Happily onward!

Coming clean liberated me, allowed me to breathe, made me feel fantastic! And if that wasn’t enough, your comments assured me that I’m not alone! You perfectly encapsulated some of my thoughts, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Allyson’s advice had the most impact: there’s no reason to slip into the “I’m beyond scarves” mentality. I think buying into this notion has been weighing me down for a good year or two. No more! Knitting sweaters, even if they come out ooh-worthy, doesn’t put me (or anyone else!) on a higher pedestal. Why should it?!? I’m not beyond scarves, and I’m proud!

Of course any good idea deserves a button, right?


Feel free to steal this button, but not my bandwidth! 🙂

Veni, vidi, vici, and now back to our regularly-scheduled scarf and sock knitting!

Ingrid’s scarf: growing!

The Bag: growing!

Meida’s socks: two attempts to be frogged. I’ll need to tweak the sizing a bit if they are to fit my grandma’s feet. Or perhaps I’ll just knit a different pattern.

Closing thought: Knitting sweaters can be interesting, educational, and even amusing. And I know you like watching me do it (e.g., comments here, here, here, and so on). I only hope my abstinence from this activity doesn’t cause you to seek your daily grumpy dose elsewhere ;). No sweater knitting does NOT mean no grumpiness. Rarrr!


49 thoughts on “Happily onward!

  1. donna lee

    I have knit 5 sweaters in my short knitting career (baby ones don’t count) and I have to say I don’t enjoy them. I love the challenge of new sock patterns and I am eyeing a first-ever shaw even though I am not a shaw person. I think I may design my own socks one day and I don’t think a full size sweater will come off my needles in a very very long time.

  2. amy

    Grump on! The Ingrid scarf is gorgeous. And thanks for the liberation. My sock and hat obsessions now feel justified.

  3. Lynn

    Damn. you go girl.

    I wish I could hop in the boat with you, but I LOVE sweaters. I WANT 90 percent of all patterns I see..but Have I knit a sweater in the past 3 years? No. I’m still working on one, but socks, scarves, hats, baby sweaters..I can crank those out. Part of my problem is my wrists. They are weak and get sore with the weight of anything large. 🙂

  4. Agnes

    Actually I’ve noticed you didn’t knit sweater for some time … but that’s so personal that I didn’t even have any second thought about it. You are still you, knitting sweater or not … I am actually surprised at your feeling a need for confession. But again, that’s personal! Do whatever pleases you, knitting is still your hobby (for now), not your job.

  5. Erica

    Knitting is knitting, no matter what the finished product. Sweater, smeater, the knitting is what’s important!

  6. Stephanie

    I’m so glad that you had that revelation and said it for the whole world to hear. I am there with ya sister. I love knitting small object and find them so much more satisfying and also so much easier for me to complete!! I get all ADD about it when I have a big project and flake out on the whole thing half way through. I do have a bit of second sock syndrome as well but eventually it all works out and both feet get covered with matching sockages. So sock on! (or scarf on as the moment may call for!)

  7. Miss Knotty

    I’m trying to be a sweater knitter, just to be able to say I’ve done one (it goes back to my childhood: ‘How do you know you hate broccoli? You’ve never tried it.’ Well, how do I know I’m not a sweater knitter if I’ve never completed one? The logic follows, for me… Once I have 1 done though, I may jump off that bandwagon. Living in Dallas, I don’t have a whole lot of need for them, unless you count them as protection from the arctic a/c most buildings have. Now, on to other things;

    Are you cutting your yarn on every row to create that fringe? How are you doing that? Just curious.

    Miss K.

  8. Gordana

    Great progress, I like the scarf and the socks also, and the skirt is amazing, I like the green color.

    I cant wait to see when you finished all of this goods!

  9. Lara900

    Hi Kathy,

    I like your color choices for the bag. I am just wondering, as I am working on the Via Diagonale from Knitty (by Wendy Wonnacott), the stitch pattern looks very similar, if not the same. What do you think?


  10. Laritza

    I have gone as much as 8 years without knitting a sweater. Just lace, shawls, throws and scarves. I went back to sweaters when I could not find one in my closet to wear and refused to buy ugly looking ones. I guess it just comes and goes over the years.

  11. Annie

    HAHHAHAHHA! I have been knitting for over 20 years and I am knitting my first official adult sweater now. I think it is wonderful that you are liberating yourself. Personally, I’d be happy to never knit a scarf again, but what’s knitting without a scarf or two? Hmmm.

