Starting the year off right!

These mittens make me happy on so many levels – they are a vibrant antidote to winter, they were a textural sensation to knit, I worked with fiber (!) for the first time, and I learned a new technique in the process. But what makes them extremely special is that I get to be just like one of the girls! I, too, can wear thrummed mittens! Because mine are completely un-wooly!

(You can have un-wooly thrummed mittens, too – keep reading!)

Pattern: Midwest-Style Thrummed Mitts by Amy Swenson in No Sheep for You.

Yarn: Berroco TouchΓ© in Persimmon, 2 skeins.

Needles: Bryspun dpns, US 3. Knitting the worsted weight yarn on small needles not only got me the required gauge, but also created a dense, wind-proof fabric.

Extras: about 40 grams of 100% bamboo roving from Mind’s Eye Yarns. I made each thrum a bit thinner and smaller than instructed in the book. Otherwise the knitting was rather cumbersome!

Bamboo fiber is soft, silky and smooth, but amazingly bamboo thrums have absolutely no intention of slipping out of their spots! Maybe it’s the way the thrums are “woven in” in this pattern, maybe it’s the matting and the mushing that happens every time I slip my hand in and out of the mitt, maybe the steam blocking had something to do with it… whatever it is, the thrums (all 320 of ’em!) are here to stay! And because I twisted each length of fiber before folding it into a thrum, there aren’t loose floaters stuck to my hands when I take the mittens off.

And now, the good stuff.

After all was said and done, I had about 70 grams of bamboo fiber left over and no plans for it whatsoever. But… it’s more than enough for another pair of thrummed mittens! And I have plenty of Berroco TouchΓ© (thanks, elann!), in two colors complementary to the blue fiber – Persimmon for a bolder statement, and Shiraz for something more subdued.

Want it? Leave me a comment for your own wool-free thrummed mitten kit! (you’re on your own for the needles and the pattern). The winner will be picked at random, and will receive the blue bamboo fiber and 2 skeins of Berroco TouchΓ© in his/her choice of color. Comments will be closed on Thursday, January 24, at noon EST.

Update: comments have been closed, and this drawing is now over.

How’s that for the first FO of the year?!?


640 thoughts on “Starting the year off right!

  1. Dove

    I’m so glad you were able to find an alternative to wool for thrummed mittens! They look so pettable and soft. I wish computers let us pet fibers.

  2. Anna

    Count me in for the drawing! Those are some awesome mittens! That bamboo roving looks so soft and is my favorite color.

    I’d never thought about thrummed mittens before. They look interesting and fun to knit.

  3. Brittani

    Those are so awesome! I haven’t tried thrummed mittens yet, but seeing your lovely pair make me want to πŸ™‚

  4. Bertha

    No need to enter me in the drawing, I’d rather have the wool free supplies go to someone who needs them more than I do (plus I just finished my own thrummed mittens!), but I wanted to say that I LOVE how these turned out! SO bright & cheerful! Perfect!

  5. Flan

    Count me in too. I’ve been wanting to try thrummed mittens, but been afraid I won’t be able to wear them (I’m not allergic to wool, but I’m supersensitive to itchy!)

  6. Stephanie

    Oooh. What lovely mittens, and I could almost feel the silkiness of the bamboo as you describe it… I’d love to be entered in the drawing for the remains. I need many more mittens and am currently infatuated with them…

  7. Natalie

    I’m usually a lurker, but I had to post a comment so I could win some lovely mittens! Yours are GORGEOUS, and they look so soft and warm!

  8. Denise~

    Count me in! I wandered around a yarn store yesterday thinking about mittens and gloves but didn’t see anything as fun as what you made! The blue bamboo is especially smashing!!!

  9. Nina

    Those turned out gorgeous! I would never have thought to put together turquoise and orange but they look amazing together. Congrats on your wool free beauties. πŸ™‚ I think thrummed mittens must go on my queue of things to try.

  10. Marisol

    Wow I think its wonderful that you found such a good substitute for wool! The mittens look amazing in this color combo and in fact I would have never guessed by looking at them that they were not wool:) Gorgeous Mitts Indeed!

  11. Erynn

    They look so comfy and warm!

    I’ve never felt bamboo fiber in a yarn or pure fiber form before, but I do have bamboo sheets. I can only imagine the pure fiber feels even more comfortable then those sheets. It must be grand!

  12. Su

    those are awesome and I LOOOVE knitting with bamboo. Haven’t tried the fiber yet, though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Joanne

    Coincidently, I just ordered the No Sheep book and would love to make the thrummed mittens. Thanks for putting my name in the drawing, and congratulations on your marriage! (I’ve followed your blog for years and this drawing has brought me out of the lurking shadows!)

  14. Bella

    Those are so… sunshiney! And so anti-winter πŸ™‚

    And as for your idea of using the pure bamboo fiber, its brilliant. I would have never, ever thought of it. I wonder if bamboo fiber feels like fluffier, softer, airier bamboo yarn?

  15. Annika

    Here’s a confession: I had no idea what thrums were until you first posted about these mittens. (I was able to figure it out from your picture, but still. I feel like a total impostor in the knitting world!)

  16. Kelly

    ooo I was very jealous of mittens, because like you, i have such senstive skin and cannot at all usually wear wool or wool type products. bamboo is such a brillant idea since it wears so well and like you mention, such a luxiours and uber-comfy fiber!

    and, ps; belated congrats πŸ™‚

  17. Erin

    Hi! I have been a lurker on your blog for a few months now, but this drawing has spurred me to finally comment. I have been contemplating thrummed mittens for a while now and yours have definitely inspired me!

  18. Artsygal

    Love them! I can’t decide which of the 2 yarn colours in that last pic makes for a prettier combination! I wouldn’t mind trying it out to find out though!

  19. ames

    commenting not to enter (I’m on my third pair of thrummed mittens this winter, and I’m thrummed out), but to say that those look wonderful. Incidentally, they are very close to my high school colors. Rock.

  20. Becky

    Wow! Those look soo cool! I love the yellow/blue combo, you’re right about it being just the right thing for the blahs of Winter. Great Job!

  21. Kathy

    Such generosity! I’d love to be in the random drawing. I have been curious about thrummed mittens and bamboo, neither of which I’ve experienced in my umpteen years of knitting. And, I’m currently on a stash diet so this would be sweet indeed! I’ve got the needles and pattern – so Lady Luck, be with me! πŸ™‚ Best wishes on your recent marriage, too! I was so happy to read about it.

  22. Joan K

    What beautiful mittens! I’d love to be entered in the drawing. And congratulations on your recent marriage.

  23. liz

    oh me me…I love those colors! And I’ve been dieing to try out thrumming. I have the book too so I could start right away. (ummm…after the other 4 pairs of mittens I have the yarn to make now.)

  24. Wanett

    Those look great! I love the bright, bold statement they make.

