Eye Candy Friday: Photoshop edition

Remember my uncertainty about The Bag from No Sheep for You? Considering I can’t differentiate the two colors used in the book, could I get away with using just one? Or is The Bag like Wendy’s other creations: undefined without contrast?

Photoshop to the rescue!

A little contrast, a little color replacement, a little shadow/highlight, and… ah, yes, I see! Makes me want to knit it even more, in two colors, please :).


26 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday: Photoshop edition

  1. Teresa

    Much nicer. Does it have a zipper enclosure or is an open bag? That’s my kind of bag though, I got kids, so I carry everything short of a portable swing in my purse.

  2. Zarah

    Huh… I guess I didn’t even realize there were two colors in that bag. I think I just thought it was the contrast from the stitch pattern. Good to know! (And I think you’re right on – two colors are definitely the way to go!)

  3. AuntieAnn

    I can’t answer Claudia’s question, but I did see a clever way to keep i-cord handles from stretching out — insert clear plastic tubing from the plumbing store into the i-cord before felting. With garter stitch handles — I dunno, sew fabric backing in a matching or contrasting color?

  4. Anna

    Ooooooh. I’m not a bag person at all, and yet I want.

    I think it looks great even with the low contrast as pictured, but then I like things with low contrast.

  5. Ryn

    Yay, Photoshop! I loves it so much, I does… 🙂

    That bag is going to be stunning in two highly contrasted colours! I’m seeing like, a dark violet and a cream white… or maybe that would be for my own Bag… mwahaha.

  6. Gauss

    Maybe it’s the morning effect, and I haven’t had my coffee yet, but I don’t see any major difference between the two pictures of the bag. Is this a trick, or should I get my eyes checked?

  7. Sarah

    Honestly, I’m still having a little trouble seeing the two colors. Are they just that close, or is it my monitor?

    Still, I’m sure you’ll find a way to rock the two-color idea.

  8. judy

    i’ve done built-in i-cord edges on bag handles, both felted and unfelted, and had them stretch less. i’ll be interested in seeing your bag in the 2 more contrasting colors.

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