Putting together a sweater

A little write-up from yours truly:

Oh, the irony! A self-proclaimed non-sweater knitter shares her tips for… putting together a sweater! If you’ll allow me, I’ll cite my long-ago-finished sweaters in my list of qualifications, even though it’s been many months since I’ve actually knit a sweater.

The article (four pages!) describes the process of putting together a sweater – how to get something wearable from a front, a back, and two sleeves. Although the techniques are certainly mentioned – like mattress stitch and fake grafting – the focus of the article is broader in its scope. For example, if you’ve ever wondered about selvedges and how they can impact your seaming, this article may be of interest to you :).

And of course the issue is chock full of interesting and fun patterns – see for yourself! Some of my favorites:


New Wyoming by Lisa Shroyer, Quicksilver Bag by Norah Gaughan, and American Safari Hoodie by Amy King


22 thoughts on “Putting together a sweater

  1. Kelly

    Congrats! I can’t wait to get it. It sure is loaded with patterns. I wish I could run out and get it right now!

  2. Julia

    Congrats Kathy! I have no doubt it is a wonderful article – sweater knitter or not – you know your knit! Merry, happy, etc. to you and yours. xox, J

  3. Kathy

    Thanks so much for writing this great article! After I saw it mentioned on your blog I picked up a copy and read through it today, it was awesome! Very, very helpful!

  4. Jennifer

    The irony is great. However, regardless of what you call yourself, I’ve found all your instructions to be well thought out and easy to understand. While I don’t usually buy this magazine, I will for the article.

  5. gigi

    hey – what a great article!

    the pattern for the vest caught my eye too – i’m definitely going to make it

    congrats on a fine article, grumpster

  6. eightoclock

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve ordered the issue. It would have been the first knitting magazine I ever bought, except that I looked for it at my local store first and ended up buying a VOGUEknitting. So, it’s my second one. 🙂

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