    I simply must have my own, so random number generator please pick me =)

  25. Josiane

    Your mittens are simply gorgeous, and truly cheerful! Who wouldn’t be tempted by this opportunity to knit a pair? Thanks for counting me in for the drawing!

  26. Shanna

    I’ve never done thrummed mittens but I’ve wanted to ever since The Yarn Harlot did them a couple of years ago. The SHEEN of that bamboo is *incredible*!!!!!

  27. TK

    I love that color combination. I have a trip to Alaska coming up in a month and I’m thinking of making a pair for my non-wooly self, too. You’ve inspired me, for sure.

  28. isela

    those are sooo beautiful! I like the combo color you chose. I know I stand very little chance but here is my name for the left overs πŸ™‚

  29. Tasha Ogryzlo

    I love the orange. And the blue. I have been lusting after that blue since you originally posted it. I wanna. Please.

    Add me to the clamouring masses.

  30. lisa

    The mittens are fab! A great big congratulations, as well,on your recent nuptuals! Marriage is awesome, and I wish you and your Sweetness every happiness!

  31. Fay

    Delurking for this one! I’m making thrummed mittens right now with wool for a friend in Chicago but I would love non-wool ones for myself! Such pretty color choices.

  32. Amy

    Would love to be added to the drawing! This is a wonderful idea and the mittens are so beautiful. I would love to make a pair of my own…

  33. Amanda

    oh, they look fantastic! i really love the color combination that you chose – very bold and lovely! i made some thrummed mittens a few years ago, and they are the warmest handwear i own. i love them! my fiber is a wool/ silk blend that is quite nice.

    sadly they are starting to wear a bit… after years of cold weather wear… so i’m commenting to try and score some new mitten fixin’s!

  34. Amy

    I love the colors you used, and whether I win a kit or not, I’m going to have to knit a pair of these for my mother who claims that even the softest of cashmere’s feels like daggers in her skin.

  35. Samantha

    Ooh, I’ve been meaning to make thrummed mittens for a while–I keep checking Hello Yarn to see if she’s got kits up, but I’m totally up for a contest. Count me in!

  36. Laurie

    Okay, I’m broke and will totally delurk for a contest. Especially since that blue bamboo looks so completely scrumptious!

    Your thrummed mittens look great and I’ve been dying to try a pair myself since I live in cold, cold, colder-than-humans-should-be-subjected-to Chicago. (Can you tell I’m originally from warmer climes and having trouble adapting?)

    Great job!

  37. Kanuck

    Yup, another lurker coming out of the woodwork to say Ooh, contest! As a vegan wool-avoider (and fan of the bamboo yarns I’ve tried) count me in!

  38. Merna

    Great mittens! I never would have thought of using Touche for winter wear of any kind — looks like warm weather yarn to me.

  39. A different Amanda

    A pair of orange and blue thrummed mittens would be just the thing against the cold grey weather here.

  40. Liss

    Those are utterly fantastic. Heck yes, I’d love to take part in the drawing. ^_^ I should probably comment more here, if I’m going to ask for things, though.

  41. Jodie

    I didn’t realize that you had an allergy to wool… It seems like you work with wool often, is it just wearing it for long periods of time?

    The mittens are beautiful, and working with bamboo sounds like a lot of fun! Count me in the drawing please.

  42. Ellen

    Ooh ooh ooh! I haven’t been reading very long, but I’m allergic to wool, so these would be perfect for me.

  43. Michele K.

    The bamboo caught my attention during its first appearance on your blog, now that its up for grabs… I’m so in!

  44. Christy

    Your mittens are great! I’ve been wanting to make a pair of mittens and these are inspirational. The cold weather we’ve been having here in KC is inspirational, too! πŸ˜‰

  45. Siri

    Please don’t enter me in your drawing as I already have supplies for some very wooly ones for me.

    Love the bright colors you used, and you reminded me that I need to get on making my own pair. It’s only a degree or two above zero right now and the temperatures are dropping!

  46. Kathy in KS

    OK, here’s my “pick me, pick me” entry. I too just got some bamboo yarn, in Hawaii. I’m going to use it for socks though. Your bamboo looks like silk!

  47. Mrs. Hipp

    Wow, I had no idea bamboo fiber came in roving. I guess the yarn has to come from somewhere, huh? Thanks for sharing something new and interesting, as usual.

  48. Jana

    Those almost make me wish for snow, so I’d have a good excuse to make some! I don’t know why mittens require snow, but in my head they do somehow.

    I’m curious to see how bamboo will wear as thrumbs. Will it felt or matt itself up in time?

  49. Heather

    Oooh pretty!

    I can just imagine the feel of the bamboo fibre…

    I didn’t realise Amy Swenson had a pattern in that book… she owns my LYS! She’s great. πŸ™‚

  50. Lisa g

    Another lurker brought out by the lure of gorgeous yarn. I’ve been drooling over these mittens since you first posted them.

  51. KT

    I LOVE the orange and blue combo. It reminds me of tangerines and bright blue summer skies. πŸ™‚ Count me in for the contest, please.

  52. lacey

    i hardly ever do contests, but having just started experimenting with wool thrums (in bright yellow, no less!) i’m totally intrigued by the bamboo.

    also, yours are so darn lovely πŸ™‚ and your blog is always a pleasure to read, btw, it’s always one of my favorites.

  53. kelly

    I LOVE that blue bamboo fiber! And the colors just pop on that orange! What cute mitts! I’d love to be counted in the drawing!

  54. melissa

    ooh…i’ve been wanting to make thrummed mittens for forever, and now you’ve rekindled that desire. i love the electric blue of the thrums!

  55. Maria

    Your mittens are so great for drab and dreary winter weather. I would love to make some to brighten my day!

  56. Nancy

    I’ve only read about thrummed mittens, but I sure would be willing to give the knitting a try. I just love that blue color, too. You might think northern California is not mitten country, but it sure is right now!

  57. Kimberly

    Your mittens are so cute. I have been wanting to try and make mittens but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  58. kerry

    Ohhhh, those mittens are so cheery and yummy! I have a recently acquired aversion to pure wool and love the idea of being able to make something warm and woolly, without breaking out in hives. Count me in, please!

  59. monica

    I’ve never tried thrummed mittens, but I love love love bamboo! And those colors are pretty, too.

  60. Kate

    Those mittens are beautiful. Thank you for making so clear what ‘thrummed’ meant and some of how it’s done; I’d never really got that before.

    I wish you well to wear them!

  61. Jacinta

    I too can’t wear wool next to my skin, so hurrah for bamboo roving thrummed mittens, they are beautiful!

  62. Katie

    The mittens are gorgeous…that bamboo fiber is amazing in the photos so it must be to die for in real life. Sounds like it makes lovely thrums!