  12. Lillie

    That scarf looks so cool. Is it fringing itself as you change colors? What keeps them from coming loose? Anyway, I say go on with your bad-non-sweater-knitting self. I’m sure we will all be equally entertained and continue to learn from you.

  13. MaryAnn

    As far as sweater knitting is concerned,and especially in my case,age does not equate with wisdom. Thirty years ago,when I bought my first house,the town had a wonderful little LYS with

    really expert knitters. I dropped a fortune on alpaca,etc. and could NEVER put together a wearable sweater. Hubby tried to give me confidence,but it was no use. I gave it up.

    Now,arthritis ridden with 2 torn rotater cuffs,

    I took up knitting with the prodding of the owner

    of my local LYS.

    My sweaters,vests are still awful despite help,

    measuring,etc. Every pattern seems to have a ton of mistakes,too,just like thirty years ago but now my brains are so scrambled that I can’t figure this out…

    But I LOVE socks,shawls,scarves.

    The passing of the years did not make me smarter

    where trying sweaters again is concerned. But at

    least I have the brains to drop them and do what

    works for me!

  14. Jody

    I’ve been a knitter now for almost three years. There’s a lot of pressure from my knittin peeps to get it together and “knit a sweater already!” I’ve been feeling a little guilty like maybe I should make one even though I don’t really want to. Maybe a sweater will make me a “real” knitter. But ya know what? I don’t even wear sweaters! Peer pressure be dammed – no sweaters for me! Thanks for that 😉

  15. Carrie

    Well, whatever you knit is lovely and inspiring, but don’t hate me if I want to take a stitch pattern you showcase and include it in a sweater. 😉 Seriously, though, life’s too short to knit stuff you don’t want to knit. Maybe we need a “Knit What You Wanna” button.

  16. Carol

    I’m sooo with you on the sweater issue! I’ve only been knitting for a couple of years, definitely going through a “lace” period right now, but keep getting the “when are you going to be a ‘real’ knitter & knit sweaters?” Maybe later in life, when work doesn’t take the majority of my time! Until then, rock on scarves, shawls & soon-to-learn socks!


  17. Rita

    I’m the same way with sewing, crochet, etc. I would much rather make a “thing” than clothing. Bring on the bags, hats, pillows – anything other than something that has to fit perfectly.

  18. Luni

    Is this necessary? I understood your last post, and read it with some interest, since it explained your feelings well. However, I don’t understand the button. Wouldn’t it just stir things up? What if someone came out with “I’m not a sock-knitter” buttons? Do we really need these labels?

    However, if you have been soundly criticized by your public for not knitting sweaters, this makes sense. If that’s the case, go ‘head on! Because you should be able to knit whatever you want.

  19. Amy

    Who else could ever give us great grouchiness with such style? Nobody! We’ll all still be here, never fear, no matter what things we like to knit. 🙂

  20. Sue H

    Thank you for the button! I’ve

    discovered lace and I’m hooked! I’d

    love to try socks but they scare me.

    You give me hope!! Keep it coming!

  21. Mrs. Brooke

    I just thought I’d post and let you know that I’m starting up a “Scarfapalooza” on my blog for those of us who would like a scarf exchange. Your post coincides perfectly with this development, so I thought I’d share.

    I’ve made one sweater and I hated it. It was sized for a two year old, which makes it even worse that it was hard on me, ha ha. Give me “accessory knitting” anyday.

  22. Misty the Kneedler

    Thank you so much for the link to information on how to add buttons (and legally!) to my blog. I am a new blogger and have had no idea what people are talking about when it is suggested to “save the button to your server first”. Now I know! It’s so hard sometimes to catch up on this blog thing for us late bloomers.

    And while I am definitely a sweater (among many other items) knitter I applaud anyone who knows herself well enough to only do what really moves her. I love seeing all your socks and scarves – knit on!

  23. charli

    I love knitting scarves, and for the last few months have considered knitting only scarves from now on! Well, shawls too….

    So, of course, last week I started a sweater. I have no idea why, except to blame it on Ravelry.

  24. Maryse

    This is funny 😉 I’m a new knitter and I am definitely drawn to knitting things like… sweaters and I don’t understand you! But I know some other knitters who really enjoy knitting accessories, so, I guess it takes all sort of people to make this world! I know for sure that I will continue to visit this site regularly. Your projects are always very very beautiful!

