True story

Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 12:48 a.m.

After a long evening battling technology – my computer, my scanner, my online library account, my frying pans (shush! If they come with a manual, they so are technology!) – I was delighted to wash my face, lower the shades, turn off the lights, and slip into Neverland.

I love the first few minutes of getting comfortable in bed. The cool sheets, the perfectly-arranged pillows and comforter… I trace circles with my legs all over the sheets, stretching and spreading out into as much space as my body can manage. I typically sleep on my belly, and once I’ve soaked in all the cool sheet goodness, I wrap my arms around my pillow and drift off…

But there was a brief interruption last night. As I reached the end of my “getting comfortable” period and snaked my arms under my pillow, I felt something cold against my shoulder. Lo and behold, it was a metal sock needle! A knitting needle found its way into my made bed, under my pillow.

I retrieved the needle and chuckled. This is how you know you’ve been knitting too much! I would have thought it was a weariness-induced dream, if I didn’t find the needle next to my alarm clock this morning.

Anything like that ever happen to you? Have you ever opened up your portfolio at a business meeting only to have some element of knitting pop out? Have you ever found one of your straight needles intermixed in your chopsticks drawer?

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  1. Wannietta

    I found a sock needle in my husband’s car. I don’t remember losing/forgetting it there, but I am positive that it was mine … or else there would have been questions asked!! LOL

  2. lyndsey-jane

    funnily enough I found a metal crochet hook in the bed this morning whilst making it. I had been knitting in bed last night and used it to pick up a dropped stitch.

  3. alyson

    Here’s a good one – just this morning I got to the office and a lady I work with who had offered to bring me some clothes she couldn’t wear anymore since she’s down to a size zero (grumble grumble) had brought in a huge bag of stuff for me. She asked for my car key so she could take it down to the car. I had to explain to her that she should not be alarmed by the fact that there is disembodied leg in my front seat, but that I had to get photos of a sock I had designed, so I would be taking the (um, plastic) leg and sock to the park later. I could clearly read the “On second thought, why don’t YOU take this bag down to your car?” look on her face.

  4. Kelly

    I’ve been at friends’ homes without any knitting and had them give me back stitch markers that had somehow been in my pockets or bag without me knowing it and from there, they had tried to make a break for it. None of my friends knit, but they all know what knitting paraphernalia looks like…

  5. Michelle

    You have a drawer specifically for chopsticks? The weirdest place I have found my knitting needles is in my husband’s tool box. Apparently they come in pretty handy. We are learning that, along with duct tape, wire coat hangers and shoe laces, knitting needles are an essential household tool!

  6. Anna

    I find stitch markers all over the house. It’s the kid’s today, though, that mysteriously make there way in my bed and work bag. LOL

  7. Tracy

    I lost a #2 metal dpn for nearly a year once. Looked everywhere and couldn’t find it, finally had to replace the set since it was one short. I’d forgotten about it completely, until two weeks after we’d moved and spotted the dog carrying it in his mouth like a stick. We still don’t know which piece of furniture he’d dug it out of. Had to be mine though, the previous homeowners were a couple of non-knitting guys that had lived there for a decade.

  8. JanaT

    I use needles to stick them in the cake to check if its ready!

    Could your bed be the reason of your damaged sock needle a few days ago?

  9. mel

    My husband got poked in the butt by a missing bamboo DPN I’d been looking for for a week – In the driver seat of the car. It had been there the whole time, but apparently got dislodged or something and tried to attack him – Bad needle! Glad I found it though, as long as he was unharmed, of course 😉

  10. Nicole

    I’ve made my kids promise that they must always, always tell Mama when she has crochet hooks stuck in her hair. Especially if they see me turning around in circles looking for something or leaving the house.

  11. Jody

    I had lost one of my itty bitty straight cable needles. I replaced it and forgot about it. We recently got new funiture & I found my itty bitty cable needle in the NEW sofa… have no clue how it got there.

  12. Susan

    Alas, I heard a “snap!” the other day, and it was the sound of a size 1 bamboo DPN breaking in two at the able hands of my 19mo son. Ironically, he’d pulled it out of a sock I’m making for him!

