It just glows, doesn’t it?!?

My mom was extremely upset when she lost her Leaf Lace Shawl. She thinks that she dropped the scarf in the supermarket, and that someone must have picked it up and appropriated it. She called a few weeks ago after looking in every possible nook and cranny and coming up empty-handed, and I could tell that it wasn’t simply the loss of a scarf that was upsetting her, it was losing something I had knit for her.

My mom was certain that I would be devastated. Hah! The last time I saw her shawl it looked very (lovingly) worn, so I know it had a long and full life. It will now rest in peace alongside the earliest pairs of socks I knit for my grandma. Honestly, my mom is long overdue for another scarf, since she actually wears these things! So, onward!

The doll that my mom is, she asked for something “identical” – same size, same shape, same color. The first one was apparently “perfect.” While I won’t bother with the same pattern, I’ll try to knit something similar in size (29.5″ deep and 64″ across post-blocking), and use the original yarn. Oh, yeah, I still have some of that gorgeous wool/silk blend that Sundara dyed for me two years ago (bonus: and now I’m able to capture the beauty using a much better camera!). I know I had previously promised the leftovers to the mighty yardage-hungry Mac & Me Ruffle Scarf, but that beast has been sitting in a plastic bag for years now without any progress, yet managing to tie up every single one of my US 5 circs.


The pattern I chose is another one from the Canal du Midi family: why, oh why, was that gorgeous shawl knit in a mottled colorway which totally obscures the stitch pattern?!? The Half-square in Trinity stitch from Victorian Lace Today has clear potential if executed in a solid color, don’t you think?

Considering that the pattern produces a much larger shawl than I want to knit using a yarn which is finer than the one I’m planning to use, I went ahead and knit a little swatch.

I’ll be casting on fewer stitches, knitting fewer rows, and while I’m at it, changing that border to be less… flowery. I think my mom enjoyed the scalloped edges of her Leaf Lace Shawl, but I’m guessing that the leaves surrounding the Trinity stitch Shawl are a little too dramatic for her taste.

I should mention that the charts and photographs of the Trinity stitch Shawl in VLT left me a little confused. Namely, I couldn’t figure out which side of the swatch was the right side! Only after consulting BW1 (p. 129) I distinguished the right side (above) from the wrong side (below). For the record: in Chart A, odd rows are WS, even rows are RS.

Pretty wrong side: always a plus in a shawl

The interesting thing about this “trinity stitch” is that it’s not traditional lace! There isn’t a single yarn-over in the main portion of the shawl! Yet another excellent reason to swatch and learn the way this textured fabric behaves.


18 thoughts on “Glowing

  1. Claire

    What a lucky mother you have! (Though I’m inclined to think you might be the lucky one here for having such an easy-to-please mother). I’ll be eager to see progress on this one as am looking for just the right shawl pattern – too much choice out there!

  2. Emily

    Wow. I’m not sure I could knit that much trinity stitch. But I’m sure it will be beautiful. Hopefully your mom isn’t afraid to wear it for fear of loosing it.

  3. Jocelyn

    Ooh! That’s just lovely, and you’re absolutely right — the stitch pattern shows up so much better in a solid. Maybe it’s time to take a reconsidering look at that one 🙂

  4. Christy

    I ove that shawl! I have it on my needles right now. Since other knitted things have more pressing deadlines, the trinity shawl is unfortunately hibernating. But I love the little twisty knots! I hope you love knitting this one up!

  5. Katy

    I swatched the trinity stitch a while back and I hating working it. Maybe it was the combination of blunt tipped grabby bamboo needles with lace weight alpaca…

    I can’t wait to see how you progress with the pattern. I may have to give it another go with a more suitable yarn/needle combo.

  6. martha

    Given how you present your mother to us, I’m sure she would love anything you would make for her.

    I admire you for giving credit to others for patterns you are working on. It seems to me you change enough in all patterns you use that you could take credit for the pattern.

    Your mom has reared an honest person.

  7. Karen B.

    Good for you on knowing when to call it quits with beautiful yarn that yearns for a new purpose. I can really see the sheen in the grey and know that your mother will adore this wrap as much as the first.

  8. Sue F.

    I too have the Mac and Me ruffled scarf pattern waiting to be made some day. Have you thought about the Knitpicks Options? They have some very long cables and you could pop off the needle portion and seal them off when you need your needles. I have the new wooden needle sets, they are SO SMOOTH. And the wooden DPNs are lovely too. Set of 6 DPNs- genius!

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