I’m absolutely dumbfounded. Shocked. How could this be?!?

Seriously. I’m in a state of panic.

I mean, have you glanced at the Sidewinders directions? Talk about odd, esoteric, bizarre, and all together kooky.

All of that could turn out to be a proper sock?!? Yeah, right!

But it did. It was all a matter of trust. I knew Nona wouldn’t lead me astray, no matter how ridiculous the sock-in-progress looked sometimes, no matter how nonsensical the instructions seemed. I trusted every line of that kookiness.

And I must say, it’s not just “a sock,” it’s a decent-fitting sock!

The only thing I’d change is the width. A slightly narrower sock would have been perfect. You see, my feet are borderline wide – the circumference at the ball of the foot is 8.75″, I have high arches and instep, and shapely calves – so I worked the wide variation of the sock. That ended up being about 4-6 rows too wide, however. (The medium width wouldn’t have worked, in case you’re curious: it’s 12 rows narrower, so it’d be too snug.)

But now that I know how the socks are constructed, I think I’m capable of modifying the pattern to fit my medium-wide feet. The question is – do I rip this one out and start over, or knit a pair of looser-fitting socks for lounging around the house and such?

Dud photo alert!

Oh, sock photography, why must you be such a pain in my ass?


39 thoughts on “Shock!

  1. Jen

    Beautiful! I’m still stuck back in the part where the directions seem impossibly illogical, so you give me hope!

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    I’m keen to start my Sidewinder, too, but first I have to finish my first Jaywalker (!!!) in Tofutsies to free up the size 1 dpns. My poor friend is just going to have to wait for the other half of her Jaywalkers, while I make something for ME, ME, ME! Nona’s foot is high in the arch and top like mine, and like yours if I recall correctly, so the Sidewinder should fit well. I hope.

  3. Kristy

    So do you have the grafting directions memorized now? 🙂 I’m starting on Act IV tonight, and I can’t wait to see how it fits when I’m done!

  4. Bec

    This is just my OCD coming into play, but if it’s not perfect, I’d never be happy…. so I’d rip back and start all over again.

  5. Ashley

    Tee hee-sock photography is the bane of my existence! (I’ve found mine have improved immensely since I started up with yoga again, though.)

    You know what I love? I love trusting the pattern, and just doing it, and knowing that it will turn out right. There are so many error-riddled patterns where that’s NOT the case that it’s always a relief to find a trustworthy one!

  6. Rachel

    I like the way the garter shows in the back of your sidewinder, on mine it is kind of lost in the stripes created by the colour. I would leave this pair for the home and knit another one, it goes so fast, oh but this can be a good reason for ripping it off too,,, 🙂

  7. laura b

    You can’t rip your first Sidewinder! It’s your prototype. You have to keep your prototype so you can actually physically compare it to any modified sidewinders!

    Okay, maybe you don’t have to keep it… but I would!

  8. phoenix

    I’d vote for ripping and fixing the width so you can show them off everywhere, but I’m a pain like that. They look wonderful, even in the dud picture.

  9. Tobys

    I frogged my Sidewinder. It was my fault – my gauge was a bit tighter than the pattern and it was too snug for my high arch and big heel. I too feel like now that I’ve knit one from start to finish, that I have an understanding of how to modify it to make it fit.

  10. Erica

    You could call it sock shock!

    Nice looking floor on the dud photo. Pants look good, too.

  11. carla

    I didn’t get past swatching for Sidewinders. I’m all for novel approaches, but why purl back if you don’t have to?

    Yours look very nice, though!

  12. Stacey

    I had the same problem with the sock coming out a bit wide. I have narrow feet so I knit the medium width (the narrow would have been to tight) but the medium still came out a little wide. I’ve decided to knit the second sock the same way and keep this pair as house socks.

    I’m also looking at this first pair as a learning experience. I followed the pattern fairly blindly for the first one but I did find some errors. I plan to pay more attention the second time to create a pattern that will fit me better. This first pair will look really wonky, but the next pair will be great.

    Love your sock by the way, I think next time I might try knitting them with yarn that has some elastic in it.

