The pleats have drifted

Publicizing my love for scarves reminded me to do an update on some of my current scarf projects.

I know the first few inches of the Drifting Pleats scarf from Knitting New Scarves looked really scary and uncomfortable, but trust me when I say, it only gets better from there!

Getting the Bryspun dpns and straights tremendously simplified my life. These needles are a bit grabbier than metal and significantly lighter, so I could actually hold up my knitting and knit normally… instead of wishing for a third and forth hand to support the weight of the clinking needle menagerie! Oh, and the tips: the tips are fabulous.

The pattern is ridiculously intuitive as long as you process the instructions instead of knitting blindly. There’s a point in the pattern when the last pleat is merged into the background and, I swear, no amount of written instructions will clarify which needle goes where. But if you actually think about what’s happening, you won’t be tripped up.

The Bryspun needles plus the great instructions, and I’m 2/3 done! Potentially I could have been even closer to finishing, but the third ball of yarn was stowed away in my carry-on bag and I didn’t want to climb over people and interrupt beverage service to get it.

Oh yeah! Believe it or not, I managed knitting this scarf on an airplane! Standard issue coach-class window seat with all its physical restrictions, a gentleman sitting next to me, and I was still able to maneuver all the implements required for knitting this scarf! If that doesn’t convince you of this scarf’s simplicity, I’m not sure what other evidence I can offer :).


22 thoughts on “The pleats have drifted

  1. ames

    I bought the book based on your review, and I’ve been completely enthralled by it. I loathe knitting scarves, but these – these are mini knitty masterpieces. I can’t wait to start my own! (Except I have two pair of socks and a baby sweater to finish first, woe.)

  2. Ühltje

    You so tempt me. But I already have Victorian Lace Today on your recommandations and have not nearly knit everything. Oh, wait..that would mean that I should buy this one as well, since I love VLT. Sigh.

  3. Zarah

    It’s gorgeous! I got some Phat Silk Phine in a similar colorway on a recent trip to New Mexico. Your scarf is really inspiring me to cast on with it!

  4. Shelley

    I LOVE Bryspun. I learned on them and came back to them for circulars since i couldn’t afford addi’s at the time and now I’d much rather use them than anything else. besides the points and the flexible plastic i love the cord it makes everything so much easier. the fact that the distributor is here in Oregon makes it even better!

  5. Angie

    I’m one of those snobby knitters who looked down on the humble scarf knitting craze until you had me examine my own beloved stash of scarves that I knit and wear with much greater success than any sweater I’ve ever knit. Yours are by far the most beautiful.

  6. tantej

    The book went to the top of my wish list as you as you recommended it. Can’t wait to get it! This scarf’s construction is intriguing. Gotta get my hands on this one.

  7. Lisa

    I’m not a scarf knitter so I won’t be purchasing the book. I have told some of my friends who like to make scarves to check out your blog for inspiration. Your work is beautiful. Scarves just aren’t my thing, but the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things.

  8. kmkat

    Oh, to have been sitting on the other side of that gentleman on the airplane. I bet he was casting surreptitious glances at your hands and thinking, WTF?

  9. Lynne

    This is just gorgeous. Love the colour and how great is that that you managed to knit on the plane with someone sitting next to you. When i travelled down to London i sat on the bus and tried to knit a sock with someone next to me…..lets just say i stabbed him once and after that he got to find another seat…lol

  10. Sophia

    I’m so glad to hear that someone besides me loves Bryspun needles! I love the way they point and the warm lightness of the material they’re made from (if that makes any sense). Whenever I ask for them at the LYS, they look at me puzzled and say “don’t you want a nice pair of Brittanys or some Addi Turbos???”….

  11. Kat

    That scarf book is wonderful. I just made the New Wave scarf in a fluffy pink yarn and was blown away by the beauty and cleverness of it. Everyone who saw me knitting it was amazed at how you can turn string into something with such structure!

  12. Tracy

    This scarf is gorgeous. The first pics were very intimidating, but I think I still want to try it and buy the book

  13. Karen

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Started the stacked wedge and I love it. You’re right that if you just think about how the structure works, they make perfect sense. I’ve never worked with short rows before, but as I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking about the construction and poof! it made perfect sense.


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