A moody medley

And if juggling four balls of yarn isn’t your cup of tea, the folks at Lorna’s Laces have your number!

What a gorgeous combination of blackberry, navy, natural, and lilac: all the colors I’m using in the stripy spiral socks!

And wouldn’t you know it, this new colorway is named after me! Grumperina colorway, hehe!

When Beth at Lorna’s Laces first mentioned the idea to me, I was like, really?!? Never in my wildest dreams! At the same time, of all the different yarns out there, I couldn’t be happier to see my nickname on a hank of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. But you knew that.

I really like the moodiness of this colorway. I think it’s the perfect medley to have “grumpy” in its name (even though my favorite color is red, and my general grumpiness is always questioned ;)).

And yet another wonderful thing – Grumperina Shepherd Sock is exclusive to my favorite LL supplier, Linda!

Linda, emtnestr on eBay, has recently began to transition to her own store on the web, Birds-n-Yarn, and invites you to check out her new home. With all the Lorna’s and the Cherry Tree Hill and the hand-crafted dpns, it’s certainly worth a look ;). And of course if you want some of the special colorway, you have to visit.


You can leave a comment here, and I’ll randomly select one lucky reader to receive two skeins of LL Shepherd Sock in the Grumperina colorway!!! Comments have been closed, and the winner will be announced shortly! Thank you for reading!


954 thoughts on “A moody medley

  1. Marcia

    Congratulations on getting your own colorway! How cool is that?! I really like those colors together too.

  2. debbie

    The Grumperina colorway is absolutely gorgeous. I can think of a ton of desserts from looking at those colors. Blueberry Buckle, Plum tart, Berries in a Cloud…

  3. winnie

    well aren’t you a lucky girl? a colorway named after yourself? that’s insta-celebrity status!

    Now i need to go eat some blueberries..

  4. SarahJanet

    Oh, excellent! I was admiring the colours but thinking that the striping method was more trouble than I usually take with my socks. Lorna’s has my back as always! It’s beautiful.

  5. Margaret

    Very lovely colors. I’ve been fascinated by your spiral socks. Leave me out of the drawing, though. I’ve already got too much sock yarn and live in Florida where I can’t wear wool.

  6. Emily

    I’m a new sock knitter, and can’t wait to try out the striping method you’ve been explaining. Also love that self striping yarn.

  7. genevieve

    i think that getting your own sock yarn colorway means that you’ve ‘arrived’ as a knitting blogger…immortalized in yarn like celebrities with stars on the walk of fame.

    have i buttered you up enough to get the yarn yet?

  8. Kristin

    Lovely color combination – I’m not usually a fan of white/off-white being part of a variegated yarn, but it works really well here!

  9. KnitEurope

    Congrats on the colorway! I love how your socks are coming out! Too bad with the new colorway you can’t do the solid heel toe though ;o)

  10. amyh

    It does have a certain grumpiness about it…the moody purples and blues. I love it. It’s blueberry pie.

  11. Kellie

    Congrats on the beautiful namesake colorway!!! Its gorgeous, but of course who could expect less? And who doesn’t Congrats on the beautiful namesake colorway!!! Its gorgeous, but of course who could expect less? And who doesn’t <3 Lorna's???

  12. Dana

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! Now all us “not-quite so gifted but still stripe loving” knitters can get a chance at those lovely colors. Congratulations on the colorway. Your stripes inspire us all πŸ™‚

  13. Judy

    Love those colors!! Am on my fifth pair of socks since summer and ready to go for six…

  14. Gillian

    I really like the colour, but I don’t see it as moody. It’s neat to have one named after you.

  15. Linda F

    Congratulations! Those colors are great, and what an honor to have your name on the colorway! And I love Linda’s site (emtnstr), I spend wayyyyyy too much money there, but looks like I will need to spend more !!!!! πŸ™‚

  16. teopea

    If you hadn’t already “arrived” in the knitting world, you’d definitely know you had now! What a lovely colourway. Congratulations!

  17. Alynda

    How cool to have a colourway (that’s right for me, I’m Canadian) named for you. And to have such a beautiful one at that!

  18. Jen

    Congratulations on getting your own yarn! That is so awesome! Even if those are not your favourite colours, they are mine!!

  19. Mary

    Fingers-crossed that I am that lucky reader! The colorway is gorgeous! What an honor it something special dyed in your honor.

  20. Edna

    That is just too cool to have your own colorway in one of my favorite yarns. Those are my favorite colors too! No joke!

  21. aditi

    That is fantastic! Congratulations on your own colourway – of Lorna’s Laces no less! I couldn’t think of a more perfect yarn to be called Grumperina. Unless, of course, it were LL SS in some sort of red colour!

  22. Gillian

    I really like the colour, but I don’t see it as moody, just a lovely combo. It’s neat to have one named after you.

  23. Angie

    Your own colorway… how cool is that! The only thing cooler might be your own flavor from Ben and Jerry’s… of course, this one isn’t nearly as fattening!

  24. dobarah

    I love those colors together. Also, my Grumpy (who some would call Grandpa) has always been a very special person in my world. What an honor your own colorway is!

  25. stellsbells

    I LL Shepherd Sock yarn. In any colors…but this is especially cool. Cool beans!

  26. Beth

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I’m feeling a little grumpy lately myself.. maybe socks in a grumpy color way is just what I need.

  27. Nicole

    Having a yarn colorway named after you is the surest sign that you have “made it” in the world! So cool! And I love the colors!

  28. not supergirl

    So, so pretty. I want this, and I plan to buy it, but thought I’d offer the comment just in case it’s my lucky day.

    How thrilling to have the yarn named for you, congrats!

  29. nancy

    So cool! I’ve been lurking and reading your blog for ages, but two skeins of grumperina from grumperina was too much to resist, I had to post!

  30. Lynn

    That is a beautiful colorway. What fun to have it named in your honor. Congratulations.


  31. MaryEllen

    Thanks for the great tutorial on spiral stripes…and thanks for the tip on the lazy version! It looks like a great colorway!

  32. Amy

    That’s absolutely beautiful. I love Lorna’s. I didn’t realize why so many people adored it until I touched my first skein…and then I had my epiphany.

  33. Valerie

    That’s so awesome! Immortalized in yarn; I can hardly think of anything more fitting. πŸ™‚ (I also find it striking how many comments you’ve gotten in less than 2 hours!)

  34. Caitlin

    Congrats! Lorna’s Laces is one of my favorite sock yarns as well… so soft, but also so durable.

  35. Diane

    It’s a great colorway – but will it stripe as perfectly as the socks? I can imagine a great pair of mittens or fingerless gloves to go with your new pair …

    Congrats to both you and Linda!

  36. Mike

    I fell bad, this is the first time I’ve posted a comment on your blog (though I’ve been a lurker for quite some time) and it’s for a contest.

    But I don’t feel that bad, that’s some hella delicious sock yarn!

  37. Diane

    All colors you’re using in the stripey sock – and all colors you tend to use a bunch. That is a very nice salute to you!

    I do hope the random number generator lands on me… πŸ™‚

  38. Lia

    That’s clearly the awesomest yarn since sliced bread. Or…erm…the awesomest colorway since Edgewater? Same difference. =]

  39. Merna

    Fabulous colorway — and what an honor for you! I’m just about to start a spiral something, maybe a tshirt instead of socks, using your excellent diagrams. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work on a larger scale.

