Bamboo thrums

This must be the softest stuff I have ever touched:

It’s like the precious softness of a newborn baby’s head.

It’s like the softest depths of a kitty’s belly.

And, no, I haven’t developed an interest in spinning. But when I saw the Midwest-Style Thrummed Mitts in No Sheep for You, it was a must-have situation. Cotton mitts with silk roving thrums – absolutely brilliant!

Unfortunately, I found the prices of silk roving a little hard to handle on a student’s budget. Instead, Lucy at Mind’s Eye Yarns hooked me up with some 100% bamboo roving, which I think is even better! Let’s see… anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, breathable, and a renewal resource. And based on the vibrant colors I saw in the shop, it holds dye exceptionally well.

I decided to pair this rich turquoise-blue fiber with an orange yarn, a cotton blend called Touché from Berroco. You may remember this yarn from some shadow knitting attempts that didn’t result in anything. But I think the thrummed mittens are a perfect use for it!

And the inside of the mitten? Oooo, I wish you could slip your hand into the bamboo-y goodness! The fiber is very smooth and silky, so some strands invariably get stuck between fingers and in jewelry. But the softness is divine!


58 thoughts on “Bamboo thrums

  1. Kathy

    WOOOOOOWWWW! BEE-UUUU-TI-FULLLLL! I love it! Have fun wearing them too! What a nice treat to have all that lovely softness next to your hands to help keep them warm!

  2. Anna

    Those are some gorgeous mittens! I love the vibrant blue. My husband and daughter bought me 3 balls of a bamboo blend yarn for Christmas, and it’s one of the softest yarns I’ve ever felt.

  3. Anna

    I’m going to go slightly counter to most of the comments – I love that orange yarn. I’ve used Berroco Touché for baby projects. It comes in such nice colors, and the finished fabric is something you just want to rub against your face. (That’s generally my benchmark for whether or not I want to work with a yarn again.)

    It goes without saying, of course, that that bamboo is gorgeous.

  4. Diane in Chico

    The colors are beautiful – jewels pop out – very nice!

    One comment about bamboo… it’s not particularly warm, which is perfect for California. You might save these for above freezing weather when the sun can dance on the colors.

    PS: I used Knitter’s Logic on a pair of Cat Bordhi socks and had to rip out :-/

  5. Heide

    I’m enthralled with the striking colors of your thrummed mittens. I’ve had a pair of these on my “to-do” list for some time, but several UFO’s must take precedence so the New Year can be started off with a clean knitting slate. Cheers!

  6. kelly

    The yarn store near me has some spinning supplies and for some reason they have free samples of bamboo roving. I’ve been carrying some around in my bag for about a year now, it’s SO SOFT!

  7. Alisha

    I don’t think I ever would have thought to use those two colors together, but they are supremely beautiful together. And it looks sooooo soft! I might have to give those thrummed mittens a try. They always look so warm!

  8. Julia

    You are about to start another sensation – I can feel it! There will be bamboo-thrummed mittens everywhere. This is a great gift idea for my in-laws, who are allergic to wool, so no doubt I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon, even if it doesn’t materialize until next Christmas. Hope your holidays were excellent!

    xox, J

  9. Elizabeth

    Ooh – those colors are beautiful. It never occurred to me to use a plant fiber for thrummed mittens. I’ll have to make my vegan buddy a pair!

  10. Marlena

    That is an inspired color combo!I have a pair of thrummed mittens that I like, but now that I’ve seen the possibility of a bamboo lining, they suddenly seem a little less alluring.

  11. Seanna Lea

    I love how vivid and bright these colors are. I’m not sure if I will ever make thrummed mitts, but I would love to just play with the bamboo roving (though I’m not a spinner so I don’t know what I’d do with it).

  12. Debbie

    Love ’em! I was curious, too, if the bamboo (or even if the silk) would tend to slip out? I love the Touche as well.

  13. Rebecca

    Wow. I love those mittens. I really want to try knitting thrum mittens.

    Totally unrelated but- I am knitting some Jaywalker socks but I would like to use size 2 needles instead of size1. I was wondering if there was a way to downsize the pattern. Thank you.

  14. Charles "The Knitter"

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  15. Merry Gentlemen

    I was wondering something. Usually, thrums are held in by felting. How do you think that vegetable fibers will do with keeping the thrums in place? It certainly is beautiful, though.

  16. Elisa

    Those mitts are beautiful! You inspired me to try make a pair of my own…only started today, though, hopefully I´ll have something ready in a week or so 🙂

  17. Elisa

    Those mitts are beautiful! You inspired me to try make a pair of my own…only started today, though, hopefully I´ll have something ready in a week or so 🙂

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