Kitty loves all the toys that you write about ;).


From Crazy Aunt Purl we learned about the Crinkle Cat Cave, and we thank Karen (via Chris) for Kitty’s new favorite: the SmartyKat Wave Curl ScratchScroll Two-Surface Scratcher. That’s a complicated title for simple kitty happiness. You know, it’s only a matter of time before Kitty has her own climbing tree, and the thing that looks like a fish head.

My knitting bookshelf is understandably influenced by the things I read on the web, and the interactions I have with knitters in real life. Even the way it’s organized, together with the sewing and cutting tables (yes, I have one of each now!), pays homage to all the pretty crafting rooms I’ve been reading about for years. Like the one Nova just finished organizing! But I think I’m going to leave a formal introduction to my crafting space for another day, when the bookshelf isn’t blocked by unpacked boxes and when the cutting table isn’t housing random modems and routers in anticipation of the Comcast tech.

As for the regular bookshelf, in addition to housing super-dry science and architecture textbooks, it, too, appears to be “under the knitters’ influence.”

I’m not into cookery, but I do have one (exactly one) cookbook – The New Best Recipe, which is the cookbook June mentions most often. Yup, that’s how I chose it… I want the one June uses! Can’t say I’ve ever cooked anything from it, but I like to read it, and the things June cooks look delicious ;).

Here, there, and everywhere, little reminders of knitters. How does it feel, seeing your findings, discoveries, and observations, parading right here, infiltrating my life?


45 thoughts on “My life, through your eyes

  1. Gale

    The New Best Recipe is one of our household favourites. It is THE source for a number of the soups and stews that make their way to the table in the colder months. A particular fave is the lentil soup.

  2. TheBon

    I have that same edition of Hyman and Trachtenberg’s Architecture. Likely my most favorite text book of all times and one that I’ve read from cover to cover more than once.

  3. Susan

    So good to hear from you!

    In the nearly 20 years my husband and I have been together, we’ve moved across country three times.

    You really don’t know how much stuff you have, until you see it all in boxes.

    Take some time to pat yourself on the back for all the work you’ve done.

  4. erin

    We just came off of two whole weekends in a row with no packing, no unpacking and no travel! Glorious!

    (I am totally looking forward to the unveiling of your craft room!)

  5. Desiree

    Thank God your back! OMG, I LOVE Paula’s Choice cosmetics! I use her line of skin care. It’s really great stuff. I’m so happy you’re back, once again! It’s been boring not reading about you exploits… ;).

  6. Sundara

    I’ve been thinking of you lately and am so glad you checked in! I use the same Paula’s Choice sunscreen/foundation. I’m Sheer Ivory. Hee.

    I hope you are enjoying your new home!

  7. Joanna

    According to my blog roll, this has been posted for six minutes, so I thought I would surely be the first one! No way! I too am glad you are back. I don’t use cosmetics, have way too many cookbooks, but not that one, but those cat things…… The fellow on my lap says, “Let’s to get one.”

  8. June

    OMG, how funny. I was thinking actually that I needed to expand out of that book, that I was talking about it too much. Heh. But the recipes are thoughtfully researched (they establish testable hypotheses, and they actually test them!), and that appeals to the food scientist in me. Be warned that their taste preferences tend toward the rich side a little, I often reduce the fat (butter, cream, etc) that they call for.

  9. Christie

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling poopy! But that’s great that you are almost all settled in! Oh Lord…the last thing I need is a reason to go to Sephora…

  10. Emily

    Congratulations on getting a bigger place! A year from now you won’t believe you were ever able to live in such a small space.

  11. Jan

    So glad that you are back! Congratulations on your big relocation. Having moved 8 times in the past 40 years, I understand how much work you have put into your reorganization. Enjoy your new home.

  12. Amanda

    Hey…you’re doing really well if you’ve only got 3-4 boxes left to unpack! I still have boxes unpacked in the loft from my last move 9 years ago!!

  13. Juliet

    I really like Paula’s Choice products, too. I use her entire skin care line and my skin has never looked better.

    My husband and I are in the process of moving ourselves…but we have just begun that chore! So jealous you appear to be nearing the end of unpacking…we are still packing for a move this weekend. Argh!

  14. Seanna Lea

    I love seeing what other people are using, though there is no way I could go to Sephora. There is so much scent in the air that I feel sick just walking by it (and normally I feel like I can’t smell anything!).

  15. heather

    Congrats on getting this far along in the move! I just wanted to delurk to say that I too purchased the kitty wave and it was the biggest hit. Whew, just when I thought I was going to have to sneak them in to Target under my coat – um no, I always wear a pea-coat in August – to test drive the scratchers I hit a home run!

