Love it, like it, absolutely no way!

From Bella Knitting, via Karen, a most interesting meme!

What are your limits when it comes to creative pursuits? Mine, in alphabetical order:

4. Love it! This is my thing.

Graphic design (blogging, basic web design, image processing), knitting, photography, writing.

3. I do or have dabbled in it.

Collage, crochet, designing/pattern writing, embroidery and cross-stitch, jewelry making, macramé, papier-mâché, pattern editing, quilting, sewing, stamping, straw marquetry, stuffed toy making.

2. I’ll give it a try.

Appliqué, basket weaving, beading, book binding, calligraphy, candle making, card making, dyeing, etching, felting, flower arranging, gardening, glass bead making, glass blowing, lace making (needle lace, cutwork), lucet, millinery, mosaics, pottery, shibori, soap making, string art, wood carving.

1. I’ve got absolutely no interest.

Baking, balloon animal making, cooking, doll house making, origami, rug hooking, scrapbooking, spinning (wheel or spindle), tatting, weaving.

Not surprisingly, “I’ll give it a try” is the largest category :). How about you? Where do you draw the line?


27 thoughts on “Love it, like it, absolutely no way!

  1. elizabeth

    It’s so overwhelming! There are so many crafts out there I want to try. I think I’d like to try everything in your “no interest” category, too.

  2. Karen B.

    Graphic design! A surprise in the “Love it!” category. The rest is no shocker at all. Intellectuals have a broad range of interests.

  3. Amy

    Wow, I was beginning to think I was the only knitter who didn’t spin.

    My husband and I have some chickens, and would love to have goats in the future. We think we’d enjoy sheep, too, but I told him, “No way! Then I’d feel compelled to learn to spin, and I have enough hobbies!”

  4. margaux

    I love this meme and will be putting this up so fast… i practically have all the same “love its”. Can i put wine in the “love it” category too?

  5. Dove

    4. Love it! It’s my thing!: Knitting, crochet, beading, jewelry making (though this and beading are off-and-on now, I did love it so), sewing, baking, soap making, baking, weaving (I’d still do it if I had a loom, I loved it), stuffed toy making (though this goes under knitting and crochet, mostly).

    3. I do or have dabbled in: gardening, cooking, embroidery and cross-stitch, collage, macrame, papier-mache, glass etching, doll house making, working with polymer clay, pottery, silversmithing, origami, rug hooking, dyeing (would like to do more with this, so this is in category 2 as well)

    2. I’d give it a try: glass blowing, glass bead making, lapidary, more extensive silversmithing that what I did, more extensive dyeing that I did, quilting/applique (really want to try this), candlemaking, papermaking, shibori

    1. No interest, or would never do it again: scrapbooking, spinning (glad I’m not the only knitter who isn’t interested!), flower arranging, wood carving, tatting, lucet, millinery, mosaics, string art, stamping, card making

  6. Rosie

    My dream is to have a dedicated (and large) crafts room so I can try and perhaps master, quilting, sewing, candle making, silkscreening, and of course knitting. The problem is seeing all the amazing finished products on crafty web/blogsites and I want to make those things too. Of course cost, difficulty, and time are not obvious when you’re looking at finished products.

  7. marycatharine

    I am overwhelmed, I’d like doing everything but to to be honest – I knit and that’s about it. Oh and baking/cooking don’t really count for me since I have done them for a living.

  8. Ria

    Nothing wrong with being open to all kinds of media. 😀 You’ve done a lot of stuff, too.

    This is rather inspirational. There are a few things on the lists that I’d like to try some day.

  9. marie in florida

    i really thought origami would appeal to the design artist that you are. i’m surprised.

  10. Leslie

    Horray – I am not a flawed knitterly person by having absolutely no interest in spinning or spindling or weaving. Besides the No Room aspect I have enough to do knitting up what I allow myself to purchase!

    Done the gardening, baking, cooking, basket weaving, cut & pierced lampshade making, crewel embroidery thangs. Also no interest in the stamping, soap making or scrapbooking stuff. So many other things are still out there though… Good thing I live in a tiny house or I’d have to quit work to be creative. 🙂

  11. Stacie

    Kathy, there is a GREAT craft center in Worcester (I know a bit of a drive), but they have a wonderful glass program there. I’ve taken glass beadmaking and glass blowing there – and they were so much fun!

  12. Natalie B

    wow, I have to say I’m surprised that you have no interest in spinning or weaving. to tell you the truth, that’s refreshing as I swear ever knitter I know (including me to a certain extent) would love to try spinning and weaving. I’m not allowing myself to go down that road though, until I’m satisfied with what I’ve learned and experienced through knitting… and who knows how long that will take!!

  13. JJ

    Although I love knitting, I have absolutely NO desire to felt anything. I don’t even bother leafing through books/patterns on felted projects – BOOOOOO!!!

  14. Sherry W

    It kind of makes me sad you have no interest in spinning! My biggest satisfaction is found in FOs with yarn I made. I keep thinking holy crap, I made…*yarn*. It never gets old.

  15. Bob T

    I think “I’ll give it a try” would be my smallest category. Things tend to move quickly into “I do or have dabbled in it” or “I’ve got absolutely no interest.”

  16. Heide

    Carolyn, go to to check out some wonderful lucets and to see how they are used. I purchased my first several weeks ago and may never knit I-Chord again!

    I’ll try almost anything once. I even tried scrapbooking, but it takes too long to do what the hard core scrappers say to do. I’d rather just stick the photos on some paper and write down who the people are, what they are doing and then move on. I could care less about matching papers, stickers, etc. I just don’t trust that I’ll remember who everyone is in a few years.

    Spinning is an entirely different world. I love it, but I haven’t mastered it to the point where I want to actually knit with the yarn I’ve spun.

    You’ve already got that sewing thing down pretty well from the looks of your skirts, aprons, etc.

  17. Veronica

    It’s so overwhelming!! Everytime I go to my local craft shop I see something else that gets my attention but yarn. I kinda feel guilty for having those thoughts, don’t want my crochet or knitting to get jealous!!

    By the way, I love your blog!!

  18. Veronica

    It’s so overwhelming!! Everytime I go to my local craft shop I see something else that gets my attention but yarn. I kinda feel guilty for having those thoughts, don’t want my crochet or knitting to get jealous!!

    By the way, I love your blog!!

  19. caitlan

    Balloon animals aren’t so much an intersection of my skill and my creativity and my passion as they are a ridiculously easy way to make people smile- it takes half an hour to learn to do and the supplies cost less than $10.

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