    Also, I find random balls of yarn in my purse/schoolbag. I think what happens is that I anticipate a few minutes of mindless knitting time (waiting for dr appointment or something) and figure I’ll start a hat or a dishcloth or a sock or something easy, and stuff the yarn in my bag at the last minute and completely forget about it.

  13. Erin

    Worst story ever:

    It was a busy weekend, with my entire extended family flying out to visit. I went upstairs to my room for a midday nap, and just kind of collapsed on this soft downy pillow I have. When my body touched the bed, though, I heard a “pop” and felt a sharp shooting pain in the side of my bum. It turns out one of my metal DPNs had made it’s way into the pillow I had just flung myself on, popped through my skirt, and through my flesh (gross). I had a little puncture wound in my hip for awhile. It didn’t hurt much, but the noise and the shock of being bit by a pillow freaked me out.

  14. Beth in STL

    When I still used cable needles, I’d keep a tapestry needle stuck through the fabric of my top at mid-chest-level between cable crosses. More than once I’d be working in the car and forget to remove it until after we’d returned from the store or restaurant. I’m not sure if I’d rather other people thought I was absent-minded, or just owned really sad jewelry.

  15. SarahA

    Needles don’t move around as much for me. Usually I’ll find pieces of yarn pretty much anywhere. I have found yarn in the bathroom at different times and every time I empty my purse I find a few strands, and mostly they’re not even from something I’m working with. I just picked it up absentmindedly and shoved it in my purse.

  16. pia

    we had ordered chinese recently at my boyfriends house while we were watching TV and his roommates were eating with us. After dinner, one of them cleaned up the coffee table and threw away the containers. I had been finishing a sock and went to cast on the next one to discover I was missing two of my size one bamboo dpns. After searching and searching I figured it out. The roommate had (and admitted) assumed the little “skewers” he had tossed out were from someone’s chicken satay or the like. Good thing he was too lazy to take the garbage out to the curb! I had to dig through the can to pull out my two “skewers”!

  17. anne

    I have actually found a bamboo dpn in my bed – I have a tendency to stick one through my ponytail when I need to get it out of my way, and one time I apparently forgot it was there for long enough that I fell asleep with it still stuck through my ponytail.

  18. Nessa

    Once when my son was very young I had been knitting the Irish Hiking Scarf with a cable needle. The next day I bent over to take my son from my husband and my cable needle fell out of my bra. How it got there, I don’t know and that it fell out in front of my dh was hilarious because he already makes fun of how much knitting paraphernalia I have.

  19. Sophia

    I’m another one more apt to find yarn than needles lurking around my house. Mainly I’m concerned with losing things — the hot-pink plastic needle that came with my Klutz knitting kit is almost my favorite knitting tool (second only to Neville, the sheep measuring tape), and I swear that thing has a mind of its own. I always find it again, usually somewhere in the couch cushions, so I like to think it loves me as much as I love it.

  20. Bridget

    Before my husband and I were married, I was making him a fisherman knit cable sweater (I didn’t know about the “boyfriend/sweater” rule then). I use a dpn as my cable needle, and keep it behind my ear (like a pencil) when I’m not using it. One day, I hugged him, forgetting about the needle, and poked him somewhat severely. Ever afterwards, he always stops me before I hug him, if he knows I’ve been knitting, to make sure I’m not “armed”.

  21. Amy

    I’ve been lucky to have slept in my water bed with needles and have no punctures happen the next day(but, I’ve always tried to find them before I sleep because of that threat).

  22. laura

    A few weeks ago I was knitting a scarf with insane cables. I kept resting the knitting needle in my bra… then I fell asleep. Imagine my surprise when I woke up with a pokey needle right under my neck. 🙂 Luckily I didn’t hurt myself.

  23. kelly

    The janitor found a wayward DPN and but it my in box earlier this year. (No idea when I lost it). Also, I’ve found stitch markers that also have mysteriously disappeared pinned up on bulletin boards as a “lost and found”. Guess there’s no question who the knitter is!

