Refilling the patience bucket

Cynthia at FuzzyMabel saved the day: not only did she have Wick in a matching dye lot, the shipping was free!

Let’s see, Fishnet Knee-Highs: 3 skeins of Wick (check! all the same dye lot, too!), pattern in Knitting Lingerie Style (got it!), size 3 dpns (yup!), size 6 dpns (ditto!)…

Ready to go!

I’ll tell you about knitting with this very interesting soy/polypropylene blend yarn and the equally-intriguing toe instructions (not short rows! not figure 8! not Turkish cast-on!) another time, because I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now:

Dude, it doesn’t look like the photo! Specifically, it’s much less lacy. Even more specifically, I think the photographed sock uses something like *yo, k2tog, while the instructions say, *k1, yo, k2tog. And the ribbing in the photo is 1 X 1, contrary to the written instructions’ 2 X 2.

Anyone know where the errata are?

I e-mailed Joan yesterday, waited for a bit, then decided to contain my impatience by considering another project.

Cute, eh? It’s Wendy Wonnacott’s The Bag from No Sheep for You.

I’ve had an urge to knit with twine-y yarn lately – linen or hemp – and The Bag could be a perfect little experiment, since I haven’t used either fiber before. The issue is that the pattern uses two different colors, and I’m wondering if I can get away with using only one. On the one hand, I can’t tell where ‘cinnamon’ ends and ‘pumpkin’ begins in that photograph, so I bet it will look fine as a solidly-colored fabric. On the other hand, maybe it will look super-fantastic if two highly contrasting colors are used! I have no idea!

Has anyone knit this pattern yet?

I e-mailed Wendy yesterday, waited for a bit, then decided to contain my impatience by considering another project.

The futile chaos that followed is best left unrecorded.

Why this frenzy all of a sudden? Is the current WIP lineup not up to par? Sidewinders, Scala socks, Fir Cone scarf, not to mention a few truly antique goodies at the bottom of the knitting basket. Sigh.

Is it so wrong that I just wanted to cast on something brand new??? But I have to be smart and patient when starting new projects, I’ve learned (or you know what happens…). So, for now, I’ve refilled my patience bucket, because what I really want is a hemp The Bag and pretty Fishnet Knee-Highs, nothing else.


42 thoughts on “Refilling the patience bucket

  1. Tsarina of Tsocks

    What you’re saying about that fishnet sock is EXACTLY what I posted (well… um… a subset of what I posted) in a comment on your original entry on it! There’s no way that those instructions could produce the single mesh in the picture. (I too looked for errata – no luck.)

    Also, I continue to feel that worsted weight and fishnets are just a weird combination – and I still don’t think pick-up short-rowing is a good choice for a toe, because of the ridge it makes on the inside.

    Then again – I’m biased….

  2. catherine

    it must be something in the air… i find myself continually casting on new projects, when i have my hands full already.

    i’m curious to see how “off” the pattern ends up being, as i had planned on buying “knitting lingerie style” myself…

  3. Mel

    I’m curious as to what’s meant by “pick-up” short rows. Japanese style, à la P G-R? I find with the Sherman technique, where stitches are being picked up as you work your way back from the tip of the toe/heel, that there is actually very little ridge at all, particularly compared to wrapped short rows or the YO technique and even on worsted weight.

    I’m curious as to your opinion on the Wick. I tried it and didn’t like it – too syntheticky to my tastes. Plus, it gets too easily picked up on my hands, which aren’t the smoothest even on my best days.

  4. Stephanie

    Oh, a new project is just too tempting to resist. I haven’t knit on my WIPs, but instead started a new sock. It’s just our nature to want to do something new and exciting.

  5. Ashley

    Sigh. Come on, publishers!

    Re the bag, I don’t have the book, but can you start part of it in one color and the switch to another when/if appropriate?

  6. Tsarina of Tsocks

    Mel – what I meant by “pick-up” isn’t technically what’s known as short-rowing at all (though it does qualify in the sense that it is still shaping formed by using shorter rows). As with a short-row toe or heel, you work half the piece flat, but instead of leaving an additional stitch live at the end of each row, you work decreases. So the piece has a selvedge; on the way back you work the increases by picking up a stitch in that selvedge at the end of each row. It’s a nice neat shape, and a lot of people find it easier than normal short-rowing (I can’t do the P G-R method myself – somehow it just doesn’t work for me – but I love wrap-&-turn, so go figure) – the only problem with it is that it does form a ridge on the inside, where the stitches are picked up and the selvedge turns under. If your toes are at all sensitive I don’t think it’s the best choice.