  63. Chriss

    Gorgeous mittens! Great idea with the bamboo… now I no longer need to hold back knitting myself a pair. Well, I won’t after some roving is had. πŸ˜‰

  64. Dawn in NL

    Please include me in the draw. I would love to try thrummed mittens with bamboo, wonderful idea.

    All the best,


  65. Karen S

    How can one not play when you’re offering such goodies! I have no problem what-so-ever in imagening myself sazzying around in such a pair of mitts (the red I think) πŸ˜‰

  66. Emily

    I love your mittens! I’ve actually been looking for a pattern to knit some mittens and how nice would it be to already have the materials to make them. πŸ™‚

  67. hooney

    Let me play! Mittens have been on my mind lately and yours are great. Very vibrant for the dreary winter.

  68. Nina

    Gosh, they are beautiful, such lovely bright colours, just what you need in winter to lift your spirits! I love bamboo, I have bamboo/ cotton towels and even 4 years on they are sooo soft.

  69. A.

    So lovely!

    I’ve been noticing blue & orange combinations a lot lately. If I made a pair, I’d be able to dig up that ancient tracksuit of my dad’s and power walk (no running here!) around Stockholm in ΓΌber co-ordinated style πŸ™‚

  70. amyh

    I’m just amazed that the bamboo thrums hold so tightly. They’re gorgeous, Kathy! I love orange, so it’s not difficult for me to love an orange knit, but your mittens are just lovely.

  71. Arianne

    I’ve never wanted orange and blue ANYTHING this badly EVER.

    Orange and blue were my highschool colours and I hated it (even though I’m a big fan of orange and blue separately), but I LOVE your wool-free thrummed mittens!! And I hope I win.

    Even if I don’t I’m still making orange and blue mittens with thrums!!! πŸ™‚

  72. Annie

    How generous of you! I’d love to make a pair of thrummed mittens, so I’ll throw my name in for a chance to win. Thanks:)

  73. Nicky

    Lovely bold mittens! The colours remind me of Jaffa Cakes (google Mcvities Jaffa Cakes) that we have here in the UK. I imagine I’m out of the running for the draw being non-US but thought would say how nice they looked…

  74. Gina

    Your drawing has forced my to delurk. Love your mittens! The colors are amazing. I definitely need to make some thrummed mittens b/c it’s ridiculously cold right now.

  75. britt

    beautiful. I am going to make some mittens this summer(i don’t do seasonal knitting correctly) maybe I will pick up some roving and try the thrummed version.

  76. denise in c'ville, va

    they are so beautiful — they intimidate and intrigue me. could I really knit those?!?!

    thanks for holding a contest.

    denise f.

  77. Katherine

    Those are just lovely–I heart bright colors but it’s good to be a bit restrained and the bits of the thrums popping through is a good solution. And bamboo fiber is great, it’s so soft!

  78. Marlene

    oooh! oooh! Pick me!! πŸ™‚ I never win anything anyway πŸ˜‰ I love those mittens. They are lovely. Do they block the wind and cold properly?

  79. cathy

    i loved ’em from the moment you teased us with an earlier photo….yes please, count me in for the ingredients! cw

  80. Yael

    I ADORE the color combination. It just looks absolutely delicious!

    Note to self: get over fear of mittens, woman. You’ve delivered two babies and know how to use a semiautomatic rifle. You can DO this.

  81. Lisa

    Mittens, mittens are so fun.

    I can’t wait to see who’s won!

    Love those colors. I envy your ability to go with the color with such gusto. Do color choices/decisions take you a while?

  82. kelly

    well, I don’t even knit but I’d LOVE a kit, just to feel bamboo roving between my own fingers…. before passing the kit on to my sister who CAN knit. Beautiful colors and beautiful mittens!

    oh and congratulations on the wedding! You both look beautiful – and happy!

  83. Misstea

    I’ve seen lots of thrummed mittens lately, and I think I need a pair. It’s 43 below, Celcius, with the windchill this morning.

    Yours are lovely.

  84. Cathy-Cate

    Look at all these comments, wow!

    I am just on my second mitten of my first pair of thrummed mittens and am loving them. These are for ME. My daughters are coveting them and may get their own, but I’m worried that my younger daughter will find them itchy (I don’t think she’s truly allergic to wool, but she has sensitive skin). So I’m putting my name in the hat since it seems you and Amy Singer have found a solution to itch- and allergy-free thrums! I’m surprised the bamboo stays in that well.

    Thanks, Kathy, for sharing! And Happy Mitten-wearing! (Expect you need them about now.)

  85. Jen

    The mitts are utterly fabulous! I need to check out that book. You have a gift for bringing patterns to life! πŸ™‚

  86. Joy

    As usual, your work is amazing! I’d love to enter the contest – I’ve been in love with these mittens since the first time you mentioned them!

  87. Lindsey

    Count me in, please πŸ™‚

    I love how the mittens came out! I’ve been wanting (needing) a new pair of mittens and have been wanting to try out thrumming.

  88. Sarah

    They are gorgeous! I just love the color combination, and I can only imagine how dreamy it must feel to put your hands in those mittens!

  89. penny

    I must say they are gorgeous! The silkiness of the bamboo must make them quite pleasant. The colours are wonderful and since winter finally arrived in Brooklyn, thrummed mittens are definitely on my mind.

  90. Liz

    Every time I opened up your page when you were working on the mittens I drooled all over the screen. That is such a LOVELY colour of blue. Count me in for the drawing. πŸ™‚

  91. Julie

    ‘So Much Yarn, So Little Time’ has a wonderful mitten pattern I would love to try as thrummed! These colors would be beautiful!


  92. Lisa in Toronto

    I would very much like to try knitting thrummed mittens, it is cold here in Toronto this winter!

    thanks for making the contest available!

  93. Cindy

    Beautiful mittens. I made a pair of thrummed mittens for myself out of wool but have to wear cheap, acrylic gloves underneath,(because of the itch factor). I didn’t think about bamboo and cotton, now my wool sensitive daughter can make a pair, and I can make a not-itchy pair for myself. Maybe I should get No Sheep for You for her birthday.

  94. Amber

    I love the contrast on the mittens, I was hoping you’d show us some finished ones soon! Count me in, these are too delicious to not want to make as well! πŸ™‚

  95. Lori Beard

    Wow! So bright and gorgeous! I’d love to try these, especially in the merlot-like color. Pretty!

  96. Jayne

    Wow – those are some gorgeous mitts! Sign me up for the remainders – I’d never have the guts to put those colors together myself!

  97. Meghan

    Those turned out very well! I was always curious about fly aways–I’m glad you were able to come up with a solution to escaping bits of thrums.

  98. LauraJ

    Your mittens came out so well! And perfect for the arctic blast we’re about to get. That blue looks so silky soft it just makes me drool!