  40. Rachel McDonald

    Oh my gosh, of course I’d love some fabulous Grumperina yarn! Though, I do still plan to try the spiral socks myself someday (when I’m off my yarn diet).

    Congrats on a self-named yarn, that’s so cool!

  41. Heather G.

    Congratulations! Must be pretty terrific to have a colourway named after you! (Then again, my name is actually fairly represented in yarn names)

  42. Ms Lindz

    I was just thinking the other day that this would be a fantastic colorway and here it is! Congratulations on having your own colorway – I think it’s perfect :o)

  43. Swapna

    Ooh, that reminds me of blackcurrant-vanilla ice cream πŸ™‚ Mmmm. You’re making my mouth water first thing in the morning. Lovely!

  44. Teej

    Gorgeous! I love that color combination, but I so totally don’t have the patience to deal with juggling four balls of yarn for socks. How nice of Lorna’s Laces to help out those of us without your patience and expertise!

  45. little.one

    I love your colorway. I want it. In fact I’m on Birds-n-Yarn’s site now order a couple of skeins. There’s always room in my stash for a couple more. πŸ™‚

  46. Jen

    It’s every knitter’s dream to have a colorway named after them. It’s fantasy even in our dreams to have a colorway in Lorna’s Laces named in our honor. You are one lucky girl, well maybe not so lucky, because you earned it! Congratulations!

  47. Nina

    First time commenting —

    what beautiful yarn, and what a sweet gesture!

    I can’t wait to sit down when I have some time (busy time in second semester) to figure out your striped sock procedure.

    It’s a pleasure to read this.

  48. Carla

    Wow what a beautiful colorway!!! Congrats! That must be quite an honor. I especially love the blackberry and navy, they’re so deep and rich! Then again from what I’ve seen, Lorna’s Laces always has such rich colors (though I myself have not yet had the pleasure of knitting with her yarns, hopefully I will soon! πŸ™‚

  49. Amy

    as a long-time blog-stalker of yours, i just have to say that this is my favorite project of yours, EVER. Congratulations on the colorway!

  50. gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Congratulations, you deserve the honor for your Service to Knitters! On Saturday I was in a yarn shop and seriously contemplated 4 balls of yarn going into one sock on my needles .. nah, too much for me. This is perfect!

  51. not an artist

    Wow, that is lovely! I will keep my fingers crossed for a win since my yarn budget for this month is already all tied up. But there’s always next month of course…

  52. shari

    Socks are on my list of “things I can make now” while I’m in the process of losing weight after gastric bypass surgery. I can’t wait to do sweaters for myself, but have a long way until I’m there. In the meantime, I’d love to check out the LL yarn. Congrats on having a yarn named after you.

  53. Kristen

    mmm…those are beautiful colors – perfect for a pair of socks. (colors that I love but don’t have a lot of in my stash…why is that?)

  54. Marissa

    That’s PERFECT! Now I truly have no excuse to do another pair of socks! I’ve bought LL from Linda before…and I’m headed back there to do it again. Thanks for the heads-up!

  55. Robyn

    Wow – knitblogger, published designer and now you have had a colourway named after you! What’s next?

  56. Linda

    I think it is so cool to have a sock yarn named after you. I adore the colors!

    Wonderful! And thanks for all your entertaining and educational blogs!


  57. Linda

    I’ve been really intrigued by the way you’ve been constructing this sock. Thanks for sharing it with us. One of these days I’ll have to give it a try. It must feel great to have your own colorway! Congrats!

  58. Mimi

    4 skeins of Lorna’s Laces were my first “real yarn” buy. I saved up for a month to be able to afford it. Then I held on to the yarn for years, because it was too special to knit. I hope the person who wins the yarn loves it as much as I did.

  59. Allegra

    Beautiful! I love reading your blog, and really like reading the scientific approach to knitting. It keeps it intriguing.

  60. karen w

    What a gorgeous colorway! All of my favorite colors together. I can’t wait to get my hands on some and see how it knits up. Congrats on having a yarn named after you. Love it.

  61. Amber

    How lovely! You’re the one who sold me on this yarn, and while I’m always open to try a new sock yarn, this is the one I always come back to!

  62. Lucy

    Probably the knitter’s equivalent of a star on the Hollywood walk of fame is having their alias be used as a colorway!

  63. Gaile

    Very cool to have a yarn named after you (crazy celebrity blogging world we live in)! Beautiful colours (and the perfect moody name for the combination). Congratulations!

  64. DeeDee

    Wow! I guess you know that you have become a permanent fixture in knitendom when LL names a colorway after you. I can’t think of many things that I’d be more pleased to win than two skeins of Grumperina Shepherd Sport. Good luck to everyone, but I hope you understand when I say I sure hope I win!

  65. Alexis

    Hurrah! That’s a gorgeous skein of yarn. πŸ™‚ I think you’ve definitely “arrived”.

  66. Lisa

    This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now.

    Anyway, that is pretty awesome! Shepherd Sock was the first sock yarn I ever used. I love those colors together.

  67. Janina the MomBeast

    What better way to be immortalized than on the cozy warm feet of knitters everywhere!

  68. Amanda

    yeah, i need more sock yarn like i need a hole in the head, but i love the colorway! *crosses fingers*

    also, thanks so much for the detailed spiraling stripes tutorials… so helpful!

  69. Tara H

    Wow, how cool! I was having fun figuring out your tutorial (I don’t knit socks yet…but was thinking of trying it out on a hat. I have 3 skeins of alpaca in very similar colors that would work. That yarn is GORGEOUS!!! …heading over to take a look…

    It’s in some of my favorite colors!

  70. Felicia

    Well, how cool is that! Great colors together. Did you know about this before starting your sock or is this one of those wonderful quirks of life?

  71. Nic

    Over the past few days I’ve been going through my stash trying to find three or four colours that produce such a pleasing combination as this – haven’t found it yet,but I’m still itching to try a spiral stripe! Thanks so much for the knitting tutorials, you have a good way with explaining techniques, which has obviously now been rewarded!

  72. Anna

    hey that’s so cool. i have to say i’m enjoying the colors even more together in the same skein, not sure how/why…

  73. Cupcake

    Coming out of the woodwork for this drawing- I’ve been loving your striped socks tutorial, and I love this colorway! I’ve been dying to try some Lorna’s Laces, as well. Three birds, one stone!

  74. Zhenya

    Grumperina’s colorway rocks.

    I’d love to knit it up in socks.

    It’s the latest craze from Lorna’s Laces.

    How nice to have admirers in high places!

    (Pick me — I wrote you poetry!)

    by Z

  75. Jenny

    Now that’s the kind of celebrity perk I could get behind. I think this will have to be my first Lorna’s Laces foray.

  76. Maritza

    Awesome! How cool is that?! Congratulations!

    It’s funny because whenever I come across Lorna’s Laces, I always think of you now – always. πŸ™‚

  77. Janine

    Ooooohh, how lovely! Those colours are absoulutely wonderful together–congratulations!!!