  24. Teresa C

    Last week on my flight home from SLC, UT I thought I had dropped one of my extra Brittany double points on the floor, but couldn’t find it anywhere and chalked it up to being a)a figment of my imagination or b)just lost for good. I got up to use the ladies’ room and when I got in there (after waiting for three people in front of me) I looked down and found the needle sticking up from the cuff of my rolled up capris. Got a chuckle out of me, but you might have thought someone would have noticed it and said something.

  25. Abby

    On countless occasions, I reach into my gigantic bag for a pen and triumphantly pull out a dpn instead. This confuses non-knitters, who I’m sure have no idea why I so consistently carry little pointed sticks with no apparent purpose.

  26. Expat knits

    I sometimes knit in bed, but I try to clear everything away afterwards. However, one evening when my husband climbed into bed in the dark, he lay down on a circular needle, a ball of yarn and a pattern book, all neatly hidden away under his duvet…

  27. jiva

    I tend to get yarn mail ordered and always have it sent to work. I often leave needles in my hair and they have made it out of the house and in the car. Often coming back to the house in my handbag.

  28. Annie

    My husband woke up one morning and said “What is this?” and pulled out a ball of yarn from under the covers. Apparently the cat had brought it in. Kitty must have sensed that I missed my yarn. How more yarn was found in my sock drawer, I have no frickin’ idea.

  29. Anna

    I had a yarn needle hiding in the sheets a few weeks ago. I think it’s one of those things that happens to everyone eventually. I did, however, manage to sit down the other day and have a size 4 bamboo DPN poke through my jeans! Remarkably, the needle didn’t break and the jeans didn’t rip, but man, it hurt.

    My father, on the other hand, has a knack for finding straight pins that have been dropped on the floor. Finding with his feet, of course. It’s really unfortunate that his mother, wife, and daughter are all seamstresses. He just can’t get away from the sewing paraphernalia. 😉

  30. Sarah

    For me, it is pretty boring. I can keep dpns in my hair and forget about them. My husband never says anything as I head out the door or go into a store, and I do not notice them until I catch a glimpse of my reflection somewhere.

  31. jen

    Gads, you make me miss being single. I had a lovely night-time ritual until the big ol hairy dude moved in…the bed is ALWAYS messy now 🙁

  32. Stacey

    At a parent-teacher conference, my sons teacher asked for some date that I needed to look up in my calendar. Plop out the purse and dig. I couldn’t find it. I had to pull my wip out and set it on the table to find it. She looked at me like what the hell? It was unzipped and just the 4 needles sticking out. I said don’t worry, no harm, it is just my knitting! She laughed! It broke the ice with her though as she proceeded to tell me how bad my son was doing!

  33. Ruth

    The recurring problem I have with various knitting gadgets is when I go to get change or a pen or whatever from my purse and out comes a big tangled mess with pieces of yarn and maybe a broken needle that I couldn’t bear to throw away etc…and I can’t retrieve the item I need because the tangled mess of yarn and things has taken over and clings to so many little items like a comb, a pen, a lipgloss. It all comes tumbling out together like a giant tumbleweed and there is the long line of people behind you wanting this nightmare of a woman to just go away with her hairy ball of stuff! The other day I got out of the car and had walked all the way from the curb through the garage and into the house when my son said, “mom, WHAT is that???”…I looked behind and we all got a good laugh. My sock project which I had tucked into my purse was stretched from the car door to the house door!!! My sock and needles were fine, the yarn had wrapped around the needle once before coming out of my purse. I ended up with a bent needle…but not one stitch came off!!!

  34. Andrea

    I have actually woken up the next morning and found my knitting with me in bed under the covers. I’m also always finding either a knitting needle or crochet hook loosely hanging out in one of my handbags

  35. Sarah

    One time when I was printing something out, the ink was horribly, horribly smeared. It was black and blue all over, and the paper was getting wrinkled. I knew something wasn’t right, so I popped open the printer, to find one of my handspun samples wrapped around the printer ink cartridge. My cat has a thing for wool, so all I can think is that he saw a little bob of wool that was wrapped up and seeing a toy played with it. The printer was on the kitchen table at the time, and he is not unknown to get up on there. He must have dropped the yarn down in the printer, and when I printed something out it jammed it up.