  99. Carrie

    What fabulous mittens. I could use some today with the wind chill at -30. Do I need a new wip? I think yes!

  100. Robyn

    Wow – those mitts certainly won’t get lost in the snow! I would love to try my hand at thrumming and bamboo – sign me up! R

  101. Jenni

    Wow, I’ve always poo-pooed thrummed mittens, but like so many comments before mine, your mittens have me intrigued. I think I could actually wear a pair with bamboo thrums. Count me in for the contest!

  102. Rachel

    I’d love to make thrummed mittens. I am wipless now that I’ve finished by knitted digestive system, and these would be perfect for my walk up the hill to class! I agree on the bamboo looking silky yet sturdy, and the blue is great.

  103. Laverne

    Now there is one fun and beautiful project! I even have the book. I was making William St. socks last week that turned into toe up thumbless mittens. (Great for jogging) Maybe I should use a real mitten pattern next time! Congratulations on the nuptuals as well!

  104. Carla

    Hey, count me in! I keep intending to make thrummed mittens and eternally forget to purchase or plan the project. Btw.. when did Elann have touche’? I love that yarn!

  105. not supergirl

    I’ve been admiring these since you first showed them, and I’d love to have a chance to have the materials to make my own pair!

    They look like exactly what we’ve been needing in the midwest lately; it’s been a bit chilly!

  106. Laura

    How fun and exciting! What a great way to start off the new year, with a new technique and a FO! I’d love to try something new…I’m on a yarn diet until I finish some current project, but since I wouldn’t be BUYING the yarn, it wouldn’t count (like sock yarn). πŸ™‚

  107. Whitney

    Count me in for the drawing!!!!! Although you already have 10,000 comments and my chances are slim, I would love to make those mittens to wear when I go back to work in a few weeks πŸ™‚

  108. Phyllis

    ooh! ooh! Pick me! Pick me!!

    Coming out of lurkerdom for this. First, wishing you many years of happiness and contentment with your marriage to Mr. Sweetness.

    Second, please enter me in your drawing.


  109. Michele In Maine

    The K-1 class in my daughter’s school performed Jan Brett’s “The Mitten” this morning, so it’s a good day for mittens! I’d love to be included in the drawing. Orange is my new favorite color!

  110. Kelly

    I just love your thrummed mittens, and you’re the first I’ve ever heard of thrumming so it’s caught my eye (and my mind’s eye, when it wanders) a few times. I must confess, however, that though I tend to not be intimidated by much in the knitting world (I tend to just truck on through new ideas and techniques and not think about whether I can do it or not) thrumming kinda scares me crazy. So fascinating and confusing, even for me! I’d love to try it, but but but…

    So count me in for your draw. If I don’t win, maybe just a few encouraging words/tips?

  111. Beth

    Also coming out of lurkdom. Since you said the winner will be picked at random, I guess there’s no sense in showering you with congratulations on the wedding and general flattery, huh?

    I can’t wait to see what the winner does with the kit!

  112. Kathleen C.

    Oh boy! I never win these things, but I’d love for my name to be entered as well!

    Those are some gorgeous color combinations. You do have a very nice eye for color.

    And a very belated congratulations on your wedding. I just passed my 1st anniversarry last August. Oh, marriage is a good thing..!

  113. Becky

    Oooh, those look so fun! I bet the bamboo roving feels awesome! I’m always impressed when someone takes a risk with bright colors like those, and yours was a definite success.

  114. Dana

    I love those mittens! I’ve been obsessing about mittens all winter now and I’m definitely adding those to my mental list of mitten must-knits.

  115. Kelli

    Oh wow! Can I please be counted into the game? I would LOVE to try making thrummed mittens! I have been putting off making mittens for myself this year just because many of them don’t look warm enough — but THESE look nice and snuggly! I LOVE those colors!!!

  116. Sandra

    Yes please! I love thrummed mitts, but have never tried the bamboo roving.

    And congrats (belated) to you and Mr. Sweetness – you two just look right together.

  117. Lor

    Great mittens! Count me in.

    Also, congratulations on your wedding! You looked beautiful in your wedding dress!

  118. Jen

    Oh…I have been wanting to to this ever since I saw it on YarnHarlot’s post, but thought down in Georgia there isn’t much use for it. I wonder if I could do it in a pair of socks….

  119. genevieve

    loooove those colors. i knit some thrummed slippers as a gift once, but i had a very hard time giving them away. i think i need some thrumm-age of my own

  120. misa

    Holey Moley, those are cute. 275 comments already, I know I have a snowball’s chance in a bamboo grove, but here it goes.

  121. Kandace

    I’ll stop lurking (I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for some time!) for the chance to win the makings for your lovely thrummed mittens. And to say congratulations to you and Mr. Sweetness ; ).

  122. Laura

    Wow I’ve always wanted thrummed mittens but they never seemed practical here in Texas. These look perfect.

    Enter me in the contest. (pick me! pick me!)

  123. Amber

    Ohhh! Those turned out great! I love the orange and blue together. But then the red and blue… they’re both gorgeous. πŸ™‚ I’ve never knit thrummed mittens and never used bamboo fiber, so I would definately be interested in a kit.

  124. Meredith

    Count me in please!!! Those mittens are fantastic. My hands are perpetually ice cold… they would be so happy to dive into that gorgeous bamboo fiber. πŸ™‚

  125. TinaB.

    Not entering the contest!

    I am currently making my own thrummed mittens and love doing it. I come home from work, announce to everyone that I am putting on my thrumming outfit and the family breaks into the official Thrumming Song… (to the tune of the Christmas carol “Little Drummer Boy”). Thrum-thrum thrum thrum! We will make mittens now, oh thrum-thrum thrum thrum!

    Yours are very pretty. Mine are Peace Fleece glastnost gold with cream wool thrums. Very warm.

  126. Catherine

    Wow those are great! I would think the bamboo might be a bit slippery but looks like you have problems. I love the red and blue together. Fabulous!

  127. Laura

    I LOVE your thrummed mittens, and I have a sensitivity to wool on my hands, and it has been -13 degrees F here in the last week (though only -2F here today), so I could really use a pair of warm, non-wool mittens!

  128. elaine

    oooo oooo oooo!

    pick me pick me pick me!

    i could use some fun bright mittens to give me a boost up here in vermont…

    they are beautiful!

  129. Brandy

    OOOOOh pick me pick me oh you sweet little Random Number Generator! I’ve never worked with unspun fiber before, and that blue is too too perfect for me!

  130. karin

    Gorgeous mitts and colour combination!

    I’ll de-lurk to say that I’d LOVE to make a pair of my own πŸ™‚

  131. Teresa

    MMmmmmm, thrummed mittens. They look beautiful, and the colours work great together. I love it when people put vibrant colours together like that.

    Oh so count me in on the contest.

  132. Nic

    I have the book but honestly hadn’t given too much thought to that pattern until I saw your mittens. They’re going in my ravelry queue now!