  78. Paula B

    So, how does it feel to be immortalized in sock yarn?? Purty speshul! I’m into random AND those colors will be so go with much of my wardrobe.

  79. Kathleen

    Wow. That is so cool to have something that lovely named after you! I’d love to try my hand at a pair of socks made out of that.

  80. Becky

    Oh, I’ve heard so much about LL but live in an area so rural it is completely devoid of LYS’s. I’d love to try this yarn!

  81. Orli

    I’ve seen a few colorways named for bloggers (and one for a famous blog-cat) and they always seem to fit the online personalities really well. This is a beautiful colorway. Congrats on being even more knitty-famous!

    The real question is, does it stripe in the same way as your own project?

  82. Cathy-Cate

    Very exciting all around!

    I’ve purchased from Linda before and wish her well in her new endeavour.

    And your namesake is lovely! I love those colors.

    I am inspired by your demo to cast on for some spiral socks this week; something I’ve always meant to get around to trying. Thanks for the demo & kick in the pants!

    Wow, 265 comments already.

  83. Deborah

    I couldn’t continue to just lurk with a temptation of yarn like that. I’ve been really enjoying your blog and am especially intrigued by your stripey spiral socks – I’m definitely going to have a go. The colourway is very pretty, what an honour to have a colourway named after you.

  84. helena

    OMG. wow. i’m in LOVE. your ball-juggling method has changed my life, and it even works for crochet (which i only use occasionally, but my mother does exclusively, which is why i tried it…)

    mmm. yarn!

  85. Manda

    well, it’s about time that you get your own colorway!! it’s beautiful. i’m going to have to order some when i get paid! πŸ™‚

  86. tantej

    A well deserved honor! The colors are beautiful and should make an amazing pair of socks. I’d love to see them on my feet!

  87. Nancy

    Hey, congratulations! What a cool thing, to have a LL colorway named for you! I love the colors, too. I just love Lorna’s Laces.

  88. Fuji Mama

    Congratulations! How exciting. Did you ever think you would be immortalized through yarn? And good thing it’s such a gorgeous colorway too!

  89. Melanie

    Woo Hoo…how awesome to have a colorway named after you! Fabulous colors they are too!!!

    Very cool of you to have a contest and share. πŸ™‚

  90. Ingrid

    Congratulations – quite an honor – you deserve it !!!

    Absolutely gorgeous colors, anxious to see how they knit up :=)

  91. Davy

    What a wonderful idea! The colors are perfect. I’ll definitely have to make myself some Grumperina socks!

  92. Sarah

    I used to buy from her all the time on e-bay. Love the werthers candy! Lovely color of yarn. I’d love to win it.

  93. lkmemphis

    This is a wonderful example of the friendliness and responsiveness of the online knitting community. Congrats on your namesake colorway!

  94. Awesome Mom

    Oh my gosh!! It is so beautiful!!! I could eat it up. The colors kind of remind me of vanilla ice cream with blackberries on top. If I don’t win I know that I am going to buy a few skeins any way.

  95. Jenn

    If I tell you that Ive never used LL before would that give me a heads up? Yeah I didnt think so either! πŸ™‚ But its still BEAUTIFUL and whoever wins it will have a wicked comfy looking pair of socks I am sure! πŸ™‚

  96. Ühltje

    How could I resist commenting, when over 300 people(!) are ahead of me? Anyway, I love your current sockproject, but I am also loning for another Lace-adventure with lots of intrige and pattern adjustments and improvements. I think a ‘Niebling’ would be very you.

  97. Genny

    I’ve been resisting trying yet another kind of sock yarn lest I get hooked, but for LL’s named after you? It would so be worth it. πŸ˜‰

  98. Fay

    Wow! That is pretty amazing to have your own colorway. You do have a great sense of color; I’m glad the folks at LL noticed!

  99. Anna

    I’ll definately leave a comment for the chance of winning some Grumperina-yarn!

    Thanks for keeping this blog open for us! I’m sure a lot of us find inspiration in the things you create and write about.

  100. Betty

    I’ve been reading your blog on your single row sock instructions and its been extremely informative. I do love the colours you’ve chosen for this project. I think its wonderful that there’s going to be sock yarn named after you!

  101. Aberdonian

    This is a really gorgeous colourway. But you knew that already. It’s amazing what those dying wizards can do!

  102. Connie

    You’re famous. I would love a chance to win the Lorna Laces to make a pair of socks for myself – my daughter steals all of the ones I make!

  103. Janey

    I reckon you definately know you’ve made it in life when there is a yarn named after you…and such a gorgeous yarn too!

    How exciting!!

  104. Karen S

    How beautiful a colorway! And naming it for one of the most famous knit-bloggers makes perfect sense to me (especially with all your fascinating posts about the spiral-knitted socks!).

    And who could resist a chance for gorgeus yarn? Not me!

  105. chris

    hum..no really my favorite colors and not so bright colors, but its really reflect the ‘grumpy’/gloomy side..lol..and I don’ mind a few hanks for myself, congratulations Kathy !

  106. Roo

    I think you have just shown me the perfect colourway for a special pair of 30th birthday socks I have to knit this month. I’m off to the shop now….

  107. Catherine

    What are the odds of you picking me, after 350 other comments have been left? Oh well, gotta be in it to win it!

    Well done on your blog, too: I love seeing what you’ve been up to. This spiral knitting, especially, has got my creative juices in a spin!!

  108. Tori

    I now have a new goal in life. Well, after world domination. But then, what’s the planet, when you have a YARN with your NAME on it? πŸ˜€

  109. theroseherself

    A Lorna’s colorway named for you…

    how cool is that??!

    Beautiful yarn, too!


  110. Mary Beth

    Very nice! Did you know about the color selection before you started your socks, or do you have ESP?

  111. Alexis T.

    (Heehee! I stopped by to leave a comment and found a name twin had been here just before me!)

    How fun to have your own colorway! How exciting is that?! Now I have to enter your contest! Congrat’s and thanks!

    I’ve been loving this series on spirals. I kid you not, I was a little slow to catch on until I had a dream about knitting spirals and now it all makes sense! Why don’t I have that sort of useful dream more often?

  112. Mizzle

    That looks gorgeous!

    I know it’s the same colour combination, but there’s something about ‘subtle’ colour changes (rather than ‘new row, new colour’) that makes me happy! πŸ˜€

  113. Sarah

    Wow, that is fabulous! (And I guess something to which I can aspire — to have a yarn colorway named after me!)

  114. CarolynEll

    Wow, it’s beautiful! Those are pretty much the same colors of an afghan I’m working on, but substitute light blue for the lilac.

  115. MzTallulah

    It’s a lovely combination of colours, and I just love purples; plus, it’s a real honour to have such yummy yarn named after you.

  116. Claire Warren

    A lovely yarn for a great knitting, congrats! Now we can have “grumpy” feet, though I doubt my feet would ever be grumpy in LL.

  117. VickiW

    Congratulations! It’s a lovely colorway, and I hope to see lots of nice things made from it.

  118. CrazyCatMadame

    What a lucky girl! you never know what will happen in this knitting community. One day you’re providing a tutorial the next day you have a colorway named after you! Congratulations!

