Gentle intrusion into my knitting

1. A little while ago I saw a post on the Ravelry forums which suggested we share videos of ourselves knitting. I liked this idea right away – I love to observe the different ways in which we knit, to the point of gentle intrusion as I inquire about the way you tension your yarn or balance your needles.

2. At the same time, I’ve recently received a few e-mails inquiring about tensioning yarns across dpn joins, as it specifically applies to knitting the helical socks. Describing what I do in words has been… frustrating (“You know, I take the top yarn, not the working yarn, pull it to the back of my work, then swing it over the dpn to the front and hold it down with my thumb.” Ugh.).

3. We already discussed inserting a heel into the helical tube (short-row and flap), and I already mentioned what to do at the very end when the toe is reached (though I feel this should be second nature if you’ve followed the helical sock series). So, the only question that remains is that pesky yarn tension across dpns joins.

4. Putting the three thoughts together…

5. Enjoy the weekend!


43 thoughts on “Gentle intrusion into my knitting

  1. Queen Knitsalot

    Youtube is the best for technique and “how do they do that?” Glad yours is there! And here, of course!!

  2. Aunt Kathy

    I didn’t hear any neighbors, lol.

    I have not tried the Helical socks series yet. Still a little nervous about 2 colors on socks but I hope to be there soon.

    Your video was very well done. Thanks

  3. Mary K. in Rockport

    Excellent, thanks. Also, clearly the continental technique is much faster than English – gotta try that sometime.

  4. Liz

    That is really great – thanks for sharing it.

    Sometimes when I’m knitting, I think “what would Grumperina do?” – and I usually get up & look at the blog if a problem’s really bugging me – you’re so generous with your techniques!

  5. Bertha

    It’s so crazy when I finally get to hear the voice of someone I’d only seen pictures of…your real voice is nothing like the voice I had assigned to you in my head! I love seeing how you knit! Very graceful!

  6. mari

    I love the video! I have to say, hearing your voice really threw me off… then I realized that I hear my OWN voice whenever I read blogs. So hearing anything else other than my own voice is weird – tee hee!

  7. Marie

    Knowing that Grumperina can live with slight, pre-blocking/washing ladders will make me so much more comfortable with mine – which seem to, as you say be ineveitable whatever I do!

    Thanks for the video!

  8. domesticshorthair

    Well done! I like those socks, too. I might have to look into them.

    As someone who left the Boston area as a kid, it tickles me to hear your accent! When I talk to someone from there, my old Bostonian accent tries to commandeer my mouth back into it.

  9. nikki

    Helical socks are so intriguing. I appreciate the demonstration and I know that it will be very useful when I go to work this pattern.

    And I agree with everyone else, your accent is lovely. Especially for me, who, like, totally sounds like a dippy Southern California girl. 🙂

  10. Sally

    Thanks! I have been thinking about starting a helical sock soon. Your video should help!

  11. Rachel

    I’ve learned so much from watching these types of videos and am just so grateful to you and others who take their time to share knowledge. Thanks so much!

  12. Punkin

    Thank you for taking the time to make the video. It was very well done. I am very excited about the helical stripes technique and am planning a pair of striped socks on which to practice.

  13. Grace

    huh… For some inexplicable reason the Play button (& its drop shadow) stays put smack dab in the middle of the video screen while it plays. Unfortuanlye this covers almost all the action. I’ll have to view it from YouTube when I get home to see if it’s still a hinderance. Plus, I want to know what kind of accent you have.

  14. Zhenya

    So for those of us who are throwers out there, bring navy over top and hold tension with right thumb (pulling it out of the way of lilac), wrap lilac across right hand, and begin. Yes?!

  15. Heather

    That was really interesting. I liked seeing how you knit this. Also, you have a very lovely voice. =)

  16. Karen B.

    Well done, easily understood tensioning method. Thank you for that, as well as the mini-lesson in Continental.

    By the way, my orange and white tabby, Nikita, responded to your voice by chatting cheerily along!

  17. Mandy

    We can always count on you for great, useful information, and this video is just perfect!! Thanks! Also, I’m sure I’m not the first or last to say: It’s so fun hearing the voice of the person behind the blog we’ve loved for so long!

  18. Stephanie

    I’m intrigued by these socks. Now I just have to figure out what you’re talking about so I can try them for myself. Great video.

  19. Meghan

    That’s so neat! It really is interesting to watch how other people knit. I just started knitting, so I doubt I’ll be up to color-spiraling any time soon, but I’ll definitely keep this link bookmared. =D

  20. Gisi

    What a nice video! I sometimes hold the unused yarn in much the same way, I remember.

    How interesting to hear the voice that belongs to the person of the photos. Thank you for sharing it!

  21. Rosalia


    Loved looking over this video. I was wondering would you be able to show how to carry the yarn when knitting with multiple colors? I have tried this and the one time I did, the tension was too tight and then I did not know for far to carry the other colors, for example when doing fair isle patterns. Thanks for continuing to inspire me!


  22. Kate/Massachusetts

    As another Bostonian, I’ve gotta’ ask “What accent?” I didn’t hear any accent! Sounds like a proper Bostonian to me! vbg

    I appreciated the video and will try your technique on Latvian mittens I am presently working on and am having a frustrating time with. Perhaps you would show us more of your knitting techniques?

  23. Bekky

    I love it when I see other continental knitters – I learnt to knit from other Danes and all my family knit like this but now I live in England I get very strange looks for it! It feels really supportive to see someone else knit like this – Thank you for the video!

  24. Dove

    This is awesome. I know nobody who knits in real life, so it’s a treat to actually watch someone knitting. You have a very nice voice, too (please don’t think I’m weird for saying that, but you do).

  25. misa

    It’s funny that everyone hears Boston in your accent. I hear a few Boston overtones but I also hear more twangs of Eastern Europe. Love the video.

  26. Jennifer

    Enjoyed seeing your tensioning techniques. Wondering though if it would make the color transition easier if it was located in the middle of a needle instead of at a join?

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