  133. Deb

    I love the mittens, and have been intrigued with pics of thrummed mittens that have been appearing all over the online knitting world lately. I’d love to try them!

  134. MelissaK

    Those are GORGEOUS! And very intriguing… I was just looking for a birthday gift to knit for a friend…this might be the perfect solution. Well done!

  135. Marisa

    I would love to be entered in the drawing… Always wanted to try thrummed mittens and bamboo sounds just the way to go!! Plus, those are two of my favorite colors there!

  136. Sarianna

    I hope we overseas people can take part in the drawing, because those are some pretty mittens. I might or might not be droolin all over the keyboard.

  137. Lynn in Tucson

    Ooooh…count me in! We’re having a bit of a gray day here and that colorful post cheered me right up.

    (But are you sure that Mr. Sweetness couldn’t use a coordinating pair?)

  138. Abbe

    I love that shock o’ blue. I would love to have a pair of thrummed mittens for that one day every five years it’s cold enough to wear something like that in Texas.

  139. Stephanie M

    I absolutly love the colors! It makes the winter so much brighter! I would have never thought to use bamboo..

  140. Vanessa

    The mittens look absolutely lovely. The bamboo thrums really shine in contrast with the orange yarn. Count me in for the draw.

  141. moiraeknittoo

    So beautiful! The bamboo looks like the blue skies we rarely get to see in the Seattle area during the winter months, and the persimmon color really glows. It’s fantastic!

  142. Lynn

    Count me in for the drawing. I have been wanting to try a pair of thrummed mittens. Yours are great.


  143. All 9 Muses

    The colours are so vibrant they literally strike a colour chord. They practically sing. And despite the deluge of comments you’ve already received, how could I resist. I want me some too!

  144. MichelleinCO

    I’ll join in! Just made my first 2 pair of mittens for my kids, and it was really fun! Not sure I like them for myself, but those would be so warm to wear to the bus stop in the morning. Blue is my favorite color!

  145. Leanne

    I’m definitely in.

    I’ve been wanting to make thrummed mittens for so long and yours are absolutely gorgeous!

  146. Alicia

    Yum! The colors are lovely! Your Thrummed mittens make me want some… cushy squishy just how a mitten should be, here’s for hoping I have luck πŸ˜‰

  147. Jenn

    Well I’ll shamelessly comment! I just made myself a faux-thrummed hat (fingering weight yarn with bulky colourwork done every so often), and absolutely love the effect, and, well, to be absolutely greedy, my mom is allergic to all the critter fibers, and I just know she’d love sone thrummed mittens.

  148. imaknitster2

    Please enter me in your drawing for the thrummed mittens kit. I love to knit mittens and have never tried thrumming. Thanks so much.

  149. Heather

    I love your mitts…Are you an Edmonton Oilers fan? I would also love to be chosen for some yarn…the colour of that bamboo fiber is incredible!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. Julia

    Awesome mittens! No drawing for me, though it’s awfully generous of you. I love wool and I think these should go to someone who needs to use something else!

  151. Linda

    Love the mittens and the blanket. I would like to enter the drawing, either color looks great. Here in San Francisco, we could use warm mittens, very cold for us and we might get snow over the weekend were I live!

  152. Valerie

    Oh wow! Your mittens look gorgeous! I actually made 2 lower halves of thrummed mittens and they’ve been languishing as abandoned UFOs. This inspires me to pick them up again!

  153. Amanda

    I’m in, too! I love the colors – the perfect antidote to a long winter, for sure! I’ve never tried thrummed mittens before, but I’ve wanted to since I saw them in No Sheep For You. πŸ˜‰

  154. Nancy Elbert

    I’d love to be in the drawing for the yarn and bamboo fiber. I bought the No Sheep For You book after seeing the bag you made from it and was wanting to make the thrummed mittens too for my grandchildren. You did a beautiful job and I love your tips for making things come out right. Thanks.


  155. betty

    I would had never thought of knitting thrummed mittens in Barcelona, but they’re so absolutely cute I guess I want them!! And I can use them whenever I go skiing!! πŸ™‚

    Although with 355 comments so far, I’m sceptical. πŸ˜‰

  156. April

    You’re mittens are fabulous, and make me want to make a pair, so count me in. My mom made my sister and I thrummed mittens 20 years ago, before the internet, before knitting was hip, I remember she special ordered the kit through the mail! We wore all the time. I miss my thrummed mittens. I guess it’s time to replace them myself!

  157. Stephanie

    Count me in too! Those are amazing, and look way less itchy than the wool ones I’ve tried on. I love the orange and blue!

  158. Ronni

    Beautiful mittens! I too have never tried thrummed mittens before. Clearly I need to make a pair considering how much I covet that blue bamboo/shiraz combo though so if you please, count me in. I’ll have to make some anyway, they sound so silky and warm to wear.

  159. Jennie

    Ooooh… I’ve been eyeing everyone else’s thrums. These look wonderful (and great alternative for people who can’t stand wool on their wrists — like my mommy!).

  160. Whitney

    Your version is soo pretty. The seem like they would be very warm and soft, such a bonus out of bamboo! Congratulations on your marriage too!

  161. Jessica

    Well, I’ve been trying hard not to catch the thrummed-mitten bug that’s been going around, but I think this beautiful kit might push me over the edge. Please enter me in the drawing for that gorgeous yarn!

    I love your mittens – they are beautiful.

  162. Breanna

    Put my name in the pot! I have seen these mittens all over the Blog world and have been yearning for my own pair! I love the dark red and blue combination very beautiful!

  163. Gwyn

    Count me in on the drawing! Your mittens look awesome and very appealing in this cold weather we’re having.

  164. Gail

    Hi Kathy —

    This is a first for me — I have never commented on a blog before – but I am sitting in a chair with a broken ankle and knitting, knitting, knitting – new techniques, more lace stitches, thankful for the ability to buy more yarn on the internet and for reading your projects and techniques for inspiration. (and by the way, congratulations!)

  165. Seanna Lea

    Ooh, I’ve always wanted to try thrummed mittens (and it will be an excuse to buy a new knitting book). While I love your version with the orange, I’d probably go slightly more sedate with the red.

  166. Denise

    Oooohhh!! How beautiful and soft and squishy looking (makes yarn squishing movement with fingers… palms tingle at imagined softness and smoothness).

    I love your blog!! It’s been an inspiration and incentive to learn to knit. I’m currently making my first sweater, and can’t wait to try mittens(and lace scarves and colorwork). Does that make me an adventurous knitter or a glutton for punishment?

    Congratulations on your marriage! Your coworker was right, the glee should last. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!!! I’ve been married four years now, and life has thrown us lots of ups and downs over that time. But every few days, for no particular reason at all, I’ll look at him and catch my breath and get little stomach flip flops, just like when we first fell in love. I wish you many years of the same!