  119. Sarah

    You deserve for the colorway to be named after you – you totally made it up!! Thanks for providing the great tutorial on how you are knitting your socks, I was eyeing all of my leftover sock yarn las night thinking it was an excellent way to eek a couple more pairs of sock out of it.

  120. LauraJ

    Congratulations on having your very own yarn! It is beautiful. I just used your helix striping method on a felted bag of scrap yarns. The colors are not nearly so beautiful as yours but I loved the technique. Thanks for introducing it to me!

  121. Patti

    Love the spiral idea…I personally have more than enough leftovers to choose from. Did you get to choose the colors in your LL yarn?

  122. Teresa

    What a fun surprise!

    Congratulations on having such a beautiful colorway named after you!

  123. Victoria

    Congrats on being associated with such gorgeous colours and yarn! It is like being in the hall of fame.

  124. Jane

    The new colorway named in your honor is beautiful!

    Please email me if I win and I will provide mailing info.

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog, although, I am mostly a lurker.

  125. Tracey

    How wonderful for you and Linda!! I have been buying yarn from her E bay store for a couple of years and how great is that, she now has her own store.

    What are you going to make first with your yarn?

  126. Sharon Rose

    Well, you’ve really Made It, now! Congrats! I wonder what colors would express me, if I ever got famous… hmm….

    Thanks for all the bloggy laughs,


  127. Tam

    I love the colorway!! Knitting with that yarn would sure be easier than the spirally thing but I think your spiral sock is fabulous.

  128. Pauline

    I love those colors, and the spiral sock idea and have been stash diving to find leftover bit of sock yarn… but if I might win a skein, that would make things even easier!

  129. Krissy

    That is so neat to have a colorway named after you. You’ve finally made it in the knitting world..hehe. Really, what an honor.

  130. Karen

    Normally just a lurker, but with that pretty colorway as a prize, I cannot avoid leaving a comment! Love your blog, and I read it regularly.

  131. Debbie

    Woohoo!! Ultimate honor! I thought my Indianapolis Colts yarn was something, but to have your own Lorna’s Laces yarn–the best! Pretty, too!

  132. BunnyQueen

    How gorgeous! I love those colors, and especially like the idea of not having to juggle all the different balls of yarn. I have enough trouble with one some days. πŸ™‚

  133. Monica

    Lovely!! I wonder what the chances of her still having any of that colorway when I get paid on friday……I’m sure it’s going to go fast!

  134. elaine

    pick me pick me!

    i’m kinda on a yarn diet presently, but it doesn’t count if i WIN it, not buy it, right?

    beautiful yarn!

  135. Elizabeth

    Ooh, pretty colourway! Are we going to get to see what it looks like when knit up? I know Lorna’s sometimes have weird pooling issues. Is this designed to look more like your spiral stripe socks?

  136. Jeri Mihm

    Oh, that is so pretty… now that I’ve learned to knit socks, I know it would make a lovely pair! Congrats on your new claim to fame!

  137. vb

    congratulations — :)you’re now an official colorway, and such a beautiful combination too!

    and good for Lorna’s Laces, for coming up with such a good idea, and such a lovely way to honor an inspiration!!

    Good luck, and may many more honors come your way,

    – vb

  138. Jamie

    Right now you are the luckiest girl on earth. One of my fantasies is that Meg from Twisted Fiber Arts names a colorway Quirky, and that it has beautiful autumn colors. Sigh.

  139. Tori

    Have you tried knitting it up yet and comparing it to the inspirational sock? : ) Congratulations!

  140. ADA

    You know you’ve made it to ‘the big leagues’ when you’ve got a yarn colourway named after you! What’s next? Luggage?

    Congratulation, Kathy!


  141. Kathy in KS

    Dear Grumperina,

    That is so amazingly awesome that you have a sock yarn named after you! Congratulations. You have entered a world that few live in.

    ps…it’s lovely too!

    Dear Random Number Generator,

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  142. Amy

    YummE. and Contragulations! And a Lorna’s Laces coloryway to booth (I can only imagine). I’m really Happy for you

  143. Jason

    Congrats on your colorway! Did you know she was making it those colors and started your striped sock or was it the other way around?

  144. Jo Anne

    The yarn is so pretty. I wish it were more widely available. Any chance you could convince LL?

  145. Jennifer

    I’ll come out of perpetual lurkdom for a chance to win one of those babies! Absolutely gorgeous, all my favorite colors in one skein, *sigh*.

  146. Gail

    Perfect fame for knitter – to be immortalized in yarn!

    (great diagrams and explanations, by the way)

  147. Jenny

    Lovely yarn – congrats! I was thinking of getting those colors just to do that sock — maybe now I won’t have to πŸ˜‰

  148. Ang

    i suppose that i will HAVE to unlurk in this case! that is the most beautiful colorway – you must be thrilled!

  149. Kate

    Wow, it’s good to be a blogger some days, huh? This is so much easier than dealing with four balls of yarn at once. πŸ™‚

  150. CatieP

    I love the colours in your namesake colourway and I think that it is very cool that they named a colour after you. Now you’re in the ‘big leagues’… By the way, are the spiral socks for your grandmother?

  151. Beatriz

    I meant to comment before that your stripey socks. The color choices are quite lovely…some of my favorite colors. Congratulations on your one colorway!

  152. SallyA

    Nothing like an offer of free yarn to bring out the comments! I love this yarn and hope I win!! Thanks.

  153. kozykitty

    I’ve bought a lot from Linda on Ebay too! Her service is the best! Love the colorway–though you would be a celebrity without it as well!

  154. Valerie

    Your own freaking colour of Lorna’s Laces! That rocks! Congrats!

    And thanks for all the tutorials on the stripey socks. Ever since seeing the “stashbusting spirals’ pattern, I’ve been interested in trying this technique. Just haven’t made it that far through my queue yet….

  155. Judith

    wowie kazowie, Grumperina may finally be the PERFECT colorway to knit a pair of socks for my bishop, lest he forget me (yeah, I knit and am in ordination process. knitters are allowed to do whatever, right?)

  156. Sarah

    Oooh! I had been trying to get up the nerve to attempt the 4 color method, but with this yarn I could just put it off a bit longer. That would be wonderful!

  157. Jenna

    Don’t you find it a little funny that your colorway is varigated and not a solid? πŸ™‚ The yarn is very, very pretty and very, very tempting. Off to visit the store now.

  158. Laverne

    This whole spiral thing is awesome. I can’t wait to try it. Of course the LL option is great too. Why not 2 pairs??!?

  159. Doris

    Congratulations on a beautiful colorway in your name! And thanks for the link to a neat new shop.

  160. Kristen

    Oh, I never win things, but I will definitely be checking out this new online yarn shop. How neat, to have your own yarn! πŸ™‚

  161. Kandace

    Must come out of hiding for the chance of winning some lovely Grumperina LL!! Thanks for all of your fun and helpful posts.

  162. Janelle

    A purple combo that’s not tooooo girly – I love it! (and some of my 3 to 5-year-old girl friends probably would, too…)

  163. Erica

    Thing One & Thing Two will be SO mad at me if I win (Noooo! Not more YARN, Mom!), but who cares?! ;-D

    It’s gorgeous, and how cool is that to have yarn named after you? Yes, dear, you are officially a knitting rock star.

