With near certainty

In my knitting life, I can say some things with near certainty.

One day I will knit another adult sweater.

One day I will knit another Oat Couture Prairie Blanket, because I didn’t at all appreciate the genius of the pattern as a beginner knitter.

One day I will come across another pattern that’s more error than instruction.

One day I will use another yarn with improperly set dye. (Want to see something truly, ridiculously scary? Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! I photographed that on myself just so you know I didn’t “invent” the color in Photoshop :))

One day I will attend my first sheep and wool festival. Scratch that – it’s about to happen!

One day I will knit another scarf from Knitting New Scarves (review/preview here). That day was actually going to be in February…


I cast on for the New Wave scarf using Schaefer Yarn’s Patty (no longer in production, I believe). I wanted to know if a slinky silk boucle could hold that stiff wavy shape! Answer: yes, it can. Certainly with much less enthusiasm than the recommended Harrisville wool, but the waves were there. My timing was poor, as it ends up, so the scarf never got a proper start (or middle, or finish).

But with near certainty I knew that one day I would return to the book, and knit up another brilliant design contained within.


Today I happily share with you the Linked Rib scarf in progress, which I fully intend to finish, unlike its cousin above. Finishing brought to you by: Sundara Yarn Aran Silky Merino in Sunshine – “Just like chocolate, one bite won’t do.”

I keep playing with the facets of the fabric. It’s like a simple link chain, but not really. It’s like a prism, but only in certain cross sections. I know how it’s made… I better! I cast on four separate times! Mind you, I frogged the first three attempts not because I had made a mistake, but because I needed to start over in hopes of some day wrapping my mind around the design. I suppose I’m still getting there. Until then, touchy, touchy, touchy!

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  1. Emily

    Geez, that Sundara yarn is beautiful! The scarves from that book are not necessarily things I would wear, but all of the constructions are so interesting I want to knit them anyway. Even though I’m not really that kind of knitter. It’s nice to see you knit them, too, though!

  2. mari

    that was a fun little flashback to some of your more memorable projects (especially the dye snafu – yipes!). I love the scarf in the Sundara yarn – beautiful!

  3. sue

    yaay, Schaefer yarn! They’re local to me, and the yarn is FABULOUS. I’ve never knit with it, because it’s a bit spendy, and I pretty much knit baby hats, so can’t exactly justify the prices. But I love to fondle all their different yarns every time I’m at the yarn store.

    Which reminds me, the yarn store is doing aonther tour of the Schaefer farm soon. Must go sign up…they’re including a dyeing lesson in the tour.

  4. Nicole

    I love the scarves in that book. I think I’m going to make the 3 prong one… I can’t wait to see how yours work up…

  5. tantej

    I too cast on for that and frogged because I wasn’t happy with the yarn I was using. But I loved the construction and am searching for the right yarn. (OMG that Sundara Aran Silky Merino is Gor. G. Us. Time to move beyond the Sock yarn!) I too stalled with New Wave but have vowed to finish. And right now, at this very moment (ok, I took a wee break to write this) I am working on Shag. And I am not going to sleep until it is finished. Or until I pass out from exhaustion, which ever comes first.

  6. Merna

    The Linked Rib scarf was lots of fun to knit, but I’m less than thrilled with the way mine looks — and it looks just like it should — when worn. It’s just hanging over a railing now!

  7. Sarah

    I knit *three* Drifting Pleats scarves after you posted about that pattern – don’t tempt me with a new one! My current knitting roster can’t handle any tangents! :)

  8. Angela

    Thanks for the tip about this great book– I bought it awhile ago and love it– it is so creative and just plain FUN. The yarn and color you are using are gorgeous.

  9. Wanda

    I think you will enjoy the NH S&W Festival. I was in the Boston area last year during this time and attended the festival. It was so much fun and really a nice size too. Not too big, but not too small. Have fun!

  10. Sarah O G

    I really can’t believe how much that washed out, I mean it’s a pretty color now too but it wasn’t what you intended. Ugh! I feel for you. Happy knitting from now on!!

  11. cath

    I plan to go to my first fiber festival also–weather permitting–woohoo for NH. I’ll be with my preschooler–and will say hi if I see you.

  12. Thea

    I am so excited for the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. Instead of traveling around Europe after my study abroad semester I came home and am going on Sunday. Of course, the real reason is that I ran out of money, but I still knew I had to be home for it. Ingrid of Ward Brook Farms is always there, as well.

    And I love that Sunshine yarn, it is knitting up beautifully.

  13. Marin

    Damnit. I alternately bless and curse your name for the facility with which you handle the New Scarves.

    I have started New Wave five times and every single time, I got two or three waves into it and realised I’d done something wrong. Every single time, I altered my read on some procedure I thought would make a difference. Every single time, the bumps were all on the same side, so it looked like this: uuuuuuuu instead of this: unununun

    Does it look wonky until some future point? Was I doing OK all along? Bah. Yours is beautiful. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  14. Knitripps

    The yarn is gorgeous and the scarf construction is very interesting but I am not sure I would wear it??? Not really my style. It still is beautiful though!

  15. Pamela B

    The Prairie blanket…I knit that a few years ago and will again. Great pattern.

    And Sundara yarn, well, it’s the finest around.

  16. Seanna Lea

    I love the new scarf. It’s kind of funny. I flipped through the book and didn’t love it enough to bring it home, though in retrospect I’m wondering if the color of the pieces and some of the photography just made the projects less gripping.

  17. tina

    That is just the coolest scarf! Tell me, did it drive you batty to get it all to click? I am sure that it would make me a basket case in no time. (No comments please that it is a very easy task!)

  18. bethini

    The sheen on that yellow yarn is magnificent! Like spun sunshine.

    That chain scarf has me stumped: are the links prepared individually, or is it a continuous piece? Can you discuss its construction on the blog without giving away the book’s secrets?

  19. kamaca

    I’m very encouraged by this post! I bought the book in the winter and couldn’t get my head around the design, so it’s a coffee table book. I refused to believe that anyone was knitting these scarves. I’m going to give it another whirl…one day!

    The yellow yarn is so happy!

  20. delfina

    Apenas si entiendo el idioma, ni siquiera se si sabras castellano, pero amo tu blog, me encantan tus creaciones.

    I love your blog, espero que se escriba asi.

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