Hammock knitting

Swinging in the hammock, knitting something mindless, savoring every minute of my honeymoon…

… before you know it, there’s a pile of cotton fabric all knit up!

I’ve seen so many of you put together small, innocent mitered squares into gorgeous blankets and bedspreads. I admired you, but didn’t take any further action – pretty, but not for me. That is until I saw Mari’s gorgeous Jamaica Baby Blanket. The smaller size and random bursts of color spoke to me, and the contrast edging sealed the deal.

I bought four skeins of Katia Jamaica (color 4000), carefully read Mari’s notes and modifications, consulted the actual pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting, looked over Kay’s No-Sew Mitered Square Blanket tutorial, and at the end… what came off my needles was a whole new variation.

I wish I had some concrete reasons for my modifications, but it came down to: casting on on the Mass Pike, trying to sort through the decreases the night before the wedding, figuring out a way to reduce the number of ends and seams on a (very) early morning flight… you get the idea.

Like Mari, my miters are smaller (worked over 55 sts) and I attached them together as I knit them. But I have a centered double-decrease running diagonally across, and the order in which I attached one square to the previous one is different. I knit four squares like the one above using one skein of yarn for each. So, at the end, I will have only one “enclosed square”, dead center in the middle of the blanket.

For the most part, Katia Jamaica behaved beautifully: I had to intervene in the natural sequence of colors only once. I did find a single knot in every skein of yarn, however. Since I was already weaving in all ends as I went along, I didn’t let the knots get me down.

With blankets and throws, I like to make the back side look as attractive as possible, and I think weaving ends as I knit along made everything neat and tidy.

Seaming and attaching the border would have been (mentally) impossible on my holiday, even if I had finished all the squares (I hadn’t). Those tedious tasks will have to be completed right here at home, and without a hammock to boot!


37 thoughts on “Hammock knitting

  1. Michelle

    Oh I so want to try that yarn. I love the mitered blanket so far! Spring is on the way! Oh wait, it is time for the dreaded question, are you ready for it?


    How’s married life?

  2. Amy

    I am so jealous of your hammock. And your patience for knitting all those individual square, but especially the hammock.

  3. Laura M.

    The title of this post made me think for a second that you were knitting a hammock — instead of knitting while in a hammock! 🙂

    I like the thick and thin striping of the yarn as well as the colors. I also like the way you have arranged the miters.

  4. tina

    What a wonderful project! And wonderfully creative especially while “in the throes of BRIDE”=== ack! I really love the yarn, the colors are so cheery and your modifications are great.

    Just imagine that lovely hammock, you’re still freshly newlywed and all things are definitely possible!

  5. eli

    And here I thought you were knitting a hammock! I suppose a crochet hook would be more appropriate for that, though. The blanket’s looking great!

  6. Jam

    I’m making a blanket much like this for my gran. I’m making it with my mum, so we picked the domino style because it’s easy to do separately and then work together and I’d already done a couple things using that technique before. It does make a nice product, springy and warm.

  7. Distant Knitter

    Congrats on your marriage! I haven’t been here for a while so first I thought you were kidding with the honeymoon part… 🙂

    I loved Mari’s blanket too, and yours looks great as well!

  8. Julia

    That hammock photo looks so relaxing. Sounds like the honeymoon was awesome. I really like your mitered blanket, and the one that inspired it. I’m fearing that I may end up finding myself knitting squares! Aye, aye, aye!

  9. Lara

    Love it! I really like that there will be one complete square in the middle, and the others will look almost like feathers or scales moving outward from it.

    I also love that your ring is so prominent in the first photo. Perfect for a honeymoon knitting photo.

  10. kaet

    those colors are so perfect for this time of year to off set the winter blahs! and look how nice your rings look with yarn wrapped around your fingers! 🙂

  11. Mari

    I love the colour! It would work well for a baby girl or a boy, and the lime green adds a bit of edge to it. Nice job! Now I’m really curious about what you are going to do with the border….

  12. Tina

    The color way of the blanket is absolutely beautiful, they are my favorite colors. And the swinging in the hammock sounds so relaxing.

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