True Jeans

As you know, it’s very rare for me to blog about something non-knitting related. However, recently I had such an overwhelmingly positive experience buying jeans (buying jeans, of all things!) that I simply had to share. I know my readers are hip guys and gals and will appreciate this story.

It started innocently enough. Tuesday morning I was reading everyone’s favorite shoe blogger, the Manolo, when he mentioned a new website called True Jeans (now called My True Fit). I clicked the link and started surfing around.

I really liked the website layout and ease of navigation, and was instantly intrigued by True Jeans’ claim that they could find the perfect jeans for me based on my measurements, body build, and preferences.

In my head I thought, “Try me! I am the denim queen!”

I go through jeans the way people go through socks. I wear them every day until they wear thin and get holes. As a result, I probably go through at least ten pairs of jeans per year! I like designer denim and typically get it at Anthropologie (we all have choices when it comes to dispensable income; I buy $100 jeans and take sewing lessons :)). In the past few months I’ve also bought several pairs of Lucky jeans.

With all this jean-buying experience I had a healthy dose of skepticism for these True Jeans folk. I played along, relishing the thought of crashing their computational system when faced with my hip circumference (ha!). I entered my measurements and preferences, waited for a few minutes… and pretty much choked on my breakfast when I saw the results!

  • Half of the recommended jeans were brands I wear (or have worn in the past) in the sizes that I typically buy!
  • The #1 recommendation (Lucky’s Sweet-n-Low) was the exact pair of jeans I was wearing at that moment! In the exact size recommended by True Jeans!

Well, alright. They might be on to something here, I thought. I looked at the rest of the recommendations, focusing on brands and styles that I hadn’t encountered. After checking out all the options and descriptions, I decided I would actually purchase a few pairs. First, I wanted to try some new-to-me brands/styles. Second, I happened to be running low on denim (I speak of denim like milk or orange juice, I know). Third, had True Jeans accomplished the impossible – fitting jeans… over the internet?!?

Around 10 a.m. I placed my order: Little in the Middle Basic, !iT Jeans Hottie Eclipse, and Lucky Brand Easy Ride (a favorite of Ms. Bestitched, I happen to know).

True Jeans is in Woburn, MA, just a few miles away from me, and my jeans were delivered today, 12:30 p.m. About 24 hour turnaround! Much less painful than going to a department store!

I wouldn’t be writing this post if the end result was disappointing. All the jeans fit fantastically! I’m ecstatic! I’ll be returning the !iT Jeans Hottie Eclipse because the inseam is a bit low for me, but I’m absolutely keeping the other two! Little in the Middle Basic are fabulous, and I’ve never even heard of them!

As soon as I’m done posting, I’ll be dropping True Jeans a note expressing my delight with the whole experience! I signed up to be a Fit Tester, too – I hope they pick me!!!

Now I just have to put the jeans through the wash and hem them before my trip. Yep, I’ll be away for a few days. I hope you, too, will be styling in new My True Fit denim by the time I get back ;).


103 thoughts on “True Jeans

  1. Sarah

    I’ll have to try this! I tend to wear out my favorite jeans, and they always wind up being discontinued.

  2. Sue

    Sounds like a fantastic site, pity we don’t have something like that here in Australia. Hmmm, I wonder if they post to Oz?

  3. AmyP

    It’s nice when things like that work out. It didn’t for me – apparently I’m unique/impossible!

  4. becky c.

    Jeans that fit are so hard to find that I am extremely skeptical, but my love of internet shopping may be strong enough to overcome it.

  5. freecia

    If I remember correctly, offers a similar service. I haven’t used them yet but am planning on getting a nice pair of new jeans and have been shopping around. Thanks for the head’s up on this website!

  6. elizabeth

    well i wish the site had worked for me, it looks like if you wear over a size 16 then the site wont work for you. I entered all of my measurements and then when it asked me to pick my usual jean size from a drop down box, my size wasn’t listed, i picked the largest size they offered and hoped that they would base my jean sizes off of my measurements but no such luck. They gave me one option, the little in the middle, i a size 4 sizes smaller than i normally wear!

    I’m glad it worked out so great for you! I hope in the future they add more jeans/sizes!

  7. Abigail

    I just looked a that site, and while it probably is all well and good for you, I believe more rounded figures will find it sorely disappointing.

    half the brands I wear weren’t on their list, and it returned only one brand for me, which only went up to a size 16, when I normally barely fit an 18.

