Understanding sheep

1. While not as endearing as alpaca, and certainly much louder, sheep do possess some charm. For starters, they have very expressive eyes:

Let’s have a close-up of those gorgeous eyelashes:

Maybelline, watch out!

2. They sport a variety of coats. This dude is going for a Bob Marley look:

(Note: this photo is a testament to the wonders of Photoshop. Here’s the untouched original).

3. And this sheep is aiming for a medium puff afro, à la Jackson 5, 1970s.

Except, well, look at the marbled coloration of the fleece! Hours at the hair salon today, gorgeous handspun tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “Understanding sheep

  1. Sarah

    I think Shetland sheep are some of the most charming wee beasties around. They have such pert little faces, and they always look curious. Love the coloring of that last lady!

  2. helen (of troy)

    Well, there is the old expression “to make sheep eyes” (when looking at something/someone with lovely longing!)

    Sheep do make sheep’s eyes don’t they? makes you want to care for them!

  3. Jessica

    My husband pretends that he’s just going along to Sheep and Wool festivals to humor me, but I see the little twinkle in his eyes when he looks at sheep. Ever since Rhinebeck last year he’s been making little remarks like “When you finish grad school we could move to a few acres. And maybe we could have some cashmere goats.” He likes the yarn more than he’ll admit, but he loves the livestock.

  4. Judy B

    Being a city girl I never realized sheep had such varied (even on one animal) coloration to their wool. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. Amanda

    Yes, sheep are cute, to, and are certainly louder. Did you hear the alpacas humming to each other? Seriously adorable.

  6. Debbie

    What a great post! I love sheep! These are great shots. Thank you for sending them along!

  7. Maritza

    Great photos! I am in awe of the pre-Photoshop shot of that one sheep. Amazing what adjusting the levels can get you. 🙂

    P.S. – The eyelashes are too much – so sweet!

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