  167. Amy

    Oh, those are so great. Count me in for the contest. I just love the color and shimmery-ness of that bamboo fiber!

  168. chandra

    lovely, lovely mittens! i would love to be entered in to make some for this freezing chicago weather!

  169. Tom

    Count me in! That blue is amazing.

    On a side note, I’m about to start a ‘scarf with the fir cone border’ for a gran after seeing your beautiful version.

  170. Cassie

    Me! Me! I have been dying to try these since your original post. Wool makes my fingers itchy so these would be perfect!

    Congrats on the wedding btw!

  171. Diane

    Thrummed mittens have been on my “to do” list for quite some time, though I’d stocked up with all wool. I definitely would love to try an alternative route!

  172. Kate

    Gorgeous mittens! That blue is so VIBRANT! I love! And I could use something warm for my poor figers right now!

    Felicitions on your Nuptials! πŸ™‚

  173. Alexandra Walters

    Lovely colors. My husband has such hot hands, but spends all winter on the ski hill. Maybe I should make him some thrums out our silk or soy or bamboo.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  174. Kristine

    What fabulous mittens!! Not only does the orange remind me of my alma mater (Clemson!), it really brightens up a dull winter day! No dreary winter handgear for you! I’d love to have a pair for myself!

  175. kozykitty

    I love the idea of bamboo fibers! That totally eliminates the itch factor! Gorgeous color combination too! Orange is one of my faves! I can just picture these on my cold little hands!

  176. Marsha

    The ‘Shiraz’ is a beautiful colour! and the electric blue just…. glows!

    Mittens – wonderful mittens!

  177. Lolly

    I love the vibrancy of the colors! definitely a great way to brighten a wintry day – and you’ve had a bunch of those in Boston πŸ˜‰

  178. alexa

    Lovely! I’ve made thrummed mittens before, but having seen yours I’d love to try a pair with bamboo thrums

  179. SarahKay

    Lovely colors. While I don’t really need thrummed mittens in NC, I do have family in Montana that would definitely love some toasty warm mittens!

  180. Kimberli

    One word: GORGEOUS!

    I absolutely love the colors-so lovely. I’ve been trying to knit up pair of fair-isle-ish mittens but maybe this is a better pattern-never heard of “thrummed” mittens so must go do a bit of research! I love the look of the dots. And that blue…oh my…very rich looking next to the golden yellow.

  181. Erin B

    I would love a kit…. my mom recently broke her hand and has been having trouble keeping it warm. I am thinking thrummed is the way to go!

  182. Erica

    Oooh, count me in for the drawing, too. I have the book, and I’d love to make the mittens….or spin the bamboo. ;-D

    BTW, congrats on the wedding. Marriage is the best roller coaster ride EVAH!

  183. Lori

    I would’ve never thought about thrumming without wool, but what a great idea! I’d better pick up that book! I love the colors you chose!

    Enter me please!

  184. Pauline

    I would love to be included in the draw! My daughter hates all things wool, but wants handknits all the same! Would these be warm in Northern Ontario, Canada where we are getting a high today of minus 22 celsius (= -8 farenheit)

  185. heather

    Beautiful! (oh, and congrats on the wedding)Please count me in my new knitting wool allergic sister would love a pair of these. Thanks for your generosity!

  186. Natalie

    Great mittens – so happy & bright for the dreary weather of winter. I’d love to have my own pair! And congrats on the recent nuptials.

  187. Jessica K.

    Those mittens are just the thing to keep your fingers toasty until May, when it might warm up in Cambridge!

  188. Miriam

    I would love to try making a pair of these mittens, and to try bamboo both at the same time. Your mittens are yummy looking.

  189. gina

    very nicely done! i have thought about making myself some… winters in Minnesota are cold, especially lately (the past week has barely crawled above zero!). fun colors πŸ™‚

  190. Elizabeth S

    Your mittens are gorgeous! I’m really curious about what the bamboo roving feels like.

    I’d like to enter the contest too please πŸ™‚

  191. Beth in Seattle

    Wow – look at all of these comments. I love the gold/organge and blue colors together. Cheery.

  192. Janice Walsh

    I love the mittens and want to make some too. It’s awesome that you offer to share. Please include me in the drawing.

  193. Beverly

    I was thinking about your thrummed mittens the other day and wondering if you had finished them. Such an interesting technique. I love your color choice.

  194. Dawne

    They’re beautiful inside and out! Blue and gold were my high school colours … would’ve matched perfectly with my cheerleading uniform … about 22 years ago! I live in Canada and we actually wore mittens when cheering for the hockey team at ice rinks πŸ™‚

  195. Emily

    I mostly lurk here, but have to comment for your contest! My girlfriend just lost the handknit mittens I made her earlier this winter – her bag was left in a taxicab after our vacation! I’d sure love to make such scrummy thrummed mittens as a replacement. So gorgeous!

  196. betsy

    Okay… those mittens are going to drag me out of lurkerdom to comment (though, I was close on the wedding announcement…congrats!). I didn’t even notice the pattern in No Sheep for You but yours look great (and toasty).

  197. Lyssa

    me me! please count me in for the drawing! πŸ™‚

    the colors are STUNNING! and the only time i tried spinning was bamboo fibre, because it was just that silky!

    the blue with the yellow? is phenominal. the blue with the RED?! would be georgeous (excuse me, persimmon and shiraz – i’ll never get used to using color names! πŸ™‚

  198. Natasha

    Thrummed mittens! I’ve been wanting to try them for ages, but just haven’t started them…this draw might be the final impetus. Here’s hoping!

    Yours are beautiful, by the wa

  199. Anna Marie

    Love the mittens and the colors! I just made my first pair of mittens and love how the thrumming looks. Is it complicated? It would be great to try something new! Please count me in for the drawing!

  200. Kim

    You already had a perfect start to the year – wedding and honeymoon! Beautiful mittens! I’d be honored to get a kit to make some like them.

  201. Elisa

    Also I find the mittens beautiful! And you inspired me to try make a pair of my own (still in progress due to a certain dress and a hoodie), so thank you! I will post more photos of my finished silk-thrummed mitts (!!!) later in my blog!

  202. Teresa

    I bet those colors would make beautiful socks too. Your webpage is so inspiration – without you I might never have learned to knit lace!

  203. anne

    I just love that blue! I wasn’t inspired to make thrummed mittens before but, after reading your posts about them, I definitely am now!

  204. Louise

    Those are gorgeous! Congratulations, I’d love to try thrummed mittens, please count me in. I’m sure they’d be great for keeping out the Scottish cold, and would look fantastic doing it! Good luck on the next project, thanks!

  205. Kelley Green

    I was just showing my husband and saying, “I really must make a pair of these for the children.” I suspect I could get two child-sized pair out of it, yes? Thanks for being so generous.