  25. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

    Knit what you love. It’s supposed to be fun. God knows, none of us are doing it to save money or time. I’ve tried to like knitting socks and shawls and mittens and hats–but I don’t. I only really love knitting sweaters. So I do, and I will continue to admire the lovely work of those of you who knit gorgeous socks and scarves and shawls and book covers and coasters and…

  26. Ann

    Love the socks – your knitting is always so beautiful & I will not be able to stay away from your blog. Thanks for the button!

  27. Brenda

    Thank goodness for personal likes and dislikes! The reason I got into knitting in the first place is because I love sweaters and wanted to knit, knit, knit as many sweaters for myself as I could. The first thing I ever knit was a Lopi sweater with three colors. I say knit what you’re passionate about. I still try to knit myself at least one sweater a year (along with one for my husband, one for a nephew, etc, etc) and have just discovered the joys of smaller projects. Keep them coming!

  28. Laura

    Quite agree, sweaters are far too taxing to my birdlike attention span (and they don’t get the neat look you have going on with your scarf!). I want to show off my knitted goodies _now_, goshdarnit, and sweaters just take too long. Of course, this is the time of year at which the boyfriend starts whimpering about how he is cold and he wishes someone loved him enough to make him a warm sweater…long story short, I have 17 balls of Classic AL in the closet, just waiting for a good pattern. Mind, I will need a sock in the wings at all times.

  29. Monica

    You should knit what you enjoy. Or enjoy your knitting. Hey, keep in mind this is coming from the person who’s too busy making yarn to knit it up!

  30. Mary Lynn

    My darlin’ hubby insists that I have knitting ADHD . . . I am fine with projects (bags, stoles, jewelry), but give me something big (or boring) and I’m a lost cause. I have so many started projects that I have finally come to realize that they are not beyond my capabilities, they just don’t hold my interest.

  31. Debi

    Isn’t one of the nicest things about knitting is that there is something to please everyone? Knit what brings you joy and even if that’s only dishcloths, you’re still a “real” knitter. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. A bunch of sweater UFO’s or unworn swaeters stuffed in a drawer, now that’s a sin, knitting what makes YOU happy isn’t!

    (I like it all btw, from dishcloths to sweaters to tanks to socks, socks, socks!)

  32. Soo

    I’ve been knitting for a gazillion years (more or less) and I’ve gone through phases of knitting sweaters, mittens, scarves, baby clothes and currently lace. In each phase I find my interest in the other possibilities knitting wanes…but when I least expect it I find something that lures me back to the forgotten knit and I go through the cycle again.

    That’s what I love about knitting, two sticks some string and a million different possibilities.

  33. dynna

    hand knitting is quite time consuming. life is too short to be knitting anything you aren’t truly enjoying. good for you to give up sweaters. although, the ones i have viewed here, made by you, were beautiful. glad to see grandma wants more socks and your scarf is beautiful.

  34. Sue

    I thought I was alone in this. I make one sweater a year, mostly because I can. But I don’t fall in love with that sweater like I will the socks and hats and mittens and dishcloths that I knit along the way. I prefer the instant gratification of the smaller projects.

  35. Susan

    My first knit item was a sweater. I love to make them and wear them and they will always remain a part of my knitting queue.

    However, recently I have also come to love knitting scarves and hats and other smaller accessories. There’s a lot to be said for an item that can be finished quickly.

    Lace. Well. I am a beginner. I’m working on a lace scarf in worsted weight. I figure I’ll go down gauges and yarn size until I’m comfortable with laceweight.

    The cool thing about knitting is that there is something for everybody.

    My own guilty secret is that I don’t think I like socks that much. I just gave away my first knit pair. I am going to try again to see if I like the next pair better. We’ll see. They were fun to knit. Not so fun to wear.

  36. Suzy

    I had a similar realization about fair isle. I love how it looks, but I just hate hate hate knitting it. I gave up on it and I’m much happier now.

    And I can’t tell you how many times I got halfway through a sweater and then wished that a little fairy would come and finish it for me so I could move on to something else. haha… Out of all the sweaters I’ve finished, there’s only a couple that are actually functional in my wardrobe alongside storebought items. I think I usually chalk it up to my inexperience, but it’s always much more fun to do small projects that you KNOW will be functional.

    p.s. — hi there fellow bostonian!

  37. Heather

    Hoo-rah! I am yarn fanatic and avid knitter but if I never do another sweater or some other complicated work – that’s fine! I’m a happy hat/scarf gal and proud of it!

  38. Juls

    thanks for posting your mods on the Hello Yarn Cable Twist socks. I finished my pair and am absolutely in love with them. Without your mods, I probably would have passed on the pattern all together since it called for worsted weight.

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