This weekend, instead of working on an ever-growing number of WIPs, I knit a little moo happiness.

Kit: “Born in a Barn” Holstein Cow by Crafty Alien.

Needles: Clover bamboo straights, US 10. The knitting needles and a regular sewing needle were the only things I needed besides the kit.

Finished size: about 4″ tall.

Not much of a back story to this one! Saw it on the Woolcott blog, had to have the one with the udder (of course), bought it the next day, and set everything aside to make a little moo cow! Bonus: the thing is small enough to warrant hand-felting, which I enjoy because you get to participate in every stage of the process.

It’s adorable! Enjoy its intactness before The Beast gets to it!


62 thoughts on “Moo.

  1. Artsygal

    Oooh.. I’m at the same time overloaded with cuteness… and yet just looking at that with a ‘huh’ look on my face. I have a feeling some day I will knit one of those though!

  2. Aubra

    My god. The cuteness has latched onto my nervous system. Seizure to follow.

    …am I the only one who is entranced by the udders?

  3. Kristen

    of all of the animals, I think the cow is the one that has the greatest potential to look un’disgruntled. (I will not buy this; nor will I consider the possibility that it should be knit with purple wool to best resemble my former class mascot….)

    I think the linked kitty post is one of my all time favorite blog posts; I just wish it was easier to see the polydactyl’ish’ness!

  4. Samantha

    Oh, the fox! And the lobster! And and and!! I knew I shouldn’t have let the boyfriend talk me out of going to Woolcott on Sunday. I’m getting some this week.

  5. Sarah

    So cute! Especially the little udder!

    Am I the only one who’s a little disturbed, however, by the fact that the cow has no legs?

  6. andrea

    love the cow! i’ve wanted to make things from crafty alien for so long, but always seem to forget when looking for a new project.

    thanks for the reminder!! =)

  7. Jenn

    I love Crafty Alien’s stuff! I have all her patterns. I’ve done the knitting on several, but am trying to find a way around the hand felting. It hurts my hands too much to try the felting. 🙁

  8. Marie

    WARNING EXTREME CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I finally found something my 14 yo daughter will love.

  9. Kristy

    OMG! That is adorable. I took a look at the rest of the kits on that website and I have to say the clam is a close second to the cow. SO CUTE!

  10. Debbie

    How to get someone to de-lurk? Post the most awful cutest!!! picture. The udder is sweet. I literally swooned when I saw the little moo moo. Great photo technique.

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