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Good news!

Dear friends, please allow me to share a series of wonderful tidbits with you:

1. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Grumperina is back in stock!

Also, to answer some of your questions, this colorway will be a permanent fixture in the Lorna’s Laces line-up (pinch me!). But remember, you’ll need to visit Birds-n-Yarn to stash-ify (stash + satisfy = stash-ify). In addition to Shepherd Sock, you can currently purchase this colorway in Lion and Lamb, Shepherd Worsted, and Shepherd Sport. I’m certain that Linda will be happy to take special orders if you want yet another weight/fiber variety (birdsnyarn at aol dot com).

2. Lisa, a sweet reader, e-mailed me a photo of her completed Grumperina LL SS sock! She graciously allowed me to share the photo with you, because (hello!) look how beautifully the yarn striped!

For the record, Lisa knit the sock over 64 stitches using US 0 needles, at a knitting tension of 9 stitches per inch.

I totally didn’t anticipate this beauty, and now I’m super eager to knit up my own skeins! I mailed out the prize skeins yesterday, so I can’t wait to see how the yarn behaves on the winners’ needles, too ;).

3. Picovoli lovers, rejoice! Jody came to my rescue, formatted the pattern lickety-split, and it now resides at Knotions, her new ‘zine! I’m working on having a PDF copy on Ravelry, too, but Knotions is immediately accessible so please help yourselves there for the time being!

4. Odessa lovers, rejoice! The pattern is now available through Ravelry as a PDF! If you don’t have access to the Rav, drop me a line and I will send you a copy via e-mail!

5. I know I still have some loose MagKnits ends to tie up – the Corded pattern, plus all the dead links which permeate my webpages. Again, I’m working as fast as I can – feel free to poke around… eventually you might come across a link that actually works ;).

Can winners be grumpy?

Dudes. Almost 1000 comments. That’s simply nuts!!! It’s really a testament to the talent behind Lorna’s Laces – they make it just right, every time!

The story behind the Grumperina colorway is as follows: the stripey socks came first. With this specific project in mind, I selected navy, natural, lilac, and blackberry LL Shepherd Sock from my pile of Lorna’s Laces leftovers.

these were my options

The creative mind behind Lorna’s Laces, Beth Casey, mentioned that if my chosen colors worked well together, it might be fun to blend them into a special colorway! I was floored and flattered by this suggestion, and of course agreed. Next, Linda was added into the mix, and just a few short weeks later, the yarn was all dyed!

I don’t expect this colorway to form stripes when knit up; certainly not the nice, even ones like when knitting a “stacked spiral.” The repeats of each color are quite short, enough for just a handful of stitches. But as I mentioned a little while ago Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters is full of patterns for just this type of colorway, so that’s where I’ll turn when I knit up my grumpy skeins ;).

And which pattern will you use? I know there aren’t terribly many of you… at the moment the Grumperina colorway is all sold out. But it will be back in stock shortly! E-mail Linda (birdsnyarn at aol dot com) to be placed on the waitlist.

I’m on the waitlist, too, you know. When I saw the number of readers entering a raffle for only two skeins of yarn, it just didn’t sit well with me. So I decided to increase the prize – 5 readers will each receive two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Grumperina! A total of 10 skeins to be given away! The catch? I’m waiting for the yarn to be dyed, so the prizes won’t be delivered immediately.

The winners… I know you’ve been waiting for this!

  1. Xana!
  2. Karen! (the one whose yahoo e-mail address contains “2001”)
  3. Jessie B., who promises to live up to the yarn’s grumpiness!
  4. Elisabeth!
  5. Jennifer! (the one who has a e-mail address)

Congratulations, ladies! I’ll be in touch shortly!


Seeing so many of you inquire about the future of my MagKnits patterns has me beaming and flustered all at once. I’m flattered that you want the patterns in your libraries (awww, shucks!), but the development was abrupt and unannounced, and I find myself scrambling in a panic as I cobble something together for you. I want to help, and to help quickly, but life: it just keeps moving!

Jaywalker is now available as a free pdf download on Ravelry (or drop me a line if you’d like a copy via e-mail). Odessa and the other patterns will follow shortly – also free, also pdf, also on Ravelry or by e-mail. I just don’t know exactly when. I was completely caught off guard, and find myself digging through ancient hard drives and yellowing papers to get everything together for you. My apologies.

A moody medley

And if juggling four balls of yarn isn’t your cup of tea, the folks at Lorna’s Laces have your number!

What a gorgeous combination of blackberry, navy, natural, and lilac: all the colors I’m using in the stripy spiral socks!

And wouldn’t you know it, this new colorway is named after me! Grumperina colorway, hehe!

When Beth at Lorna’s Laces first mentioned the idea to me, I was like, really?!? Never in my wildest dreams! At the same time, of all the different yarns out there, I couldn’t be happier to see my nickname on a hank of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. But you knew that.

I really like the moodiness of this colorway. I think it’s the perfect medley to have “grumpy” in its name (even though my favorite color is red, and my general grumpiness is always questioned ;)).

And yet another wonderful thing – Grumperina Shepherd Sock is exclusive to my favorite LL supplier, Linda!

Linda, emtnestr on eBay, has recently began to transition to her own store on the web, Birds-n-Yarn, and invites you to check out her new home. With all the Lorna’s and the Cherry Tree Hill and the hand-crafted dpns, it’s certainly worth a look ;). And of course if you want some of the special colorway, you have to visit.


You can leave a comment here, and I’ll randomly select one lucky reader to receive two skeins of LL Shepherd Sock in the Grumperina colorway!!! Comments have been closed, and the winner will be announced shortly! Thank you for reading!