  7. connie

    I’m totally this way too – always wanting to cast on new projects before finishing old ones. It’s an epidemic with me. That’s why I really like deadline knitting – whether it’s a gift for a friend, a sample project, or a design project – there’s something external pushing you to finish. Otherwise, I’d never get any knitting done! 🙂

  8. Laura

    Just so you know, Wendy has be MIA for many months now. None of her knitting friends (not even Amy Singer) has heard from her in a long time. If you get a response from her I’d be surprised.

  9. ann

    I hear you on the impatience. I have 2 pattern books en route to me for my next projects… should be timed to arrive next week, giving me this week to just concentrate on my current big WIP…. but I feel so constrained! confined! I want to knit NEW things!

    (it’s not just you, in otherwords.)

  10. Mrs. Hipp

    The yarn is intriguing…does it wick the sweat away from your feet? The polypropylene content makes me think so. I’ll be interested to see your opinion on the resultant sock. This yarn might just be the means to a perfect hiking sock!

  11. helen

    good luck with those socks! They look like a really fun project. As for the bag, Wendy has been MIA for months now. First Italy had lots of trouble with the Internet, and I think she had some family issues going on. We all miss her so if you get in touch with her, tell her Knitty wants her back!

  12. Jen

    Kathy, check out the knittyboard for a thread or two on Zib. Last I remember hearing there were problems with her internet connection in Sicily – like for the whole island. I don’t know if it’s back up or not, honestly. If you look through her blog posts there’s probably a link to her husband’s website. It might be easier to find her that way.

  13. Sundara

    Well, at least you don’t have to wait for me to dye you something to start your project. That would really try your patience.

    Cute bag and good choice! My opinion is to not knit it with two highly contrasting colors. I think either the same color for both strands or two very similar colors would work best. Otherwise it might get fugly.

    No clue on the socks and lace issue.

  14. allie

    Mmm… so many choices. Lately, I’ve been wanting to cast-on many, many projects. I nearly started 3 today, but limited myself to just one: a pair of

    cable net socks.

    Good luck w/ the socks and the bag, they will both turn out beautifully. And I second Sundara on using a solid color or similar colors.

  15. Karen S

    It might be that you just suffer from a mild case of startitis, which I’m certain happens to all of us from time to time.

    And no, there is nothing wrong with wanting just those two projects, as they are pretty and wonderful and so forth. Just plain irritating, when things doesn’t conform to pattern, eh?

  16. Heidi

    I had the same problem with another pattern I was knitting from the same book. There just was no way the pattern could produce what was in the picture. These things bug me to no end, because it feels like they haven’t double checked their notes.

  17. SockPixie

    About socks…Socks do not count in the WIPs. The yarn used for them is not stash, so by extension, they cannot be WIPs!

    Caroline, the SockPixie

  18. Carol

    My yarn for The Bag just arrived yesterday. I’m using chocolate and deep sea Allhemp 6 because I have fabric for lining in those colors. Now Sundara just commented that highly contrasting might look fugly and she knows her color! What to do?? I still think the bag is better with 2 colors over just one.

  19. Sarah

    Of course you taunt us with an ingenious toe and then tell us nothing about it! Grrr… We’ll have to wait for your next post, I suppose.

  20. Gena

    I can’t tell any color differences in the bag. And I bet it would look great in a single color, as the texture is strong and change with each quadrant.

  21. marie in florida

    dear Grumperina;; i’m always sad when you find a pattern you love that turns out to be so totally wrong. sad, sad…the worst part is that might be some nearly newbie’s project and she will think she is a looser who can’t follow directions. so sad.

    keep us updated on “the fix ” ?

  22. Jocelyn

    Hi Kathy,

    If you hear back from Wendy, could you ask her what is going on with The Garter Belt?? I really like their patterns, but there hasn’t been an update in months. Congrats on the Knitscene article, btw.

  23. AllyB

    Call me crazy but that bag looks like it was worked with both colors at the same time. That’s how I’d do it. It would set off each stitch nicely so you could see all the texture. Good luck with those socks!

  24. diana

    Love the fishnet kneehighs and I love that bag. How did I miss all of these projects??? But let’s talk about hemp….

  25. Angie

    Have you done a review on No Sheep For You? I have been considering buying it, but can’t paw through it at a LYS before I do, so I’m curious.

  26. Heather

    I think there’s something in the water, because I’ve been doing the same thing; starting, finding I can’t get anywhere because of needles or pattern or somesuch, putting that down and starting another thing. Then frogging…

    I hope to re-start my Sidewinders today, and hopefully those will stick. 🙂

  27. Susan P

    My problem with hemp and linen is the fact that they are so unpleasant to knit with – stiff, inflexible, unyielding (Wait! Are we talking about politicians or yarn?)

