Pattern: Ribbons Baby Blanket, Evelyn Clark for Fibertrends.

Needles: a variety of US 6 (4 mm) circs

Yarn: Gedifra Korfu, colors 2011, 2061, 2025, 2022, and 2068; Classic Elite Sundance, color 6249. Both yarns are 50% cotton, 50% microfiber, but contrary to my first hunch, they are not exactly identical.

Based on the weight of this blanket (1 lb. 4 oz.), I used a total of 12 balls of yarn, about 1000 yards, though I didn’t keep track of the usage of each individual color. There are 15 stripes, plus the garter stitch border.

Finished size: 34.25″ square. Hey, look at that! The power of math at work!

Though a little cumbersome towards the end, I’m very happy with this blankie. My favorite part has to be the subtle ruffles formed by the alternating knit and purled stripes.

Weaving in the ends was an exercise in patience: the Russian Join worked awkwardly with this cotton yarn, so I turned to the Overcast Method whenever I could. What remained had to be woven in at the end, one at a time.

I didn’t use any special trickery – just a very long tail (oh, about 10″, I’d say), weaving in 9″ of it, and leaving about an inch hanging in the air. The little doodle in the back fluffed up after the washer and dryer, and I’m hoping that will prevent it from snaking around. It’s not the neatest thing in the world, but I don’t think it’s awful, either.

Other than mentioning the tidy crochet cast-on at the center and working all the corner stitches as knits, I’m not sure there is much to add! It’s a lovely, easy pattern.

Well, I guess there’s one last thing to show you:

Underpants Blankie: a lesson in inspiration


59 thoughts on “Stripey!

  1. Natalie B

    oh yeah… had totally forgotten that those underpants were the inspiration!

    you know, that blanket would look perfect in some Cape Cod beach house!


  2. Sam

    I love the blanket! And thank you for the link to the overcast method – I will definitely use that in my next striped project 🙂

  3. Emilee

    That turned out great!

    Thanks for linking to the Overcast method – I missed that when TechKnitting first covered it, I’ll have to give it a try.

  4. Christie

    Wow. Knitting a blanket. That is kryponite to me. Moreso than socks! It looks so beautiful…and thanks for all those links! I’m definitely going to check them all out!

  5. KSee

    what a great keepsake. How about sewing the underpants together and sew it to the “wrong side”, keep the inspiration with the blankie.

  6. Jomy

    You’re really testing your patience, woman!

    Mountainash, now this!

    Now, to conquer ENE!!!! Go Kathy!!!! Ra-ra-Grumpy!!!!

  7. corey

    your blanket is wonderful!!!

    i tried a pattern just like this and maybe got 6 stripes done…. that was over a year ago…. it’s still sitting at the bottom of my knitting storage! i just can’t do it!

  8. amy

    Lovely! And I now have Bare Naked Ladies lyrics running through my head…”I could hide out under there. I just made you say underwear!”

  9. Ricarda

    Hello Kathy,

    it looks great. I really like the colors and the pattern, too. The combination is relaxing and one loves to look at it.

    Lots of greetings,


  10. charli

    Beautiful! As your work always is! I’ve been wanting to knit a cotton blanket for a while. What do you suggest for a good fiber mix and/or specific yarn? I want it as a bed blanket for summer (obviously, not this summer).

    As always, thanks for sharing your beautiful work!


  11. Ann

    The blankie is beautiful – love the colors of the strips. I am sure this is worth all the sewing in of the ends!

  12. Sarah

    Wow, do you iron your underpants, or did you used to work at the Gap or what? Inever saw a pair of panties looking quite so tidy! Oh, and the blanket is nice too.

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