Sassy is as sassy does


A remake of this Burda skirt (pattern #8213) I sewed back in October.

Sassy-fication accomplished by:

  • using black wide-wale cotton corduroy (1.5 yds, 60″ bolt) (impossible to photograph!)
  • cutting each gore at a 60° angle to the grain of the fabric
  • fully lining with Hang Loose polyester (2 yds, 48″ bolt)
  • using a contoured waistband (couture design)
  • closing with an invisible zipper, hidden tab, hook and eye, and a button
  • black Sofft Calypso shoes

Who wouldn’t want a little flare in their life? Sassy!


60 thoughts on “Sassy is as sassy does

  1. Solveig

    I L-O-V-E your shoes!

    And I really like your skirt, I have something similar in my closet, only mine is with an lace edge on the bottom!

  2. Tania

    Ok, I’m jealous. I really need to build up my sewing skills. I’ve done two skirts so far, but just need to practice. Have you checked out Sew What? Skirts by Tilton? Not as fancy as the gored skirt, but fun.

  3. Bead Knitter

    The skirt is so cute! I love flaired hems. They make me feel so girly.

    That’s not the purpose of this comment though. I wanted to let you know I tried out your tutorial on knitting cables without using a cable needle. I absolutely LOVE it. It was easy to follow, and I am done with cable needles. I’ve been working on a baby cardigan with cables up the front and quite frankly, doing them without the needle has been a joy.

    Thanks for posting it. I have put a link on my blog to this tutorial so others can find it, and I also have a pic of the baby sweater, so far, on my blog should you wish to see it.

    Take care,

    The Bead Knitter

  4. Nubiancraftster

    Wow love the skirt! Super Sassy!

    But are you okay?? After seeing that jump, horrible things ran through my mind of what happened after the shutter snapped. Jumping that high, with those heels, would put any stunt woman to shame!

  5. Ashley

    Looks really great. I’d totally buy that in a store, and that is NOT something I’d say about a lot of hand-sewn clothing!

  6. claudia

    Impossible to photograph, indeed. I’ll bet you tried hard for the cool, geometric intersection of the “wales”.

  7. Teresa C

    Whoo! I love a good sewn to fit garment. My sewing machine has been getting a little workout lately as well. That skirt is very sassy indeed, you work it girl!

  8. Anna

    I would kill myself jumping in heels like that. Heck, last March I was somewhat dressed up when I went to a movie (long story), slipped on a wet floor, and whacked my head on a seat. I’m not so much in the graceful department, alas. 😉

    That skirt is super-cute. Makes me want to get my sewing machine out, but I think I need to finish up a few more knitted things first.

  9. Kyla

    Great ring! Did you get engaged? I’ve been wondering who the hairy-legged guy is who models some of the socks. Maybe not to be divulged on the knitting blog, but no harm in asking!

  10. joy

    Cute! I just love that picture of you jumping at the end. How many shots did you have to take to get that? 🙂

  11. AllyB

    Suuper cuute skirt Grumpy! Thanks for the inspiration! Makes me want to get my yellow pants finished…before Winter comes LOL Your talents are boundless!

  12. Steph Bolinger

    Very nice! and the leap is impressive! Me, I trip over air, so that is really quite an accomplishment in my book. You’re making me want to sew again!

  13. Steph Bolinger

    Very nice skirt! And the leap is impressive…I trip over thin air, so that’s quite an accomplishment in my book. You’re making me want to sew again!

  14. Emma

    Gorgeous skirt!! I haven’t posted a comment in a while, but I’ve definitely been here reading and being inspired by you!!!

  15. Amber Joy

    The skirt is simply adorable! But what I really want to know is… how many takes did that awesome jumping picture require? It’s perfect!

  16. Magatha

    The skirt is just perfectly gorgeous and I have those exact shoes too, (Sofft, Calypso.) So does my 13 yr. old niece. They are “so Anthropologie” as she puts it.

  17. Karma

    That skirt is so cute! I love wearing really feminine things once in a while, they make me feel so floofy, in a good way. I don’t think I commented on your shoes last time; they’re beautiful. And I know how good they feel on your feet, too.

  18. Sheila

    The skirt is really hot! Your sewing abilities are really improving by leaps and bounds. The shoes are really cute. Thjey remind me of the shoes I wore when taking ballroom dancing. Are these shoes considered for the young or can they be worn by a 50 plus lady in fairly good shape – with a young heart. Oh and the bling? Is it whagt I think?

  19. Heide

    WOW! I bow to your skills both in knitting and in sewing. The cut on the angle with the corduroy really accentuates the flair. Too cute, now if only you knew someone to make you a shawl to complete the outfit…

  20. TracyKM


    How do you know how to make those specific changes to the pattern? More sewing lessons? I really want to try sewing some clothes after seeing what you’ve accomplished!

  21. Kathy

    Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed the ring and the hairy man leg, and instantly put them together.

    THat skirt is super, I wish I was better at sewing than I am, I run far from my machine.


  22. Michelle

    Love the skirt! I’ve been on a skirt kick lately! Just very simple though! I saw a skirt simalar to yours just the other day and though damn that’s cute…I wonder if I could make one….

  23. Alexandra

    I love that skirt! You’ve made rather beautiful things, I must say.

    I had a rather odd question: How did you find your sewing teacher? I also live in the Boston area (specifically in Cambridge) and have been looking desperately for a way to learn sewing properly, but have had horrid luck with class start dates, etc. Ideally, I’d love to have something like you do: someone to take me in hand and guide me soothingly through the ins and outs of sewing, but I’m having rather bad luck finding someone. Would you happen to have any suggestions? I’m sorry to bother you about this, but you’re the only person I know of who has had luck wiht finding a proper teacher of this sort.



  24. Jane

    Great skirt. Googled this pattern and found your blog. What is the lovely couture design waistband? I looked at the photo of it, is there a tutorial somewhere to see? Thanks.

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