    I understand the knitted fabric is none of the above, but I just can’t get past the “this isn’t any fun” aspect, which is usually followed closely by “this is a pain in the ass” syndrome.

    Any way you can wash BEFORE knitting?


  28. kelly

    Too bad your sock didn’t work out! The pattern sure looks nice in the picture, though. I’ve been trying to finish a sweater forever, yet there’s a million other things that I want to knit- for about a minute. I think it’s the hot weather. At least Summer of Socks 07 will keep me on track!

  29. Christy

    A lurker comes out! I’ve done The Bag, loved The Bag, and sadly, gave away The Bag prior to taking pictures (you know how knitting against a birthday deadline can be…). Because of the slip stitch this pattern uses, doing it in one color would, in my opinion, make a lot of work for no real payoff. If you look on page 28 of NSFY you can see the two colors more clearly. I didn’t do mine in very contrasting colors, but different ones nonetheless. Allhemp 6 in Lilac and Charcol. Kind of made The Bag look like it had a shadow…very cool.

    No Sheep is great. I liked almost every pattern in it, my husband found two sweaters fro himself, and the sheer volume of information about non-wools is worth the purchase.

    Oh, and I did wash my hemp ahead of time, just had to secure it with a few extra ties, and voila!

    Hope this helps!

  30. Hayley

    The socks were the first thing I made out of the book, and yeah, there’s NO WAY the stitch pattern matches. I actually went ahead and made them as directed because I liked the double mesh pattern as it was coming out, but I plan on making another pair and figuring out what that single mesh stitch pattern should actually be.

  31. Aimee

    I read on a forum (Maybe Knitty, maybe Knitter’s Review) that the pattern for the kneehighs should be *k2tog, yo*…but I haven’t tried them out yet.

    I’ve made 2 other patterns from Knitting Lingerie Style, and I haven’t noticed any other errata.

  32. Lesley

    I think I’m in love with that bag.

    (hi, btw…i lurk here a lot and never comment. I find it comforting that there are other people out there like me that are not content unless they are contemplating multiple projects!)

  33. Katie

    Thank you! I was going to start the socks tonight but I will wait until you tell me what to do to make them look like the picture.

  34. Dawn

    I’m working on Joan’s fishnet stockings from the winter issue of knit.1. I didn’t agree with the whole K1 at the beginning of the round and I just brushed it off and did what made sense. I tried them on after I was over the knee and there’s a big, gaptastic ladder running up the side. It’s certainly not your typical ladder from dpns, because it doesn’t appear elsewhere. I’m not ripping, so I hope blocking fixes it up a little.

  35. Erica

    RE what Jen said: Last I looked, even Lucky (Wendy’s hubby) hasn’t updated his business website since October, like Wendy. I spoke w/her in November, but haven’t heard a peep out of her since, and I lost her # when I killed my hard drive in January. We’re all very worried about her.

  36. Sherry Miller

    I started the bag using Pumpkin and Dusty Rose – they look great together. I agree with the commenter that noted this is a slip stitch pattern that would be lost in a single color. That said, I found the pattern terribly confusing – I was never sure where on the bag I was knitting. I wasn’t loving the stitch pattern, but I was so confused that it may well be I was doing it wrong. So I started over using the Three-and-One pattern from Barbara Walker’s first Tresury, and I’m very happy with the way it came out.

    One word of caution about the hemp – I was so happy with the fabric and in a hurry to finish that I did a marathon knitting session to get to the end. My hands – especially my thumbs – and my wrists were so sore afterwards I couldn’t knit for the next two days.

  37. Beth knits a chunk before dinner

    Hi, you are a scream! One of the best knitters I have ever seen! Love your blog. I wanted to comment on the ‘sewing in a straight line’ entry but looks like its full. I am so interested in what is going one with people when they can guide the fabric correctly, i.e. do you look at the edge of your straight foot (e.g. 1/4 seam thus created) or do you look at that guide thing with those funny lines that always make me forget which I was looking at. Do you stick a seam guide in the hole that was made for you or just stick a pad of post-it notes to the deck so the fabric butts up to that. Others use masking tape….etc etc etc. I noticed however, that you have 20/20 vision. I have that also in one eye. It occurs to me that because you can see so well, you are ‘seeing too many points of reference’ when it comes to guiding the fabric…?? Dunno, could be, NEwayz, I use the presser foot edge and I thankfully can sew more straight than I ever did before.

    Sewing straight is more than an achievement….it opens up the world of QUILTING !!!!!!!!!!! arggghhh!

    Lots of luck


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