My joy in life is details.

The Bag

The Bag is knit circularly, and the colors alternate every two rounds – two yellow, two green, two yellow, and so on. Because many of the stitches are slipped, the fabric compacts in both the vertical and horizontal directions. I’m certain that carrying the yarns without twisting would not result in noticeable holes. However, I’ve chosen to twist ;). The neat barber pole created at the start of the round makes me oh-so happy!

Focus on Fringe scarf

The focus of the Focus on Fringe scarf is, naturally, fringe. The extensive mane is formed along the long side of the scarf: the yarn is cut every two rows, and the tails are knotted together. This easily lends itself to various striping whimsies. At the moment, I’m tying every two tails into a knot, close to the edge of the scarf. I may make a second row of knots about 1″ away from the edge (just as the pattern suggests) before trimming the fringe.

My blanketicon

You’ve seen this blanket countless times on my blog – I frequently use it as a backdrop in my photographs. Its color is pretty neutral, so it doesn’t distort the colors of my projects too much.

What you don’t know is that it is the softest, cuddliest, most wonderful blanket evericon – 43 bucks, 50% cotton, 50% bamboo, 100% the type of blanket you give to a baby (okay, triplets – it’s a big blankie!) and it’s still a treasured possession 18 years later.

But it’s starting to pill, and while I don’t mind continuing to sleep under it, it’s becoming less and less attractive when used as a backdrop for my knitting photos. So sad. Harumph!


20 thoughts on “Details

  1. jen c

    my sister has that blanket! i’ve been living in her rented flat for the past year, and when she moved back to town with a husband and baby this place was too small so they left me with the apartment, but took all their stuff (obviously!). and THAT’S the blanket that kept me warm through the harsh bitter Newfoundland winter! she said she bought hers at Winners and i was dreading having to scour this town for a suitable replacement but now i don’t have to! yay oh yay!

  2. Erica

    Come on, what’s a few pills samong friends? I say keep using it for the backdrop. Consistency all the way!

  3. Lisa

    Pills? What pills? We don’t see no steekin’ pills!

    Seriously, who can see the pilling when there’s wonderful knitting?

  4. Mary

    I’ve never used a sweater stone, but I’d recommend a clothes shaver. It’s helped me/kept me from having to buy new work clothes every season.

  5. Carin

    Hi! First time poster here. I have been loving The Bag (and everything else you’ve been working on) and can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the handles. Have you made any decisions?

  6. margaux

    i had to click about 5 times before I got to the original bag post haha! It’s coming out lovely! Are you thinking of a little fabric layer inside??

  7. Sarah

    Both two color projects look great! I loved your earlier discussion on making sweaters. While I like making them, it’s great seeing all the other things you’re working on.

  8. Melissa

    I love the way the fringe scarf is working up. Sorry about your blankie! Maybe you could try shaving a section of it and see how it looks?

  9. Kathleen

    I’ve recently fallen in love with knitting bags. I’ve made three very cute ones that I just made up the patternto. When they are finished I’ll post them on my blog. I have been knitting them out of rayon — well, I did make one out of Tibetan Silk. They are such fun to work on.

    Thanks for the great ideas!!!

  10. leslie

    I’m sorry to post here but cant’t seem to get e-mail to work. I purchased your gorgeous beret pattern but didn’t print directions for tubular cast-on….nor did I save the pattern. Can you help me?



  11. Lou

    Wow, you’re blanket is 18 years old? I didn’t know thye were manufacturing bamboo fiber that long. I guess it’s only recently that it’s come to the attention of knitters. Or maybe I just missed it. It’s good to know that it’s warm. I love the silky feel of bamboo yarn but I wasn’t sure whether it was better suited for warm or cold weather.

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