Oh, Chuck, you are finally mine! Wood grain fabric, finger guns, flowery details, and all! The Open Studios were (expectedly) fantastic, Maritza’s collection was (expectedly) fun and colorful, but THIS was neither expected, nor desired:


Following an explosion of Gatorade in my bag, wool stepped up to the challenge and did exactly what it’s meant to do – soak up the liquid mess. Lots of things got wet, so I’m not sure what the skein picked up, exactly, but I think it’s ink from my inkjet printer (via a printout in my bag). And the sock in progress didn’t escape unscathed either:

This is after scrubbing, and soaking, and more scrubbing, and another soak, and…

So, I’m super pleased with how the Fleece Artist merino sock yarn holds up to vigorous scrubbing, haha! And the strange stains have faded some, but overall the situation is very dir-taaay!

I’m determined to continue, however. I know my grandma won’t care too much. The stains on the skein – I think I’ll just leave them there and knit them into the sock. I’ll pre-treat the socks again before the final wash, and just hope the stains will continue to fade until, poof, they disappear ;). Wishful thinking, eh?


43 thoughts on “Dir-taaay!

  1. Amy

    I know it’s not much, but from the colors on my monitor, it really doesn’t look bad — it almost looks like part of the skein!

    (But I’ll continue to hope that the stains fade over time/washing.)

  2. Christie

    I think it looks like it’s a part of the color variation of the yarn too…thank god it was variegated! I had a Diet Coke explosion in my bad..ugh…most of the liquid was socked up by a cotton bolero that I made. I didn’t even try to save it…thank god it wasn’t super fantastic yarn!

  3. chrispy

    This totally looks like some variation on Koigu coloring that I have seen recently. I don’t think it will be a big deal. And you can always call them your magical ever changing socks.

  4. jacqui

    the most valuable words in my housekeeping vocabulary:




    takes out blood, red wine and coffee. and i have yet to hurt a fabric with it, even strictly dry clean only fabrics.

    i would anticipate an excellent effect on Gatorade.

  5. Ashley

    Watch, next thing you know Gatorade dyeing will be the next hot thing. (“Well, Grumperina did it!”)

    I’m totally jealous that you have a Chuck!

  6. susan moore


    there is a product that is used by the quilters out there that will remove dye stuff that has not been set. http://prochemical.com/ is in Somerset, MA and they carry Synthrapol. I’m not sure if it will work with this problem [wool], but you might phone them and ask.

    OH yes, you mom would probably have told you not to put that drink in you purse.

    couldn’t resist,


  7. Stephanie Cullison

    I agree with Ashley. I’m TOTALLY jealous that you have Chuck. I love those little guys so much and want one soooooo bad!

    Too bad about the gatorade gusher and inkjet mishap. Hopefully it will fade…if not just claim it as a “design feature” and it act like it’s suppose to be there!!

  8. anne

    Those Color Catcher sheets are worth a try — I’ve had them get out bled color in quilting fabric. But I don’t know how they work on Gatorade!

    I too think the socks look fine, at least in a picture.

  9. Nessa

    Totally made the right decision. If I had put that much work into the sock, I would have made the EXACT same decision. and to be honest (on my monitor at least) it looks kinda cool, distressed ish. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Melissa

    I’m sorry to say but I have not had much luck getting gatorade out of knitting.

    If get good results I would love to hear your method!

    Good luck!

  11. Kate/Massachusetts

    Finish the pair of socks and then give it a soaking in the same color Gatorade that spilled in your bag to even-out the spots. Do this ONLY if you hate the finished product. Or, just overdye it with a color your you like. Knitpicks sells dyes that are easy to use.

  12. Ria

    Oddly, I think the changes to the yarn colour look rather nice. One thing’s for sure; no one will ever have yarn that’s the same!

  13. Rose

    What stains? Ha-ha, it doesn’t show up much on the computer screen. I say knit em up and give a good wash, then call them hand dyed.

  14. TracyKM

    Grumperina’s first hand dyed yarn!! (well, if you don’t count the ink splotched one).

    I use Sunlight bar soap (in the laundry section) for most stains.

  15. SB23

    I stink at getting out stains. I’m 23 and I still bring things home to mom to clean when they’re stained (and she lives an hour away!) but it really doesn’t look bad. In fact, I like it! I say leave it the way it is and enjoy the new character it has acquired from your handbag!

  16. AuntieAnn

    My stand-by for unwanted dye (as when my red coat and I were caught in a downpour, and it bled onto my blue-and-white cotton sweater) is to soak overnight in a strong solution of Clorox II. My drycleaner wouldn’t take the sweater, they said I should just soak it in Clorox II, and it worked! This might work for Gatorade, I don’t know.

  17. Kathy in KS

    I’ve also tried some of that Rit dye remover too. But, if nothing works, just think of it as a “unique design feature”. That’s what I try to call all my “mistakes”, unless someone calls me on it. Your grandma’s socks are truly one of a kind!

  18. Lizbon

    I’d probably overdye, but then I’m not a huge fan of beige to begin with, so I always want to dye it. Can’t say I’m surprised the Gatorade got soaked up and went semi-perm. It seems like a close relative of Kool-Aid.

  19. Maritza

    Thanks for picking up Chuck! I am so happy to know he is going to a good home, where he will be loved. And as for the Gatorade, holy orange, I can’t believe that happened, but I’m with the folks who think perhaps the color catching sheets might make a difference. I would actually recommend treating the Gatorade-colored parts of the socks with Tide, then letting them soak. I use Tide on my hand-knit socks, and it works fine. I think some might say that it is too harsh or not appropriate for wool, but I have never had a problem with it. It’s so good for getting out tough stains. (Okay, I sound like a commercial now. I’m going to stop.) If that doesn’t work, I don’t know. Honestly, it doesn’t look bad on the sock itself. It’s the Gatorade on the yarn-cake that made me gasp. Good luck with it.

  20. Bernadette

    Bummer about the Gatorade… I had that happen with coffee once. Luckily it cleaned up OK. I think the socks look great, and I agree – it looks like the stain should fade after a few more washings. Good luck!

  21. Christy

    Poor thing! That’s so disheartenng! I once spilled red wine on a gorgeous buttery colored baby blanket which cost me, then a broke college student, $85. Worse, it was my second project! You might try one of those tide pens, they’ve always worked great for me. Good luck!

  22. Karen

    Oye! I think I would probably wait and see how they come out in the end and then consider dying them. Perhaps strategically “stain” them until you like the pattern and then overdye them with a tea colored dye to soften the stains.

    Good luck! Your grandmother is going to love them anyway!

  23. Bridget

    I don’t know….I kinda like the stains. Looks like an interesting colorway, to me. (But then, I like Gatorade, but only the green stuff.)

    Hope it fades because that would make you happier.

  24. Frog Princess

    Orange you glad you weren’t toting bleach? I think orange makes it pretty.

    Grandmas are bound by dictatorial fiat to love any damn thing you give them if it is handmade. If you give her the socks and tell her the story, I bet she will have a secret Grandma receipt for getting out yellow 6 and red 40.

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