    Strangest thing ever.

  36. donna lee

    I,too, have awakened to find a needle in the bed with me. I like to knit in bed and sometimes I guess I am not as careful as I should be. The wonder of it is that more people aren’t poked or prodded by stray needles.

  37. Claire Warren

    Two summers ago I planted a few tomatoes, special for pots since I lived in an apartment. They grew and grew, until I noticed that they were going to need a little help. I was short a car and wasn’t about to carry a giant tomato thingy on the bus so I looked around and it hit me!!! A pair of blue, size 7 metal straight needles and some pink cotton. It wasn’t pretty but those tomatoes were happy. The needles held up great too.

  38. Julie

    I was making mittens and as I was decreasing I no longer needed the 5th needle…so I “put it away”. After making dinner, a quick trip to the supermarket and the pharmacy I proceeded to tear apart my living room in search of my “lost” needle. After much swearing and moving of furniture (I have wood floors in my living room) I gave up the search for “better light” the next day. HOURS later when I washed my face and got ready for bed I found it…in my hair.

  39. Emily

    I once went to bed with a 5″ birch DPN tucked into my ponytail. Thankfully I didn’t roll over and break it – my boyfriend even managed to get a photo!

  40. christine

    While on vacation recently, I opened up my travel manicure set, only to find the size 5 bamboo DPN I’d lost months before. Someone must have thought it was an orange stick. I’ve also been known to find stitch markers in my bra…

  41. minnie

    my tendency is to stick needles in my hair (i have a prodigious amount, and keep it in clips bun-style), and forget t hey’re there. to the point that when i take my hair down, i stumble across them, lol. i even had to work on something else yesterday because i’d stuck my needle for my sock in my hair and then had to put it on the bedside table because i was too tired to put it where it belonged, with the sock. wheeee!

  42. amy

    Add me to the DPN in the hair group. I’ve gone out to dinner with them, fallen asleep with them, had them nearly fall out in my cooking.

  43. Donna

    I found a size 35 (!!) in one of my husband’s tool drawers. I don’t know where it came from and I don’t have its mate. He doesn’t remember where he found it, but uses it for any number of tasks so I’ve sacrificed it to him.

  44. diane southwick

    uhm fell asleep with a Brittany cable needle in my hand, woke up with the broken needle poking me in the face, great!!! explain that at work, so I emailed brittany with their excellent customer service and another one arrived in the mail

  45. Susan

    OK, I’m commenting twice, which is unusual for me, but I have to add that my toddler son is always sticking stuff in unusual places, like under the pillows on our bed. My husband has found: a sprouting potato, a sippy cup full of juice, various toys, and unwound yarn awaiting him when he climbs in bed to go to sleep.

  46. Deirdre

    One of my kids found a sock needle in his agenda – while he was at school – showing his work to his teacher – fortunately, the teachers are well-acquainted with my knitting, so it was a source of much amusement, and an opportunity for my son to tell his very-male teacher that yes, in fact, he does know how to use it…

  47. Annie

    Oh, I thought there was going to be a spider in this story! I have no idea why. Oh yes, I do, Law and Order last night, and a character said “you’re never more than 6 feet from a spider” which scares the hell out of me. In any case, I’m glad it was a needle, not a spider. I’d rather find a needle than a spider any time! 🙂

  48. Kate A.

    One very unfortunate cabby got his finger pricked by my size US000000 needle…it worked its way through the lining of the suitcase and was poking out when he lifted it to put it into the cab…

  49. Lizbon

    And this is why I don’t knit in bed. Yikes. Thanks, Kathy, for inspiring such a fun thread of comments. There are, of course, at least a dozen stitch markers scattered around my floors, under the couch, etc. But that’s rather boring compared to all of these tales.