  16. Carolyn

    Blogging? What is that??? Seriously…we moved mid July and I still have one box of knitting mags to unpack. The knitting still doesn’t have a true home and I haven’t picked up my knitting in how many months? AAAHHHHH!

  17. Lara

    Good to hear that you’re digging your way out! We moved about a month before you did, and it feels good to be settling in. šŸ™‚

  18. Genny

    It’ll all be better soon. One of my colleagues just moved into her first home last weekend, took delivery of all her new bathroom suite, and was looking at the bathroom to figure out what went where when the ceiling sprang a leak! Here’s hoping your lovely new place doesn’t come with such adventures!

    Welcome back to blogland. We’ve missed you.

  19. Brenda

    I really hate moving. And all those trips to the big-box stores take up so much time! I’ve found so many things from blogs too, and I usually just buy them on the recommendation of a blogger I trust. Glad you’re back in blogland.

  20. marri

    we just moved a couple of months ago and i can’t tell you how ill i now become just thinking about ikea or target. and i used to love both stores. šŸ™

  21. Cathy

    Hi, Welcome back! I have checked daily and was soo happy to see your post today. I hope you feel better soon!

  22. anne marie in philly

    glad to have you back!

    I wondered how you and kitty and mr. sweetness survived the move.

    can’t wait to see pix of the new place!

  23. KnittySue

    Glad to see your back…sure missed you. Hope the cold is better very soon nothing worse at this time of year. Can’t wait to see your new digs in photo…so happy or you.

    Rest up and hope to see you very soon.

  24. Caren

    I’m a huge fan of everything that comes out of the Cooks Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen empire. I have never (EVER) made anything from their recipes that didn’t come out exactly as advertised. Sure I love to experiment in the kitchen, just like everyone who likes to cook. But when I need it to come out right the first time, and don’t want to have to second guess things or make a lot of decisions, theirs are the most reliable, straightforward, and well written recipes around. I recently made a veggie lasagna from their The Best Light Recipe cookbook that received absolute RAVES from everyone at the dinner party, especially those that are generally NOT into vegetarian food. And the banana bread I made last night (from The ATK Family Cookbook) is being rapidly devoured around here. Enjoy!

  25. Nisie - Omaha

    Delurking to say what a nice surprise it was to read your post today. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past year about your knitting and sewing projects and well, your life. You write beautifully. Glad to have you back!

  26. Dusa

    Glad you came up for a breather. I’m just a tad jealous about your IKEA and Target forays, but I also know when you finally get settled back in, you will be refreshed and renewed for knitting. And at the risk of totally getting you off the knitting track, check out and it’s sister sites for some great home-making advice, whatever your square footage (it’s almost as good as yarn pr()n.

    (Glad kitty looks happy and relatively stress-free from the move!)


  27. pattie

    I welcome hearing from you, I’ve been worrying that something went wrong…but I see it just took a long time to settle. Best wishes in your new home.

  28. Beth

    Glad you’re back! Enjoy your new home.

    And I think of you everytime I knit my favorite sock pattern, the Jaywalker! There’s one on my needles right now šŸ™‚

  29. Debi

    Queen of knails hehehe…

    That “tears of joy pic is so touching it’s nice to see it again…and the knails were perfect! šŸ™‚

  30. MaryjoO

    from a long time lurker on your blog (and thanks for all the tips, patterns and tutorials!) ….

    your move looks organized! We just said goodbye to over 350 boxes to move back to the US, but that doesn’t count two other shipments in different places, sigh.

    But what I REALLY want to know: your dictionaries? — po Russkiye? Not something you find on too many Americans’ shelves, LOL (we’ve lived in the USSR, Russia and now Central Asia)

    I speak Russian very badly, but thankfully understand almost everything. But those dictionaries are great!


    MaryjoO on Ravelry

  31. Karen B.

    I think what you’ve expressed so well here is indicative of the “give and take” influence we each have on one another.

    Not only do I learn what works for you (and what doesn’t), I also read what site visitors have to add to the convo. Oftentimes, I am transported quite unintentionally in a completely new direction, with a product, a book or a new friend.

    So you get it, cuz you’re smart cookie: it goes both ways! BTW, my language books (Russian, Spanish, Polish and Dutch) are right above one shelf of knitting books, too.

  32. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    Loved reading about your cosmetics. I use 2/3 of what you’ve shown and, yes, they are FANTASTIC! I did see a couple of things I don’t use yet, but I’m about to make a Sephora order, so those things will be in it to try. Great post!

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