  164. joanna

    Love the Grumperina colorway, LL is going to be busy, keeping up with the demand, given the rave reviews so far!

  165. Lisa

    How cool! I think it’s a little fantasy we all have…to have a Lorna’s colorway named after us. Congrats!

  166. Turtle

    Wow what a cool honor!! Such a beautiful yarn as well….drooling at the colorway! Would so love to fondle and knit with some!

  167. Marty52

    Congrats on the aptly named colorway! We know you aren’t as grumpy as your name would appear. ;0)

  168. Joy

    I wouldn’t think I’d be jealous of someone having a sock yarn named after them, but I must admit that I felt a wee pang of envy reading this! How very cool for you and how very fortunate for everyone who gets some of this lovely yarn.

  169. Kathy Sue

    How cool to have your own colorway! Even I, who am soooo forgetful, could probably remember a color name that was me! And it’s gorgeous, too, My favorite color, too.

  170. Natalie

    Congrats on the colourway. I’ve been musing about trying striping socks ever since you posted, but there are a few more projects to go before I can try it out.

  171. sanne moricke

    congratulations — that’s awesome!

    enjoying your blog a lot, thanks from berlin, germany.

  172. Sandra

    Wow. How lucky can you get? Now you’ll be forever immortalized in beautiful handknits. Congratulations.

  173. sanne moricke

    congratulations — that’s awesome!

    enjoying your blog a lot, thanks from berlin, germany.

  174. mothergoose1956

    I have followed this tutorial and even re-read it a couple times. I am now ready to try the technique. I really like the way the stripes turn out with this. Thank you for sharing and teaching this old dog a new, useful, trick!

  175. lyssa

    how fun! and exciting!


    Did you know the colors in the colorway before you started your spiral sock shenanigans for us all? πŸ™‚

  176. sanne moricke

    congratulations — that’s awesome!

    enjoying your blog a lot, thanks from berlin, germany.

  177. Beverly Foyse

    Prize or not, I just wanted to let you know I love your choices of colors… and your site is very educational. Thank you


  178. kerry

    Wow, that’s quite the compliment, having a yarn (in the most delicious colours)named after you. Thanks for sharing!

  179. sanne moricke

    congratulations — that’s awesome!

    enjoying your blog a lot, thanks from berlin, germany.

  180. Natalie

    Birds-n-Yarn is an excellent supplier. I recently made a purchase through her at your recommendation on your side bar. I also love the colorway. What an honor!!

    (I hope I win. πŸ™‚ )

  181. Susan

    Congratulations – love the new color. Can’t wait to try out the spiral socks – thanks for the clear instructions.

  182. Grace

    Very pretty! I am going to try your spiral sock pattern, but would love the chance to knit with your namesake yarn, too!

  183. Alex

    Yah, that is amazing, I love “your” yarn! I will definitly come out of the wood work to enter the contest.

    I really enjoyed reading your tutorial. Very helpful, and am the happy owner of a new pair of JayWalkers. you can see them on ravely (mayaknits)

  184. Kendra

    Congratulations on your namesake; it’s gorgeous yarn.

    And I’ve found the tutorials on the striped socks fascinating. Thanks!

  185. Sarah

    I love the colorway, It will be really fun to see how socks knit with it will compare with the stranded ones you are making now.

  186. AJ

    That yarn is SO beautiful! What an honor! *crosses fingers and hopes she’s that one lucky reader* πŸ˜€

  187. KellyO

    I have been lurking around your blog for year now, nothing like beautiful yarn to pull me out of the woodwork.

    I really enjoy reading about all of your projects. Inspiring.

  188. Meanbean

    I’m totally late to this party, but I’ll throw my hat in the ring! I’ve been admiring the striping tutorial you’ve had up here, vowing to try it soon…and I do love the colors you’re using. How AWESOME to have your own colorway….you’re special in the yarny way! πŸ™‚

  189. Donna

    Is it wrong that I’d love to have a colorway named after me? That doesn’t make me obsessed with knitting, does it? You must be, er, tickled purple at the whole thing.

  190. Mel

    Yummy yarn! Yummy colors! Congratulations!

    I love to order from emtnstr! So glad she’s branching out into her own shop! I am definitely bookmarkin’ the site fo future reference.

    Are you going to make Grandma some socks with YOUR colorway now?

  191. Michelle

    Oh, how beautiful! I agree with debbie above that it makes me think of blueberry buckle… topped with a cloud of whipped cream. Yum yum yum. How thrilled you must be!

  192. Stephanie

    Gorgeous colorway! And it doesn’t hurt my head at all–as opposed to trying to wrap my brain around the whole spiral thing… πŸ˜‰

  193. LaVerna

    I love those colors!How very cool to have a colorway named for you.If I don’t win I am definitely ordering some of that yarn.


  194. shanna

    congrats on your colorway…that is awesome.

    at the unique sheep there is a colorway named after me—it is called shannabanana

  195. lisa

    i don’t knit socks, so i don’t need to win the yarn. but how cool is that??? something you love with your name on it?? fantastic! you lucky girl! lisa sea silk doesn’t have the same ring. πŸ™‚ enjoy.

  196. Deborah C.

    That is hysterical. The colors remind me of blueberry pie, yum! Congratulations on your own colorway!

  197. Patti

    That is really gorgeous. I didn’t think I stood a chance so I just bought 2 skeins. Thankfully she still had some in stock.

  198. eva

    Oh, I try my very best and queue myself in the line πŸ˜‰

    This is really a honour for you! (Of course worth it!!!)

    LG Eva

  199. Diana - New York City

    Congratulations on your very own colorway! I have learned so much from reading your site. Thank you.

  200. Jennie

    Thanks for the pointer to the new store. LL yarn is just to die for.

    How cool that they made a colorway for you! Rabbitch made one for me and I just drool on it. (I hope it’s superwash)

  201. Michele K.

    How cool! Colors chosen, a post or two plus your most favorite base and viola… I’ll be interested to see how The Grumperina colorway knits up too.

  202. Rosalia

    I love the spiral sock you’ve been working and expanding our horizons with. Love the color combination and now to have LL produce the same colorway you are using – – it’s just too KEWL! Makes me want to go out and get me some LL ;). Congratulations!


  203. Marin

    This is one of my standard mantras these days, but it bears repeating: When I was young and stupid, I wished a boy would write a song for me. Now that I am older and wiser, I wish somebody would name a colourway for me.

    Good for you!

  204. Sarah

    I’ve been waiting the try out your striping method – your instructions are great! The new colorway is lovely. πŸ™‚

  205. reve

    love the color!!! and i would definately be more apt to use it than juggle the 4 colors for stripes. call me lazy.

  206. Jessie B.

    Congratulations! Such pretty yarn. I think if I try hard I can live up to its grumpiness, so I hope I win πŸ˜‰

  207. Jenipurr

    That colorway is gorgeous! What fun, to have one named just for you.

    I’ve been following your striping technique with interest, since I’ve got all kinds of sock yarn remnants that will eventually need using up, and this seems like a likely way to do so.

