For the record


For the record, this is how far 1 skein of Wick gets you. That’s about 9″ above the anklebone (of my average US 7 – Euro 38 feet). Not bad! Especially considering each skein is only 120 yards.

I’ve been asked many questions about these socks – (Q1) are they comfortable? (Q2) Do the bumps created by the decreases hurt when you step on them? (Q3) What’s the point of using moisture-wicking yarn when there are so many holes? (Q4) And who knits socks out of worsted-weight yarn anyway?

Did I get them all? πŸ™‚

I thought about all these points, and my answer is we all have different priorities. Wendy would say, “Your mileage may vary.”

I had 2 skeins of Wick in my stash for the longest time, more than a year, and I’ve been itching to knit it up into something, anything. When a cute and interesting pattern came along and I was able to get a 3rd skein without much effort, it was reason enough for me to cast on.

I didn’t consider what it would be like to wear the socks because, first and foremost, I knit for the sake of knitting. You knew that, right?? Your reasons for knitting may be entirely different, and the wearability of the project may be a very important priority. But that’s not the case for me. I really didn’t think much about it until all the comments. I just think these knee-highs are way cool and therefore I must knit them!

But I know that’s not the answer you want to hear. You want me to think about the questions you posed, and give an honest opinion, right?

Certainly these knee-highs are more ‘show’ than ‘function’. If we wanted functional knee-highs, we’d grab some wool and hit up Cookie A for a pattern. (A1) On the other hand, I really dig the fabric formed by the fishnet pattern – it’s very stretchy, and I think these will stay up exceptionally well. (A2) I do feel the decrease bumps when I step on them. They don’t bother me, but they may bother you, especially if you plan to wear these socks with shoes. (A3) I think the designer chose to use Wick because it’s very stretchy, and very soft, and not because it has moisture-wicking abilities. I think Cascade Fixation Bulky would do the trick, too, except it’s not as soft, in my opinion. (A4) Using thinner yarn would make very dainty and delicate fishnets for sure. So, go for it! But for instant gratification, worsted weight is awesome. Just a few days, and you’ve got a finished pair of pretty, lacy, ooh-la-la, make the men drool stockings!


42 thoughts on “For the record

  1. AmyS

    Oooh I’m the first commenter!!! What a great sock, makes me want to try it. I like the ooo-lala kitten factor they have, and the fact that they do practically look seemless. Very clever indeed!

  2. Sarah

    My husband just made a request for fishnet stockings for me, and so I’ve been watching your blog very closely. They are absolutely lovely, keep up the wonderful, beautiful, lovely work.

  3. mary lou

    I too knit for the process of knitting, puzzling out new stitches and patterns, figuring out how things work, and pondering about the genius who created magic with fibre and sticks! Your fishnets look terrific! Knit on, sistah!

  4. Kay

    That toe is a work of art as are the rest of the socks. Whatever reason you knit: you do a mighty fine job of it!

  5. Christina

    I think they look fabulous and fun to knit……… get some jeans or a long skirt and your earth shoes (so you feel the decrease bump less when you are walking on your heel) and off you go! They make me think of fall and long for the season to arrive.

  6. Lee

    I wasn’t that into these socks until these pictures. I probably won’t knit them, but they look way cool!

    And btw, I’m wearing that exact skirt right now.

  7. Daphne

    I *glanced* at the pattern while in Powell’s the other day (and put the book on my wish list) and it appeared to be correct — maybe it’s already corrected in a reprint? Weird…

  8. Kathleen C.

    Hmmm… the men will drool, eh? Perhaps *that’s* why they’re moisture wicking?

  9. Maren

    Just had to say — hey, that’s my skirt! I swear I’ve worn it about 20 times since I bought it mid-May at Target.

  10. Kathy

    I (being a lace shawl knitter) certainly understand knitting for the sake of knitting, but I think of socks as functional, where as shawls, I just don’t wear, I just knits. Lace shawls to me are like socks to Grumpy here, I have a whole bunch of them on the go, and never seem to go without some on the needle.

    I think that’s why I asked about the comfort level, but then I am super sensitive about what is on my feet, it’s a prickly point with me, I don’t like socks, but if I HAVE to wear them they had better be thin, smooth and short. Feet really are the most ick part of the bod!

    All that said, I seem to be sock obsessed recently. I am trying to get over that by knitting an Odessa for a friend going through chemo.


  11. Ann

    Such lovely socks & you are right – just knit them for the sake of knitting. I do the same & just enjoy the thrills of knitting something different.

  12. Kivy

    I was thinking that this pattern would be great as a pair of leggings/footless tights. How fun would they be under a jean mini-skirt or something such?

  13. Wendy

    Even though my mileage may vary on some things, I am in total agreement with you on sometimes knitting something for the sake of knitting!

  14. Sarah

    I wonder if you could modify the pattern to knit the sole in stockinette if those bumps really bothered you? Well, I know that YOU could modify the pattern, if anyone could.

  15. Heide

    Love the fishnets! Did you make the dress/skirt in the photo too? I’d not be surprized o’Talented one. I knit swatches sometimes and tear them out just to keep busy.

  16. Amy

    Wonderful socks, wonderful pattern, I’m with you on the Zen, but the picture makes me wonder–did you stop there or actually knit them up to the knee? And if not knee high, why not? (You said you had three skeins. Was pic still work in progress?)

  17. tania

    They look great! Thanks for the afterthought post–b/c really inquiring minds really did want to know all questions you addressed πŸ˜‰

  18. TracyKM

    I thought ‘knee-high’ meant….as high as the knee, LOL.

    And, there’s a Cascade Fixation Bulky? I don’t really surf the net (except Elann) for yarn, and since I moved I haven’t gotten many catelogues…

  19. Carol

    Very pretty! I’m knitting a slightly similar pair and they’re just perfect for FL. I’ll look forward to the pattern for those to become available πŸ™‚

  20. Bridget

    These are cool! I made a pattern for gloves or mitts using this stitch pattern and Fixation–it’s a great yarn and very comfy. I was introduced to it through a White Lies Designs stocking pattern, and those are comfy, too.

    Are you going to reverse the spiral on the second sock? I do that in my gloves, because it makes me happy…..

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