  50. Cindy in Happy Valley

    My husband once came home from his office and said “Does this belong to you?” Holding up a size #1 sock needle. Uh… yeah. (I must add he works with veterans, so unless one of his clients has taken up knitting, who else?)

    He has also found beads in our bed. Yes, he is long suffering……..poor fellow.

  51. Liz

    This isn’t a found but a lost needle story. I was on a road trip with my family, knitting in the front passenger seat. I briefly set my knitting down on the dashboard, and one dpn fell out of the project and rolled forward. So I know there is a lovely red metal dpn (formerly my grandmother’s) stuck between the front windshield and the dashboard, and just I can’t get it out. For a while it would make a noise when taking sharp turns, but now I think it is settled somewhere. Luckily I inherited a large needle collection, so it just doesn’t seem worth replacing the window for a needle.

  52. Sarah B

    I’ve had metal DPNs in my chopstick drawer, but this is because in a pinch I use them as chopstick substitutes (then boyfriend washes them and puts them in there). I figure they often end up in my mouth anyway, so what harm could some extra soy sauce do?

  53. karla (threadbndr)

    Love these stories. I was also a member of the “pencil, pen, dpn in my ponytail” group. I didn’t realize how much I depended on that “holding pattern” until I cut my hair very short. Now I have to stick these types of objects behind my ear, but that’s not nearly so secure.

    Weirdest thing I ever did was one time when I had my hair up using hair sticks, and I pulled out the stick that was holding everything up instead of the needle I was actually reaching for. I momentarily looked like Cousin It from the Addams Family and my husband just about laughed himself sick.

  54. francois

    I was stopped at the airport because of a suspicious metal item in my bag showing up on the x-ray. They emptied the bag and x-rayed everything separately to find it. My colleagues were berating the airport staff all the while. Eventually we found at the bottom of a pocket a teeny tiny crochet hook, the size you’d use for doilies, which I’d never seen before in my life. I blamed my Mum!

  55. Natalie

    My boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment recently and I’ve been finding odd scraps of yarn throughout the apartment. Yarn that I’ve never bought and resembles nothing in my stash.

  56. NiteOwl

    My husband borrowed my car a few weeks ago and when he went to put his briefcase in the trunk found a case of needles. That night he told me he thought I was the only one who carried “spares” in my trunk. I’d bet I’m not!

  57. Ailsa

    Almost exactly the same thing happened to me, a dpn somehow became lost in my cleavage! I found it when I was undressing for my morning shower, tingaling on the tiles, looked down, dpn! It was hidden in the ‘shelf bra’ of my pj top. Shelf all right.

    What worried me is that it could have pierced my heart in the night, and that would really have been suffering for one’s art.

    BTW – I am rather well endowed. No pencil test passing for me.

  58. Kate

    I know it’s a little late, but I stumbled on this post… somehow.

    I’ve found dpns in my toothbrush holder, of course needles in my hair and purse, and in all kitchen drawers. I’ve also used steel dpns to poke holes in walls, test to see if cookies and cakes are done, and even once used a nice set of straight needles to put my hair up for a semi-formal. (They looked like hair sticks… which I usually break)

    I am also a bed knitter, and have woken up cuddling large skeins of yarn like a teddy bear. One was so soft to sleep with that I did make it into a stuffed animal!

  59. Kate

    I slept with a pair of scissors, once. I didn’t realise until halfway through the next day, when I needed them.

    I love the idea of using them to tell if the cake is done – I always loose my skewers!

    I’ve been known to have dreams about knitting. Once I knitted a whole cardigan in my dream, and the other day I had a dream that my Green sock that I was knitting was done – and it fit so poorly that I had to frog it. Luckily, it was red in my dream, so I knew not to panic…

  60. Mari

    I dropped a hat that I was knitting at a bar (it was in a bag). It had some of my Denise set on it so I searched hard to discover which bar I had left it at (I had been to several). When I got it back it turned out that someone had knitted on it!.. and made all sorts of mistakes of course. Man was I angry.

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