  208. Elisabeth

    Alrighty, I might just have to leave a comment—I think I could even live up to your grumpiness. When I would knit with that lovely yarn, I would make sure to scowl just a little bit (even though it would be pure heaven to be knitting with LL)

  209. Ba

    Lovely colors…..though I don’t think it looks that grumpy. It’s very berryish…vanilla ice cream and bery sorbet.


  210. cob_web

    Congratulations. I have bookmarked your spiral socks technique, and loved reading about it. I don’t think the colourway looks grumpy at all!

  211. Josiane

    How great that the colour combination you came up with for your spiral socks inspired a new colourway! What an honour to have it named after you!

  212. inky

    Congratulations! People will have you on their feet!

    And when will there be a companion Mr. Sweetness colorway?

    Please consider me entered, and I’m bookmarking the site of your crack seller – I mean, yarn supplier – Linda.


  213. Boryana

    I love the colorway too! Congratulations on becoming even more famous! And I also really loved the illustrations and explanation regarding how to knit the spiral socks! I have been reading your blog for a while, but am only now delurking :).

  214. byTanya

    WOW, I have a better chance of winning the lotto than this draw with all these comments. But I’d rather win this amazing colorway apparently cause I’m commenting but I don’t play the lotto LOL. Great yarn and great blog… thanks for sharing!

  215. Tracy Hite

    That is a nice colorway, hopefully it knits up in tiny narrow stripes just like your sock.

    Which reminds me, I really should try that some time. Maybe mix a few different self-stripers and see what turns up.

    PS I just finished my second pair of Roza socks last night, hopefully I’ll have a pic for your gallery soon.

  216. Seanna Lea

    Wow! That is just wonderful. I hope it is all nifty stripy as well. Even if I win (so many entries!), I’m still going to stalk the Birds-n-Yarn store.

  217. Melissa

    That’s really cool that you have your own colorway!! I’d love to be entered in the drawing.

  218. marjorie

    I’ve been so inspired by your info on “the striping”

    tutorial. And how great to have a great yarn like Lorna’ Laces named for you! Congratulations are in order!


  219. Jenna

    Wow! If it were me, I would consider this the high point of my knitting career πŸ™‚ Just goes to show that customer loyalty can pay off! It’s a truly fabulous combination of colors.

    Are you having any tight or loose spots at your joins? I found that with spiraling two yarns, I was getting a ladder and a tight spot when I wasn’t careful to keep my last stitch tight and my first stitch loose.

  220. jennsquared

    How wonderful! You should be proud! πŸ™‚ Congratulations! I love the colorway. Maybe I’ll do my jaywalker in your colorway πŸ™‚

  221. martha

    A simple comment and a chance to win a colorway I’d buy? Who can pass up a deal like that? Not me! Love your blog and especially your tutorials. Many thanks!

  222. Kati

    Oh boy, if I win I’m going to feel badly that I didn’t have anything clever to say in the comments section!

  223. Marie

    I’ve been working so hard and am looking to vacation with a skein of Lorna’s. Oh nothing would be finer than the Grumperina Lorna’s surrounded by palm trees and margaritas…..pick me me me me me me me me me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

    All the best,

    Grumpy Marie in Grumpy-loving NJ

  224. basak

    Socks being your thing, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock being your favourite and you being very loud and pround about it I kind of saw it coming.. What is surprising though is that it is varigated! Long repeats would take care of pooling, which you’d most likely be quite grumpy about:-) Were you consulted on the colour choice?

  225. Mander

    Oh my gosh, that has got to be the very coolest thing ever, to have a colorway named in your honor – I’d die of sheer happiness.

    Congratulations, Grumperina! I love the deep berriness of the colors, just beautiful.

  226. barbinvic

    Sure saves trying to hunt down all the correct colours. You must be thrilled, but obviously Beth knows that you have a wonderful way with colour. (I still love the peach/cranberry combination and covet the pattern. One day…..)

    Congratulations on being immortalized in yarn.

  227. Amy

    Well, 694 comments means my chances of winning this wonderful yarn are very slim indeed. Congratulations on having your own colorway in your favorite sock yarn! It’s so “you”!

  228. Chloe

    So many comments, so little time. . .

    That is one of the most beautiful colorways I have seen! It reminds me of the flower heather and misty british heath, not very grumpy, just beautiful and solitary. Wonderful!

  229. Tracey

    congratulations on your new namesake. i just checked and it’s already sold out! just like you, very popular! πŸ™‚

  230. Jen

    I was sooo impressed by your stripey-tutorial. But I’m relieved to see that I ccan take the easy way out! πŸ˜‰

  231. kathy b

    well, If I win I can say im wearing my Grumperina’s when folks ask me at work. (they always do) Congrats on a lovely compliment to you and lovely colorway

  232. Juliet

    I hope I’m lucky enough to have my own colourway someday.

    Anyway…the yarn looks beautiful…hope I’m the lucky winner.

  233. sweetp

    How exciting to have your very own colourway!! I think it looks great. Have just finished my first Odessa, what a great pattern. Going to try something else of yours soon πŸ™‚

  234. judy

    oh, the extreme awesomeness of it…must obtain some…and i love your spirally socks…they are on my to do list…

  235. Mary

    Nothing to be grumpy about there. Great colorway. It would be fun to see it knit up to compare to your spiral socks. Thanks for sharing!

  236. Anotheryarn

    Oh so many comments for such a pretty color combination. Normally I avoid throwing my name in such drawings but just can’t resist this time.

  237. Becky

    OOh ooh pick me. I’m a h.s. teacher trudging towards April vacation. . . Does that qualify me for winnerhood?? πŸ™‚

  238. Meghan L.

    Wow! I can think of few things better than having a yarn named after you! That’s amazing, but you’ve been so helpful to me and other knitters that I can’t think of a better knitter to get a yarn named after them.

  239. carola

    Congratulations on the honour of having your own colourway now! My favourite coulor is red as well but if I would feel “grumpy” somehow, this new colour combo seems to be just perfect! So beautiful!

  240. Ryn

    Whoo, pretty pretty colours! I would so love to have a pair of socks made from that yarn. Congrats on having an LL colourway named after you! πŸ˜€

  241. quinn

    Wow, what a lovely colorway.

    [Subliminal interlude: pick me! pick me!]

    And how cool to have yarn named after you – now there’s fame, for you.

    [me! over here!]

    Back to my humble, quiet sock-knitting now…

    [me me me me me!]


  242. Kate

    Ooh I’d love to win! But my only question is…would I have to be grumpy while knitting it? Because with colors so beautiful, I don’t think that’s possible πŸ˜€

  243. Ruthanne (in Seattle)

    Pretty neat to have your own colorway! Looks fabulous – I’m on my way over to check out mtnester’s new store!

  244. Michelle in North Carolina

    I am sooo impressed with your blog-the prolific nature of it as well as your erudite treatment of all things “knitty”! Congrats on the colorway…

  245. Tina

    wow, that is some gorgeous yarn. When you first showed those colors together I thought “she’s got such a great eye for color, she should have her own line of yarn.” I guess this is better, because you don’t have to dye any of it, you just get to knit with it!

    btw: offering free yarn is a good way to increase your amount of comments πŸ˜‰

  246. Erin

    It is gorgeous…but that has probably already been said πŸ˜‰ Congrats on the colorway named after you!