  206. Sarah

    Oooh, I’d love to have a go at this. Another reader from the UK, not sure if I’m eligible, but wanted to say these look great, very inspiring!

  207. Kat

    Wow! I think this may be the most comments I’ve seen on a blog post… but count me in too! (I’ve been envying thrummed mittens for a while… maybe I’ll finally get around to making some now!).

  208. Elisabeth

    What cheery mittens for cold winter days! I just recently started carrying around a felted bag that I normally reserve for summer because it has such cheery, bright colors that really perk you up during the below zero days we’ve been having. I have even gotten several comments as I have been going in and out of Menards and other such places that I have a very pretty bag. People really take notice of summery colors when winter hits! I imagine that you might have some admirers of those mittens whenever nasty weather comes through.

  209. duni

    these are so cool and just my colors (and perfect to combat the wool allergy, too)! i looked for the bamboo thrumming on my vacation and couldn’t find it anywhere. thanks for letting us know the details. can’t wait to see who wins the goods!

  210. Rebecca

    I love the contrast between the orange and the turquoise!

    Your first post about the mitts was perfect timing for me since I was fighting with a pair of thrummed mitts for my mom. I frogged those three times before I finally finished them and now I want a pair for myself!

  211. Jennifer

    I love the way the persimmon/blue came out, but the shiraz/blue combo looks great too. I want in for the drawing, please!!!!

  212. Katrina Taylor

    Happy wedding and I hope that your marriage is as filled with laughter and love as mine has been.

    That blue silk makes me drool. I am not so much a fan of blue in general but that is lucious. I would love to win the kit just for that. I have the book and needles, courage is what I need.

    Your first finshed object is a great start to the New Year.


  213. Karen

    I just love those mittens! Here in Wisconsin, we could always go for warmer and softer mittens. And no wool? These are perfect! So count me in!

  214. raquel M.

    I live in Miami, but you never know when you are going to need a good pair of mittens!!!!!


  215. Mandy

    Ooh, count me in! Your mittens are just beautiful – I have to get that book back out… as if I need another project (like that’s ever stopped me) πŸ˜‰

  216. Kassandra

    Those mittens are gorgeous! Is the bamboo roving as warm as wool? Congratulations on your recent marriage. Please count me in on the drawing.

  217. knitalie

    Count me in!! Those are fabulous mittens. They would definitely keep me warm here in eastern Canada. The colour combo is one of my faves. Nice first FO of the year.

  218. Doris

    I love the colors you pick…you have a great eye. I’d love to try mittens, and those look like fun to wear!

  219. Katerina

    Your mittens look literally good enough to eat, inside and out! Orange and blue is also one of my favourite combinations. Enjoy them, and the ray of sunshine they bring with them!

  220. yarnsnob

    Those look fab! I tend to like boring dull colors but your right about the popping colors, very cheery. Warm me up! it’s cold in here in Chicago, um maybe 0 degrees today, gosh, I could really use some thrummed mittens.

  221. Elizabeth

    You know, I wouldn’t have thought those colors would go together (any of them honestly – I’m a tonal kind of gal). But I have to say, they’re absolutely beautiful. The blue with the sort of goldenrod color is amazing.

  222. Maya

    Lovely colors! I’ve been meaning to make mittens like these ever since I saw a pattern for them in IK’s ‘Folk Mittens’ book that I bought years and years ago, only I wasn’t sure where to get the roving to do it. Folk Mittens is a great book, BTW, I’m not sure why everyone seems to dis it so much…

  223. Juliet

    Oooh, I’d like to make my own pair of wool-free thrummed mittens.

    Thanks for having a contest!

    And congrats, again!

  224. Kristi ~ Ohio

    I love your mittens. They look so soft. Count me in the drawing. Thanks…and congratulations on your marriage. Kristi πŸ™‚

  225. Rachel McDonald

    I’ve been coveting a pair of thrummed mittens since I first learned of them, though I have little need for them here in So Cal and I am hyper sensitive to wool, so I never knew what I’d do until I saw yours! I’ve been drooling over the color and fiber combo and I’d LOVE this kit! Sign me up! : )

    p.s. Congrats of the wedding! : )

  226. Marin

    Oh, look at all those who have gone before me.

    Yet, hope lingers on.

    I’d *love* to make a pair of sunny-bright thrummed mittens!

  227. Mary

    Those mittens are so much fun, they are sure to melt away the winter gloom!

    Fingers crossed that I get to make my own pair!

  228. Mary

    Such cute mittens! They almost make me wish I lived somewhere with an actual winter…good thing gift knitting is also fun.

  229. Chelle

    Your thrummed mitts are beautiful! I’ve been drooling over that pattern in No Sheep for a while now. I’d love to be entered into the contest because a kit would making my drooling turn into an actual pair of mitts!

  230. Audrey

    I loved the colors you picked, and also the mittens look really warm. I think this is amazingly generous of you. Please include me.

  231. Moriah

    Your mittens are beautiful! I love how bright and cheerful the color combination is! Please count me in for you amazingly generous raffle.

  232. Lisa

    I have wanted to make these forever and you just happen to be giving away the very colors I would have chosen, what luck!

  233. Meredith

    Your mittens are beautiful, and those thrums look positively delightful. Please count me as one of the clamoring hoard who’d like a chance to knit her own!

  234. Becky

    Yay! Sign me up for a chance to win. Congrats on the recent marriage. He looks so nice and your wedding pictures were lovely. Enjoy being a newly wed!

  235. Jessica

    Looking at those mittens has made me realize that I desperately need a pair of thrummed mittens just like yours! I especially love the bright yellow. Can I be entered into the drawing?

    I know everyone else has said it too, but Congrats on your wedding. I got married last August, and I never tired of hearing Congratulations, so I hope you don’t mind my saying it again.

  236. Alison L

    Gorgeous! Those mittens may stop my current lace kick: I’m nearly done with a second Swallowtail Shawl in cashmere and possibly a Sea Silk melon scarf next.

  237. Suzanne

    I love the Vivid Colors!! I’ve been looking at doing those mittens since you first posted them. They look absolutely yummy! Count me in for the drawing!

  238. Suzanne

    I love the Vivid Colors!! I’ve been looking at doing those mittens since you first posted them. They look absolutely yummy! Count me in for the drawing!

  239. Cathy

    The colors you choose for the mittens reflect your happiness!! Congratulations on your new marriage! Much happiness is wished for you and your new husband! I would love to try a new technique (thrummed)!

  240. Grace

    I also have never tried thrummed mittens. I knitted my first stranded mitten (bird in hand) and I loved learning 1. how to knit a mitten and 2. stranding. I would love to learn something new! Thanks for offering this up to all of us out here in blogland!

  241. chancy

    Double wow! First wow for those great mittens; second wow, for how many responses you’ve gotten. What’s one more person in the running. I totally want the kit.

