Evening project

Here’s a little puzzle for you, if you decide to play along. I will tell you the details of a little project, revealing most of them in documentary-pictorial format, and you tell me at what point you figure out what I’m making!


  • It took me about 1-2 hours to complete this project.
  • It was much more “Home Depot” than “local yarn shop.”
  • Even though I didn’t use any yarn, I could have done so. Contenders: Euroflax linen and Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. I could have also substituted canvas or burlap.


  • Fredrix stretcher strips: 8″ and 12″ long, 2 of each
  • Elmer’s wood glue: smallest bottle
  • linen-cotton dishtowel from Crate & Barrel: just one
  • wire nails with flat heads: 18 gauge, ยฝ” long, 1 oz. package
  • simple utility hammer
  • small, self-leveling picture hanger
  • macro lens to capture the fun and not give away everything all at once ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s what I did

Behind the fold, please!

So, at what point did you guess what I was making? I bet some of those look familiar… The red ones all the way on the left? (out of focus in these shots, I know) The purple ones in the top row and the black ones all the way at the bottom?

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53 thoughts on “Evening project

  1. Pork With Bones

    Nicely done! I didn’t guess your exact intent until the first photo of the completed object, though the stretchers were a giveaway to me that you were building a canvas, and the leveler told me you’d be hanging it on the wall. This was a fun post.

  2. Trine

    Seems we share a similar taste in ear rings. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t like wearing studs, but will wear anything dangly and sparkly!

    For the record, I never guessed what it was. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Elena

    I am constantly thinking how I should store/display my jewellry. I’m looking for a jewellry tree, where to hang my necklaces and earrings (i have no bracelets remarkably). Your idea is really clever!

  4. Laurie

    Very clever! Are the holes in the linen big enough to place the wires through easily? I’ve seen commercial wire mesh versions…yours is more attractive.

  5. Heather

    I didn’t guess what you were using it for until the first completed shot. I should make one of these for Giggles, she has a ton of really nice dangly earrings but always forgets to wear them, maybe if they were hanging on the wall she’d remember

  6. SallyT

    I thought maybe you were going to do some embroidery! The earring holder is much more practical.

  7. maryse

    nicely done. i was guessing a bulletin board of sorts when i was reading the list of ingredients. which i guess it kind of is. so what do i win?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Sarah

    Nice! I knew what it was right away, because I made one myself last year! Except, I used cross-stitch fabric instead of a linen dishcloth.

  9. Artsygal

    Nicely done! And I seriously covet your earrings. I am a big fan of the dangly sparkly earrings myself. I really should make something like this too – all mine are jumbled up in little boxes right now.

  10. Luise

    Well done. An artistic solution to a constant “problem.” The only thing you might consider adding is a sheer material or film on top to keep dust away but allow you to see the earrings. And if you ever want to have an earring exchange …

  11. Jody

    Very clever – I guessed you were making a “canvas” early on but never guessed it’s final use till I saw it. I thought maybe you were going to get into painting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Kristin

    Awesome! One day, when I no longer have to live in squalor (ie. hav finished gradschool and live like a grown-up) I’ll make one of these too!

  13. Kristy

    Great idea! I didn’t guess until I saw the earrings. I’ve mildly though about making a light box with stretcher strips, so my ideas couldn’t get past that point.

  14. Ellen

    I have a similar setup for my earrings and it’s such a great way to keep them organized. I used canvas stretcher bars and needlepoint canvas to make mine, but I love your dishcloth method.

  15. Jordi

    Thanks, I needed that! I moved and lost my earring hanger in the process. It was the only thing really that got broken, and I had to give up on it. This might just work.

  16. Romi

    Cool! That’s exactly how I display my pins! Except I use a staple gun – more instant gratification. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I used to make those at my first job (New York Fabrics) – they covered the walls with them. I still have some of my old fabric stash, too, come to think of it.

  17. Patricia

    That is too cool. I will have to jerry-rig something like this for my necklaces, too. Thanks for sharing!

  18. kmkat

    Call me dense. I didn’t figure it out until you showed the completed object hanging on the wall complete with earrings. Great idea!

  19. Rachel

    Oh those are so fun to have around! My brother made one comparable to that but he used window screen instead of the linen cloth. Very pretty earrings indeed!