  247. lynn

    OK, that is COOL. A colorway named after you! I’ve been saving up for Lorna’s Laces sock yarn for ages, and never got around to it (hot feet plus slight wool allergy, speaking for myself), but this is pretty neat. Almost as neat as the using-up-leftover-yarn trick.

  248. Lisa in Toronto

    Very impressive – it will be very interesting to see how the Grumperina skeins will look like knit up into socks.

    Congratulations and please count me in!

  249. Lynda Hitt

    I’m gonna comment and see if I can win some of that absolutely gorgeous yarn, and if I can’t, I will just have to buy some cuz I love the colors.

  250. Elizabeth

    Congratulations! The colors are beautiful together, both combined in your socks and together in the skein.

  251. Leone

    *gorgeous* Are you going to keep one skein for yourself for all of time? Show it to strangers but don’t let them touch it? Cuddle with it? I would. Again… gorgeous!

  252. Emily

    Love the colourway, and if I wasn’t on a yarn diet I probably would order a bit of it! But hey, maybe in the future.

  253. Lulu

    Awesome colors. Congrats on such an honor! So are you going to keep the yarn for yourself and have two pairs of stripey spiral socks? I would!

  254. Stephanie

    Wow. A colorway names after you is just about the coolest thing I can think of! Woohoo! You’ve made it to the big times now πŸ™‚

  255. jennifer.

    Wow! There are so many comments already! LOL, that’s some pretty yarn that some lucky knitter’ll get! Congrats on having a colorway (though, seriously, those are like my happy colors… grumpy? About as grumpy as you come across!)

  256. marilyn

    Wow! You’re own colorway! You certainly deserve it! And it seems to have sold out in record time. You, my dear are a cottage industry. How fantastic. And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

    keep on knittin’ on, grumP!

  257. Nina

    What great colours. And thanks for the tutorials. I’m finally feeling courageous enought to start my sock knitting journey!

  258. Sue

    Your right, it’s a delicious color and does look moody and they are my favorite colors. Nice work it’s just awesome.

  259. Marie

    Your post finally sent me looking for the LL home page. I am going to get some at our upcoming Knitter’s Frolic for sure! BTW I am also planning some striped socks thank you very much!

  260. Jennifer H

    Your colorway is GORGEOUS! I’m imagining the socks it would produce …. Back now. It’s a nice balance of cheery and moody, kind of the way I picture you from reading your blog. Congratulations.

  261. Tarazed

    Wee, been reading for several months, and can’t turn up a chance at yarn! Especially one that suits you this well. First Addi Lace, now your own colorway… you’re slowly taking over the knitting world! πŸ™‚

  262. Susie

    Such an elegant colorway…much more ‘Rina’ than ‘Grumper’.

    Perhaps we can overwhelm your lys with orders and convince LL that the rest of the knitting world knows you and would adore some of your namesake yarn…


  263. trek

    How wonderful for you! I’d be so flattered if someone wanted to name a colorway after me – then I’d be one of the “cool kids”.

    Guess I’ll just have to pretend that Trekking is named for me instead ;o)

  264. Jennifer

    Congratulations on your own colorway in your favorite yarn. I’ve read many of your posts that include comments on LL and wondered about it, but not seen it at my LYS. Would love to win some to try it out myself!

  265. Manise

    Awesome colorway and what a compliment to have one named after you! Thanks for the link to Linda’s new site!

  266. Anna

    Congratulations! That`s like having a star named after you. It is beautiful. No wonder Linda is already sold out.

  267. Dana

    Please put me in the drawing for the glorious sock yarn. I’m sure it will be very hard to find judging my the response to your post. Wonderful.

  268. Kelli

    Congratulations! What beautiful colors! I have been looking for yet another reason to buy more LL, and now I have it!

  269. Floderten

    Ooh, Grumperina, that’s so cool! πŸ˜€ I’d love to be in the drawing, that yarn is gorgeous. Good for you and Linda, her shop is looking really nice!

  270. Susanne

    I can’t believe that you have almost 800 people commenting for yarn!! holy cow! Well here I am doing the same…beautiful colours for sure.

  271. Roxanne

    Wow, this is pretty yarn, and very clever of LL to make a colorway using the same colors you used for your socks.

  272. Shirley

    Wow! what a beautiful colorway. You know you are “big Time” when someone creates something that gorgeous for you!


  273. Phyllis

    coming out of lurkerdom for this one:

    Beautiful colorway. Now I’m hungry for some berry pie from Just Pies here in Columbus–Yum!!



  274. Katie

    love the colors – congratulations on the colorway. your knitting innovations certainly deserve the honor!

  275. olga

    oooooo nice colorway! who wouldn’t want something named after the great and mighty grumperina?! It’s like,… legendary..like the holy grail! COUNT ME IN!

  276. Bridget

    Wow, I think it’s sooo cool that you have your very own colorway! And pretty colors too. Congratulations on becoming even more famous …

  277. Kristine

    You are officially the coolest person ever. First, you get me the best lace needles ever, then you get your own LL colorway.


  278. Alison

    Oh my gosh!!! That is so cool!!! And seriously, what an awesome company for being so attuned to the needs of their customers in the big ole blogosphere. πŸ™‚ hooray!

  279. Susan B

    LMAO – that’s certainly one way to up your comment quotient for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never used LL’s before – what fun and beautiful socks those skeins will most certainly make!

  280. Rachel

    Wow–a lot of people want that yarn! It is a beautiful colorway tho and very cool to have your name attached to a color! Just wanted to say as well thanks so much for the recent tutorials on spiraling. Very neat concept and I think I actually understand it! πŸ™‚

  281. Marnie

    Oooh, that colorway is fantastic. I’m a huge fan of every one of those colors and I love that there’s some white in there.

    Please put my name into the drawing. πŸ™‚

  282. Knitnana

    Congratulations!!! – and I couldn’t be happier with the colors they chose!!! I love navy, haven’t seen a lot of it lately, and it’s perfect with the swirly purple/fusia/ivory tones…Will have to get me some πŸ™‚


  283. Theresa

    Wow, I love those colors and thanks for putting up all of the tutorials on how to make these socks. I have been trying to finish up all my UFOs (or at least half of them) and have decided my reward will be allowing myself to get yarn for these socks.

  284. NoΓ©mie

    Congratulations for this beautiful yarn named for you! And it’s the best seller on the store you gave the link for!

    Do you think it will look like the socks you’re knitting, when knitted up?

    Thank you also for that detailed tutorial for knitting socks with thin stripes!

  285. Alea

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great tutorial and loads of entertaining information. Your blog was the first one I ever started reading on a regular basis, and this is the first blog comment I have ever left! Thanks for everything!

  286. nicole from Canada

    Congratulations, I can’t even imagine having a colourway named after me, that is so cool.

  287. heather t

    Hey, I’ve purchased from emtnestr before! She sells Noro Kureyon by the single ball so you can get as many or as few as you like!

    If I don’t win the yarn here, I may just buy some from her directly. hmm…

  288. Sharon

    I think it is beautiful and meant just for me, since the moody colors fit perfectly with my current mood! smile…..

  289. violet

    Woot on the colorway — it’s a fab one for sure.