  242. charli

    You certainly know how to get comments, don’t you!

    I’ve been wondering about thrummed mittens ever since Harlot posted about them years ago. IIt was the first I’d ever heard of “fiber” that wasn’t already yarn.

  243. Allison

    I love making thrummed mittens, but I’ve never used bamboo! Yours are gorgeous! I’d love the kit!

  244. Beth

    You totally rock.. I’ve started out my 2008 knitting with smallish projects, petal baby bibs, a baby bolero (my SIL’s are promising me a cute niece or nephew by 2010.. I’m starting early.).. because they are small and fast and so rewarding.

  245. Sheila

    They are gorgeous. I can only imagine how fabulous they feel to wear.

    And Congratulations to you and bridegroom. You look so very happy together.

  246. Amy

    I’ve never commented before but really enjoy reading about all your projects. Had to put in for the drawing since mittens are my new favorite thing to knit. And it’s so VERY cold where I live right now that I could really use some really warm mittens!

  247. Tracey


    I’m so thrilled there’s another person out there who didn’t think twice to take her knitting on her honeymoon. I took mine….and was teased by family and friends. Luckily I also married a man who understands that I’m a knit-a-holic. God bless him!

    Please put my name in the hat too!

  248. Hannah

    Oh wow. those mittens are fantastic. and really, I love bamboo yarn. Love it. I think I’d knit exclusively in bamboo if I could afford it. So very soft… and sustainable πŸ™‚

  249. Liz

    I’ve never thrummed before, but I have been having a strong hankerin’ to try after having seen everyone’s thrummed stuff online lately! Liz

  250. Debbie

    I’ve been thinking about thrummed mittens for a while, but am very intimidated by them. Yours are beautiful, I love the colors that you chose. I love the blue color of the bamboo, blue is my ‘signature color’. BTW, congrats on tying the knot!!!!

  251. Kate

    I’m so jealous of your 2008 FO – I am still about half way done with mine. I’d love to be entered in your drawing. πŸ™‚

  252. Leslie

    Man, that’d be a lovely project; I might even just spin the fiber and thrum with something else πŸ˜‰ Lovely mittens in any case, and so glad you could get in on the thrumming goodness.

  253. Mandy

    Ooooh, count me in! I’m on a yarn diet for the year, but I’m able to win yarn and fiber…;) Your mittens look beautiful and cozy! Great color combination!

  254. Liz

    Hey Grumperina- delurking both for the contest and to tell you your wedding photos were beautful- I am getting married soon and seeing your photos got me so excited all over again!

  255. Aviva

    Holy cow!!! 600+ comments! Well my chances of winning are slim but I will give it a shot and de-lurk for a chance at that lovely fiber and yarn!



  256. Steph F.

    Oh wow, those are the most unique mittens I have ever seen. Love the color combination and pattern!

  257. KathyB

    I left my thrummed mittens behind when I moved to California. It’s COLD this winter, but not cold enough for wooly thrums… Bamboo would do the trick admirably…

  258. Carole

    Your thrummed mittens are really beautiful! The orange and blue are just perfect together! I’d love to enter the drawing!

  259. Julia

    The mittens are fantastic! just the thing one needs to look at in all these grey winter days πŸ™‚

    I wonder if I’m still making it to the drawing (I don’t really know the actual time difference between us and I don’t want to look it up) πŸ™‚ I know the chances to win are slim, but you never know πŸ™‚ count me in!

  260. Jomy

    I love those mittens!

    The colors really, really pop!!

    When I make stuff for my hands and feet, I always knit them considerably densely. I think I heard or read somewhere that your hands and feet are some of the places where heat is lost the most.

  261. Jane

    I would love to try thrummed mittens.

    Also, I just recently found your blog (through Ravelry) and I think you have some of the most beautiful knitted things. Now, you are bookmarked!


  262. Becky

    Being a relatively new knitter, I’ve never seen such a thing and am now totally mesmerized! The thrums really stay in? Forever?

  263. Sarah

    Oh I want these! Your mittens are so beautiful, and I live in Canada and it’s freezing right now, and I’m in law school and just pulled an all-nighter working on a stupid factum for moot court, and all I want to do is knit! Please random generator, pick me!

  264. Mary

    What eye-popping mittens! And great colors, too! Enter my comment in the drawing. I am also curious to learn what a thrum is or what thrumming means.


  265. Sharon T

    Thrummed mittens are so toasty and yours are bright enough to make anyone like winter. Thanks for the generous contest, please count me in!

  266. tammy

    i don’t think you could have picked a prettier color of blue to go with either of those colors! contests are always awesome, count me in tooooo! πŸ˜€

  267. Sophie

    These colours are so vibrant and I’ve never made thrummed mittens – or any mittens for that matter. Please count me in!

  268. Sarah

    Your thrummed mittens look awesome! I’ve been dying to make a pair! I hope I can make ones as nice as yours… but wait a second, isn’t your new hubby going to have cold hands?!

  269. Jena (the yarn harpy)

    Oooh… gorgeous! I’ve been thinking about making thrummed mittens for a while, but wasn’t sure how much the fiber would get caught on my engagement and wedding rings. Count me in on the drawing, please? Maybe I will make some. πŸ™‚

  270. annemarie

    never seen so many comments in my life! must be b/c your thrummed mittens are so awesome… count me in! πŸ™‚

  271. Dibble

    OMG – A chance to try a new fiber and technique for free! The knitting gods are smiling.

    Count me in(terested) the drawing.

  272. CJ

    I too am allergic to wool. Living in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada means mittens are a must. They are just soooo much warmer than gloves! I just knit my first pair of mittens, with a flap top. I haven’t worked with Bamboo yet so I’d love the opportunity.

  273. Mel

    Oh what the heck, count me in for the drawing! Free yarn is always good and I get the bonus of trying a new technique and working with fiber. I am a fearless knitter! πŸ™‚

    PS. Congrats on the marriage! Ain’t it grand? πŸ™‚

  274. Steph

    I’m commenting and crossing my fingers! I love how the wine colored yarn and blue bamboo go together. Your mittens are beautiful by the way. They look like they’d be divine to slide ones hands into.

  275. Mergle

    Congratulations! I’m another faithful lurker sneaking in for a chance at mittens just under the wire. (11:44 am)

  276. tracy

    gorgeous!!! i want some now too. those wont be very useful here in central texas, but, boy will they when i move to colorado in a couple of months!!!!

  277. Marjolein

    I do lke that electric blue, so pretty. Nice all over and woul dwork in Sweden as well (hope that that is not too far…)

  278. Heather

    Ok… I would LOVE to make a pair of these… I’m in Winnipeg, Canada where it’s been -47 Celsius with the wind chill for the last week. I hope that in itself will give me luck of the draw!

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