    (let’s not mention the fact that I don’t have the disposable income to spend $80 on a pair of jeans)

  8. shana

    thanks so much for mentioning this site! being 4’9″, i always need help with jeans sizing… this is so great.

  9. Judy

    Yikes, girl! You spend a lot of money on jeans! But… whatever rings your chimes. Anyone who knits as beautifully as you deserves to splurge on something!

  10. loribird

    Thank you, I’ll definitely be checking it out (you should ask if you can get a referral discount!) I hate shopping for jeans, as I usually get confused and upset, and end up with nothing that fits properly.

  11. Daphne

    They should pick you just based on the fact you just talked them up to thousands of readers. 🙂 I’m totally going to try ’em… once I talk myself over the price tag. Yes, my disposable income has its hidey-holes, but clothing in general isn’t high on my priority list. However, a good fit on a pair of jeans would be worth $100, especially since I do *not* go through ’em like tissue. Thanks for the tip!

  12. chialea

    I was actually a fit tester for True Jeans. They’re nice people with a *lot* of jeans in their conference room (if you go in, say hi for me).

    Elizabeth: I talked to the True Jeans people about finding them a new algorithms person, so I know they’re working hard on improving their fit models. From what some of my friends have told me, larger sizes are more difficult to fit, so I wouldn’t be surprised if those sizes took more work to add into their modeling system.

  13. Debra Roby

    I just tested out True Jeans. Alas, my figure does not allow them to score any jean higher than 3 stars… (no surprise. My waist is only 5″ narrower than my hips).

    When I lose some more weight and look for jeans again, I will definately give them a try. (maybe that waist to hip ratio will be a little better, too).

  14. Amber

    Oo, that’s interesting!

    Now if I hadn’t just spent some disposable income on laceweight yarn…

    I think a Lucky store is opening near me soon, and now I’ll have to go in, armed with a size recommendation!

  15. JJ

    Whenever you post pictures of yourself I’ve always wondered what brand you wore. They always look like they fit perfectly. Now that I am losing weight maybe I will finally be successful in finding the PERFECT jeans. Thanks!

  16. Tam

    Thanks for the link but I didn’t do well either. I am a 40-something mother of 4 so the skin tight, low and ultra low rise jeans it suggested for me were just not very helpful. There was not a relaxed fit pair in the list and neither of the TWO midrise choices were in the best fitting range. Also, most of the pairs it showed me were in the $175 – $220 range. I might be willing to bite the bullet and spend $100 for jeans but any more than that is just not gonna happen. Cool idea, though. Now if a retailer who sells jeans in the “sane” price range would offer that fitting system, it would be great!

  17. PammieTaj

    Sadly, this site adheres to the idea that only skinny chicks need to wear jeans … I’ll keep buying my jeans in person at the store that always has the right size and the right fit. It’s a great idea if you fit into thier idea of what a woman’s body should look like …

  18. Helen

    I so love this site.

    I so wish they listed jeans uner $100. 🙁

    I tend to be happy with Levis. I still struggle w/ paying more than $25.00 for a pair of jeans (and yes, my price meter is way out of date). I still can’t figure out what they can do to a pair of jeans to make them worth $248 (one of the pairs the site picked for me).

    Oh well. Perhaps I’ll score I high paying job or a winning lottery ticket… if so, I’ll order a pair to see.

  19. joy

    Thank you for sharing this non-knitting tidbit. I see they ship international! Can’t wait to give this a try, since I dread trying on zillions of pairs in the stores.

  20. Laura

    I’m a denim girl too, but I have the same problem with True Jeans as some others mentioned — no plus sizes. Fortunately, I’m pretty happy with the jeans I find at Lane Bryant — both the fit and the price.

  21. Smuddpie

    Really nifty link! I don’t know if I’ll order because the prices are steep for me, but those Little in the Middles seem like just the thing. Fortunately, this year I learned how to do a good job of taking in the waist on a pair of jeans so that I get a good fit and no one can tell I did it unless I tell them. The upshot is that I can usually find a pair of jeans in the $20 to $30 range, put in 30 to 45 minutes with a seam ripper and the sewing machine and come out happy. Since you are becoming a seamstress yourself, I’d be happy to tell you how!

