Understanding alpaca

1. Alpaca have the most delectable schnozzles.

2. Alpacas like to look their very best and spend hours on their elaborate hairdos.

3. Sometimes they insist on heavy-duty fans in their enclosures, to keep their fleeces perfectly fluffed.

4. And like any group of stylish teenage girls, alpaca enjoy crowding together to have their picture taken.

Such camera hams!

5. Naturally, being called a “giraffe-neck” after its haircut never makes an alpaca very happy.


53 thoughts on “Understanding alpaca

  1. cheesehead with sticks

    AWWW! I so want one! I will love it and hug it and pet it and love it some more! I could just pet the monitor all day!

    Oh, by the way, my sockapalooza socks are holding up wonderfully with LOTS of wear! I call them “My Grumpy Socks” because they were made by you and can make any grumpy winter day a litte happier.

  2. Erin

    Alapacas spit!? I had no idea! We did see a few of the llamas doing their spitting thing, which was both alarming and funny.

  3. Mandi

    Oh my good lord are they ever adorable!! I just love their little tails and round bums too (in the picture after #4). So cute!

  4. Eileen

    Hey, I was there over the weekend as well! I got to see the “little kids and their sheep in costumes” show, which was hee-sterical. I love the noises that those alpacas make… ‘nehhh. nehhhhhhh.’ So quiet. So dignified.

  5. Deborah

    Oh, they’re so cute! And gorgeous eyes! Too bad I’m allergic, their fur is so soft….. 🙁

  6. trek

    The one with all of the alpacas facing the *other* camera and you getting the ‘tocks shot was hysterical.

  7. Linda in Chicagoland

    Some of my non-knitting friends don’t get my fascination with knit blogs. I’m sending them to visit you today. Great work!

  8. CrazyCatMadame

    I attended my first “Best in Show” Alpaca event last year and of course immediately fell in love with the animals. I also tried to convince Mr. CrazyCat that we should start our own Alpaca farm. hee. Kinda hard to do so living the the Chicago ‘burbs and all, but the dream was nice. Just think of all the fleece you would have year after year!

  9. Manise

    Great photos. They hum when nervous and anxious too. It was nice to finally meet you.

  10. SarahC

    EEK! Some llamas infiltrated your alpaca photo shoot! Luckily they’re just as cute!

    I love the noises alpacas and llamas make too, but after taking a 4 hour car trip with a little guy named Scotty, I got a little tired of it. He’s very noisy in the caR!

  11. Karen B.

    I love that SMILE! The face on the penultimate shot is simply priceless. You wanna make smooch face with the lot of them.

  12. littleone

    I was there too and saw all the cutey alpacas. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay and play with them since I was also distracted by all the yarn, roving and fleece. I had so much fun at NHSWF. Maybe next time I’ll bump into you. I got there a bit late and was running around buying things I shouldn’t have purchased.

  13. TheBon

    The llamas are my favorite so I’m glad to see some of them snuck in there too! My mother-in-law has a llama and it’s great fun to feed him roses in the summer.

  14. Laritza

    You have a couple of llama pictures in there. They are relatives but not quite the same. Cute too but the alpacas are cuter.

  15. Ria

    I don’t think I ever realized just how much fluff is on an alpaca! To see them shorn makes their necks look unnaturally long, compared to when they’re all fluffy!

  16. Mary K. in Rockport

    They are cute, aren’t they? I met some at Julia’s Fiber Day in Newburyport last summer. I immediately began trying to figure if they would like the grass in our back yard – turns out it’s pretty expensive to buy an alpaca or two.

  17. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    What amazing pictures! Alpacas are truly my favorite fiber animals…they always look like teddy bears to be and the sounds they make are so sweet. I love the picture of the alpacas flashing their buns!

  18. Jessi

    aah! that giraffe-neck alpaca is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. (shh, don’t tell him I said so.) They do look very snuggly…

  19. Erin

    Those pictures are so cute! I was recently in a parade behind a group of 4-H kids and their alapacas. Believe me, that is not a place you want to be; we had quite a time dodging “llama beans”. I kept reminding myself that they really do have the nicest yarn…

  20. Marie

    they’re so darn cute and soooo soooooft. Chunky baby alpaca knits up into delectable scarves….so who needs cashmere (ok, I still do, but ahhhhhlpaca comes awfully close). Thanks for the great pics!

  21. vtwin

    LOL. Still laughing days later. Had to come back and take another look at photos 7&8. I was there Sunday for the fried dough and Spirit Trail’s silk.

  22. Laura Neal

    I would love an alpaca or a pair unfortunately, one of them costs around $30K. Yep, a little too rich for my blood!

    They are darling, aren’t they? I love their fleece, it is so heavenly!

  23. becky

    Hi Kathy,

    I have lost my pattern for the jay walker socks and the links to your e-mail do not work. Could you e-mail me a copy…PLEASE!!!!

    Thanking you in advance,


  24. Kat

    When my other-half first saw alpacas he remarked that now he’d seen everything; sheep on stilts…

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