  13. Elinor

    OK, but are you at all worried that the sock will stretch the wrong way? With regular socks, the stretch is around the foot. Knitting this way, the stretch would be longways. So I guess my question is are you worried that the socks will get longer with wear?

  14. Karen B.

    Sidewinders = no flashing or pooling! They appear to be more “Impressionist” – sort of like a Monet. I think it is the physics of the construction married with the variegated yarn that intrigues me most.

  15. becky c.

    I am halfway through my first Sidewinder and the toe part is freaking me out – I really don’t understand how it will turn into a toe. But your success reassures me – I will continue to be a blind follower. EZ’s baby surprise jacket is a similar leap of faith, but that had a happy ending, so I will remain hopeful.

  16. Tracy H.

    Looks like fun! My only problem is my legs/ankles are considerably larger circumference than my feet. With top-down socks I usually start with a needle one size larger than the main one, go down a size mid-leg, then extend the gusset further to make the foot narrower. Could something be done with short-row shaping to make the leg tapered / more cone-like?

  17. nonaKnits

    Great sock!

    The width is tricky business. You want your sock wide enough to fit over your heel, but narrow enough to fit snuggly. It’s really easy to adjust the pattern to take out 4 rows of width. If you notice each Act in the pattern has, what I call, a plateau — a section where you work straight without shaping. In each of these plateaus you can simply eliminate 1 of the rows, removing 4 rows total. To remove a total of 8 rows, remove 2 rows from each plateau. It’s best to keep it a multiple of 4 since the cuff stitch pattern is happiest that way.

    As for the ripping question. Why not knit your second sock first — adjusting the width as necessary — and compare the two. This will help you to know if the rip & re-knit is worth it.

    Thanks for having the faith and joining in! It was great fun watching your progress.

  18. kelly

    Neat! I was hoping you finished yours up so I could get a better look at the colorway. Pretty! I say go for a lounging pair of socks this round, and knit another pair in a yarn that will look really good sideways for an “out and about” pair of socks.

  19. Nancy

    Wow! Your Sidewinder looks great! I’m in the middle of Act 4 (still); life interrupted a little bit last night, but I hope to finish sock #1 tonight. I can’t wait to try it on. Finished Sidewinders are now popping up in all over!

  20. Ryn

    Wow! Those are great! I love the colourway of the yarn- reminds me of confetti!

    I totally know what you mean on the Sidewinders directions, though. It’s so amazing, the transformative powers of knitting!

  21. chris in AZ

    Don’t you mean Nonasensical? Seriously, though…keep the first pair for comparison to the next pair…may be good for tweaking the pattern to customize further.

  22. Pikku-Kettu

    I’s still stuck on “I can’t believe you can knit a sock sideways. Sideways?! That’s messing with everything that I’ve known to be holy. Where’s the heel at?”

    Still, that is one kick-ass sock!

  23. sarah

    I may owe you an apology… I abandoned my first Jaywalkers almost without a qualm in order to knit a Sidewinder. Isn’t it an amazing pattern? What does YOUR toe graft look like?

  24. Shamiran

    Tough call… Personally, I don’t think they look too wide on you, but then again I’m not the one who will be wearing them.

    I don’t have that problem at all… I have wide feet… very large, wide feet. (actually, your Grandma and I probably wear the same size.) 🙂

    Good job! This is on my list to do as well.

  25. Heide

    The sock is absolultely stunning. I especially love the way the yarn colors came out. But I must admit that sidewinders will not be added to my “to knit” list. I’m, without a doubt, the worst finisher in the knitting world and sewing up an entire sock and not just the toe would make me insane. Happy Flag Day!

  26. xtina

    I’m just starting my toe decreases. I love this pattern, and it’s my new favorite for hand paints. I want to make knee socks!

  27. Brenda

    That turned out very well. I hope you plan to share your mods, as my foot is also 8.75″ in circumferenece, etc. The yarn of the current sock looks like the perfect lounge sock.

  28. Helen

    And I was JUST casting about for which sock should be next (having just bound off a sock in what looks like the same Bamboo yarn same color way as your Sidewinder). It’s marvy!

    and just moved higher on my list!

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