So wooly!

Nadia and I have something in common – we’ve both got some blue bamboo roving and orange cotton yarn to pet. Well, Nadia will have hers in a few days, but you know what I mean. Congratulations, Nadia!!! The random number generator picked you, and I hope you enjoy your vegan thrummed mitten kit!

And in a complete turnaround, my next project uses the wooliest, stickiest, sheepiest yarn I’ve ever touched!

This is Norwegian 3-trรฅds strikkegarn av ren ny ull (3-ply knitting yarn, pure new wool?) produced by Raumagarn. It is the stuff included in Judy’s Colors Red Velvet Christmas stocking kit, and it’s even woolier than the Dale of Norway Heilo I used for my Kristen hat. The yarn strands stick to each other without any prompting, and frogging is like separating Siamese twins!

Not that I’ve had to do much frogging. The pattern is very clearly written, and I’m enjoying the simple colorwork on a single circular needle (Boye US 4, 16″). I’m keeping the coral color dominant throughout (don’t pull a Claudia – know your yarn dominance!).

I know – it’s seriously ridiculunk. Such woolines, a month after Christmas, a holiday which I don’t even celebrate. But ever since I saw these stockings… you know how it is.

A few darling friends recently told me that I make their day. Awww, thanks, guys! And although I’m not much of a meme-er, I’m always game for one which is specific to knitting.

Plus, I really want to return the sentiment. Remember when everyone was a Rockin’ Girl Blogger? Well… I missed being tagged (pout), so now I’m making sure to tag a few of my bloggy loves. I’ve seen a few different variations of the rules, but I’ll stick to this one: “Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.”

(in alphabetical order)

100% Pura Lana My #1 favorite Finnish knitting blog. Love the colors of all the projects!

Domesticat Jealousy of the view from the rooftop deck + colorful knitting projects = bloggy love.

Karma Kitties I can’t get enough of little June, especially when she’s wearing handknits. Is it just me, or is that kid always ridiculously happy?!?

Knitting Daily Sandi Wiseheart handles reader questions with utmost grace – total respect. Plus the galleries of gals wearing real handknits are totally kick-ass.

Mari I’ve loved Mari’s blog forever, and her recent hook-up with the the purl bee has only enhanced the diverse scope of projects featured on her blog.

Mustaa Villaa My #1 favorite Finnish knitting blog. Love the colors of all the projects! What?!? I can’t have two #1 favorite Finnish blogs? Also, I like trying to pronounce mustaa villaa…. must-aaaaaaaaaaa, vill-aaaaaaaaaa.

nikki nimble needles Nikki doesn’t have a blog (as far as I know), so I subscribe to her Flickr feed and enjoy her gorgeous yarns and projects that way.

Now Norma Knits When I came back from my holiday, I had 17 posts to read from Norma alone. Will Norma ever shut up? No. And that is why I love her. Also, Norma doesn’t do memes. Ever! Unless she wants to. Just like me :).

Stash, knit, repeat Everything Amy knits is a winner! Her blog is gorgeous all over, as is her little redhead Jacob.

Tiennie knits Who doesn’t love matching socks, hats, headbands, and fingerless gloves for the whole family?!? One day Tiennie’s entire family will be all dressed alike in her handknits. It will be awesome!

Ladies, thank you for making my day! I read your posts with much pleasure :).


23 thoughts on “So wooly!

  1. fingerferdig

    Your Norwegian is flawless ๐Ÿ™‚ and the translation is correct. Good luck with the sheepy wool. It’s nice for colourwork, but as you say; very hard to frog.

  2. Norma

    LOL. It was only my superior intellect (stop laughing) that made me understand your cryptic comment on my blog. Hahahahaahahah. Hooboy, but I’m honored. Seriously! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Guro

    Those stockings are going to come out great. And just so you know, Raumaull’s yarns soften up a whole lot when washed. It’s amazing, barbed wire into butter… (Not really, but almost). Not that that is really a consern in an x-mas stocking.

  4. Grace

    Hi! I just got one of those kits to knit up a stocking for my niece! I love wooly yarns, and am totally excited to knit this up. I am relatively new to stranded knitting but am enjoying it immensely! Your stocking looks lovely so far.

  5. Helene

    Aahh… my precious!

    I worked at Rauma for over 8 years, and this is one of my favourite yarns. A real sturdy workhorse yarn ๐Ÿ™‚

    The reason for it’s wooliness is that it’s made from Norwegian wool (no soft merino around here), and it’s carded. Most modern knitting yarns are combed, wich makes it softer.

  6. Heather

    Tiennie’s blog makes my day too. I’m always so happy to see that she has posted.

    The stocking is beautiful, I don’t do enough colourwork, it’s so much fun!

  7. Sarah

    Yay Raumagarn! I inherited a giant bag full, aged 40 years, and want to make a 1920’s-style Fair Isle sweater out of it. Ah, the pure carded wooly goodness. Judy’s stocking kits are *gorgeous*.

  8. Elisa

    Hi! I finally finished the thrummed mitts inspired by yours…theyยดre not all that nice as the ones you made, but lovely still ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. tiennie

    This is one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me – thanks! I feel the same way about your blog and I’ve left you a little award on my blog too. BTW – I totally think you’re rockin’!

  10. Seanna Lea

    I love seeing all the beautiful colorwork that has been popping up on blogland. It’s the inspiration I need to try my hand at it this year (I feel like I’ve been saying this for a long time, but it’s not even February yet).

  11. Kimberly

    I found your blog through someone else’s……I actually thought that was swedish you wrote, yes it’s correct but the reason i thought swedish? Because I have lived in sweden for 2 years (home only 6 months) swedish and norwegian are quite alike….anyways LOVE the pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Kimberly

    Nice pattern!!! and great translation too.. I actually thought it was Swedish instead of Norwegian because i just moved back from living in sweden for 2 years and the language between the two countries is almost identical.

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