    (Also, will you be putting the jaywalker pattern over here on your site now that Magknits is gone? I’ve got one sock done and didn’t print the pattern, thinking I was saving paper by just looking at it online. *facepalm* ARGH.)

  290. April

    HOLY CRAP! 864 comments as of this one! dang

    Anyway… that is cool in the extreme! Your stardom is now immortalized in yarn =)) Excuse me whilst I curtsy, your Yarnyness.

  291. Leslie

    oh well, heck, what a way to try to lure me back into knitting socks. Beautiful colors and maybe a chance to get it free? woo hoo! But I’ll have to go take a look at her new store anyhow because chances are much better I’ll purchase than I’ll win πŸ™‚

  292. kyndra

    oh, i love that colorway . . . it totally makes me think of berry crumble (with vanilla ice cream).

  293. Wendy

    Woah, I guess I’m not the only one that loves your blog. Thanks for all the tips and sending me to Linda’s shop, she’s great! I too love the color combo, what an honor – Congrats!

  294. Tiffany

    Oh wow, what a huge honor, can you just imagine what something named after me would look like? v8applesauce hmm well that’s a disturbing thought for the evening haha

  295. sharon t

    Congratulations – your very own color! And you graciously offer us a chance at your colorway.

  296. Liz T.

    I think it is wonderful that you have a colorway named after you for all you share with us in this (and other) crafts. And now you’re willing to share even this special treat!

    Your blog is fabulous and I thank you for all you do!!

  297. CharBarb

    Looks like it could be Eeyore’s colors…so if not grumpy, then gloomy would work too.

  298. MichelleinCO

    A belated thank you for hooking me up w/emtnestr. Have gotten some deals there and look forward to more. Enter me in the drawing!

  299. Knitters Delight

    Congratulations! Very beautiful, indeed. I’m sure you realized that when you saw almost 1,000 people posting comments in only two days. We knitters are no dummies and see a great skein when it comes along. lol.

  300. Carol

    Congratulations! It’s beautiful. Would Beth consider donating another pair of skeins in support of my raffle for a Knitsmith running the Boston Marathon (for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)? Details on my blog.

  301. Charles "The Knitter"

    OMG!!! Your one color way!!! I was thinking dyeing some same color with superwash for my dyeing class sample to my student next week! I wish I could win and I will write on note saying that “Grumperina Shepherd Sock” to visit your site! Congratulations!



  302. effika

    Well, I hope you’ve got a nice big random number generator about. πŸ™‚

    I love the colors in the new yarn, but it might be just as fun to buy all the colors separately. The more Lorna’s Laces the better!

  303. Beth

    Wow…lots of us lurkers coming out from behind our screens! Congrats on the colorway. That’s very cool.

  304. Bryn

    Ummmmmm….now I want a big bowl of warm blackberry cobbler with a big ol’ scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I agree with everyone else–it’s more of a “Warm ‘n Fuzzy” than a “Grumperina”, namewise.

  305. gigi

    ok! i’ll be number 900 in the quest for free sock yarn – and even if you weren’t giving yarn away, i’d pop in to say “congratulations” on having your name immortalized in yarn…and moody purples are the best sock colors of all!





  306. Miki

    I should win this yarn because I made my 3rd pair of socks using your “pretty way” to pick up gusset stitches and they are almost perfect!!!!!!

  307. kelley

    I went out and bought the book you said described the helical striping, so I want to be entered to win. Pretty colors. Congrats on being their namesake.

  308. Stephanie

    This is definitely a sign you’ve made it in the knitting world! Congratulations on being able to lend your name to such a beautiful yarn πŸ™‚

  309. Chris H

    Wow! Over 900 comments so far! Did you have any idea you were that popular? πŸ™‚ I just L-O-V-E these colors…on my way right now to see if I can snag me some of this yarn yumminess!!

  310. Allison

    All you have to say is “yarn give-away” . . .

    I’m thinking of how I can use your cool spiral technique in something besides socks (I’m in the middle of 2 pairs now). It’s making my fingers itch with wanting to try it!

  311. Lynn

    Love the yarn, love the colorway. Reminds me of blueberry pie — the purples come from when the vanilla ice cream melts into the juice.

  312. Dee

    Totally cool! A yarn in your name! Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. I’ve only been reading your blog for a short time but I have already learned many things from you! Thanks.

  313. Breanna

    Grumperina is a lovely colorway. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like knit up.

  314. Maria

    Holy cow! That is gorgeous!

    Soon people will be talking about the “Grumperina effect”–if they aren’t already.

    I’m almost relieved that it’s sold out at the moment. I have just resolved to buy no more yarn until we get into a house. Ouch.

    Otherwise I think I might not have willpower to resist….

    Must. Not. Buy. Yarn.

    I can drool over others’ yarn, though.

  315. Amy M

    Lovely colorway. πŸ™‚ Not the same control as working with 4 skeins at once, but probably better bus knitting this way!

  316. Katy

    That’s a fabulous combination of colors…and it’s named after you. To me that sounds more fun than having a newly discovered solar system named after you!

  317. kruthig

    The colorway is not only beautiful, but it can only make one smile while knitting. Congratulations!

  318. Linda L.

    Mmmm… like eating blueberry pie Γ  la mode on the patio at dusk on a summer night with a nightingale singing as the full moon rises. Not so grumpy after all.

    Congratulations! I agree with the other 1,472,589 posters – it’s beautiful!

  319. KristyKnits

    Congrats! First to have a Lorna’s Laces colourway named after you – wow, but then the colour!!! Gorgeous! If I were you I’d be grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the month πŸ™‚ Enjoy it!

  320. Sofia

    Hi Grumperina,

    That color way is lovely, and purple is my favourite colour so I’m definitely going to leave a comment in the slim hope (900 plus comments!!!) of winning :)Congratulations on having a colourway named after you btw!

    regards, S.

  321. Dianne

    I love the colorway and can’t wait to buy some for myself. I just found your blog and it’s great to know that my favorite sock of all time (Jaywalker) has lots of other patterns for my delight.

    Happy knitting.

  322. Cathy

    Congratulations, Kathy! I love reading your blog, as it is creative, entertaining and very well written. You have such talent too! Thanks, Cathy

  323. Erin

    Love the colors! Congrats on having a color named after you. And thanks for your tutorial on jogless stripes–it inspired me to start my own pair of striped socks!

  324. dee dee

    Congratulations! What an honor. When I turn into a grumpy old lady I shall wear purple. I am now that lady.

  325. Jess

    Very pretty yarn! I love LL’s Shepherd Sock, their colorways are lovely and the yarn wears like iron. Always a good thing in a sock yarn!

  326. Amy S.

    Not only are you a genius at picking colors, but nearly a thousand people read your blog! Great news all around! I just love that colorway. And Lorna’s Laces.

  327. Suzie

    Holy cow you’re gonna break the 1k mark for comments on this one! I’m coming out of Lurkville to throw my name in the hat. Good luck getting through all of these comments! Thanks for the contesty yarny thrill!

  328. Gauss

    Oh, gorgeous!! I’d like some, please.

    Speaking of the Jaywalkers, you’ve probably heard that Magknits is down. Can you please publish the pattern again, somewhere? It is such a classic, it would be a shame if it disappeared!

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