  20. Amy S.

    Beautiful job. Useful, too! I thought at first you were building a hammock (though not for long).

  21. Frances

    You have fabulous taste in earrings! All I can think about are where did she get those?

  22. Melissa

    Hah, I made canvasses all through art school and was completely flummoxed by your description (it has been a long morning). What a great idea for displaying earrings! I have been pondering that problem for myself, though I was considering wire mesh. And what a great collection of earrings!

  23. fishie

    I’ve seen a lot of these. I had a suspicion when you said you could have used linine/hemp yarn, and had a pretty good idea when you mentioned the stretcher strips and the dishtowel.

  24. Amanda

    cool! i figured it out as soon as i saw that the napkin was going onto the frame. i said, ‘ooh, earring holder!’ it looks great!

  25. Sally

    It took the earrings on the canvas for me to figure it out. A little slow after work…

  26. Sarahfish

    The lady at The Adventure House (where I house-sat for the summer last year) had made one of those out of an embroidery hoop and some pretty fabric.

    I never did figure out what you were making though!

  27. Anna

    Very nice! I made a similar one using some lace and a Goodwill frame. Just stapled the lace to the back and cut away the excess. Fun!

  28. Kate

    You are much smarter than I! I made this same thing, but I used a pre-made frame and some cheesecloth-like mesh. Needless to say the mesh didn’t last long with some of my heavier earrings.

    Lovely project as always! Thanks for sharing the pics! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was becoming convinced you were making some sort of wall mounted yarn holder… lol!

  29. Kathy

    Unbelievable. Just YESTERDAY I was sorting my jewelry ‘drawer’ and thinking why in the heck can’t I come up with a better way to organize my earrings than having them in little piles here and there always tangling and hard to see and find and frustrating me endlessly. What a terrifically lovely solution, which I never would have thought of in a million years but that I will shamelessly copy asap! Thanks you so very much.

  30. Lynn

    I didn’t guess the final purpose. But did guess you were framing the cloth for something. Great idea. It will also look nice wherever you hang it.

  31. bwilliams

    Love it.To take care of other jewelry you can screw some hooks into the bottom of the frame to hang necklaces and bracelets from…or how ’bout covering a length of pine board same length as frame with same fabric,cup hooks into board; screw eyes in bottom of frame and top of board and then connect with lengths of chain (or hang with separate picture frame hanger). I have played around with the idea but haven’t actually done it yet; too many ideas and not enough time.

  32. Pixie

    I have something similar. I bought an inexpensive picture frame, removed the glass and used a staple gun to attach chicken wire on the back so that the earring hang from the holes in the chicken wire.

    I like the linen — you could paint it!

  33. kim t

    I have to tell you I guessed at the ingredients list! I try to to think outside the box, and that seemed to be what you were hinting at. I also saw one made using screening for doors- some of which were painted (florels etc). Pretty cool. I have my earrings hanging on a wire lattice plant support.

  34. kim t

    I have to tell you I guessed at the ingredients list! I try to to think outside the box, and that seemed to be what you were hinting at. I also saw one made using screening for doors- some of which were painted (florels etc). Pretty cool. I have my earrings hanging on a wire lattice plant support.

  35. Kyle Kunnecke

    I thought immediately that you were stretching the towel on the canvas stretchers – I didn’t know you were going to organize earrings….

    one tip/hint though – next time, paint the stretchers first – (white or whatever the main color of the wall is that you’re hanging it on) – then, the wood won’t shine through the cloth as much)



  36. Gina

    So I didn’t guess until the end…but I’m glad you bought that towel at Crate…I’m the CS manager in the West Hartford Ct store! Thanks!!

  37. Jรณmy


    Now you’ve gotta create some mad system for arranging the earrings… and so that you use all the holes you poke through it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Maureen

    Very nice project, but couldn’t you stretch a piece of knitting to hang earrings from? What could you do for necklaces? Knit lots of bobbles to hang them from?

  39. Leslie

    Nicely made but mine was even easier… Take an old crochet doily and mount it in a slightly smaller embroidery frame (the Evil W store has plastic ones in colors even). Thread a ribbon (contrasting or coordinating color) through the adjustment mechanism and hang from cut little picture nail. Voila! And for those of us who can’t nail worth a damn, easily accomplished.

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