  22. Sea Anemone

    You know, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that I turned up not one result. In the back of my head, I knew they wouldn’t find anything for a sz 20, but to actually see it kinda stings. :/ Oh well.

  23. Lise

    Well, it worked for me also… the best pick for me was Lucky Brand Easy Rider, which are the only jeans I buy. If you have any outlet malls in your area look for a Lucky outlet.. I usually buy my jeans 6 – 8 pairs at a time and under $300 for the entire bill. I usually have to hem, (5’2″) but I have devised a way to use the original hem and you can barely tell they were hemmed when I am done. Thanks for sharing the site, I may have to try some of the others they recommended!

  24. elizabeth

    chialea, thanks for your response! Its always a little frustrating for me being bigger and wanting to participate in the fun stuff like this site!

  25. elizabeth

    chialea, thanks for your response! Its always a little frustrating for me being bigger and wanting to participate in the fun stuff like this site!

  26. reluctantmango

    *sigh* No plus sizes. How disappointing! I’m plus sized and short, so finding jeans that fit is a monumental task… I’m going to write them and express my hope that they’ll expand their size ranges.

  27. emily

    It’s crazy to think you live in a town your entire life, with a perfectly fitted jean-wearhouse company pretty much in your backyard and you never knew! lol…

    Thanks for the link though. Already plugged in the data and I’m quite pleased. The Little in the Middle were also recommended for me. I think I might pick me up a pair 😉

  28. Rippedoffknitter

    Great site, but why were all the jeans suggested for me named Buttlifter?? 😉

    I guess they won’t ship to Norway anyway, so I’ll keep searching for the perfect jeans (actually found them a few years ago and bought several pairs but now they are discontinued. Sigh).

  29. June

    Diana wears jeans? Wait, Diana wears pants? I don’t remember seeing her in anything but a skirt or dress…

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  31. diana

    True Jeans speaks my language! I just checked it our and they recommended my favorite as well as the Little in the Middle Jeans. Yay!

  32. Amanda

    This would be great if it worked for larger women. Apparently, like almost everything else, if you’re too big, you don’t exist.

  33. Jamisen

    I am another one who the site failed for. I was pretty excited too. I am right between regular and plus sizes and would definitely be considered overweight. I am pretty sure that low-rise and super low-rise are not jeans anyone one would like to see on me. They did not include the designer that I wear on the drop down.

    I am really glad that they worked out for you and for others. I am just including my experience for review purposes!

  34. Heather

    Thanks for the tip. I am very petite and find it nearly impossible to find jeans that fit. I will have to check out the site. Hopefully my wallet can handle it….

  35. marie in florida

    far out man. i gonna go try it. i couldn’t care less if my jeans legs are too long but if the crotch is too long i’m miserable. i’ve got a nice round pot belly so we’ll see if they can handle that. LOL…betcha i’ll let ya know

  36. marie in florida

    nah- ….it recommended four types of low rise jeans “if you don’t want a look that’s too young”

    LOL, nice try though

  37. Heide

    Thank you. They are a bit pricey for my pocket book (I’m more of a garage sale kind-o-gal) but it’s nice to know that if I really need some nice jeans that there is hope!

  38. Melissa G

    Today I sat down at the computer fully intending to purchase some jeans, but I like to read blogs first. Your entry came at the perfect time. Now I’ll see how the jeans fit when they arrive. Thanks!

  39. Chelsea

    I live in jeans as well since they are perfect for the laid back atmosphere in the lab. I just wore through two of my jeans so I am in desperate need of a new pair. I was also reccommended the Little in the Middle Basic and may have to check them out.

  40. Elaine Marcus

    Well, I tried the jeans website and as stated by others above, it doesn’t work for us full-figured gals. I usually wear an 18 or 20, and in the hip jean lines these guys search, people my size don’t exist. Not one recomendation. You more average sized folks enjoy, I’ll just sit on the porch in a mumu…..

  41. Marnie

    You and I must have very similar bodies because my top fits are the same as yours. I think tomorrow’s pay check may be seeing this site. Thanks for the recommendation.

  42. thorn

    thankyouthankyouthankyou oh grumperina for blogging this topic. i just went to the levi’s store in chicago yesterday. the place looked like a giant protest march got naked and left; and their clothes were being sold. and all of the female protesters were size 0 or 1. and their jeans were bikini-cut, and designed so you’d know what change they were carrying. i will see if true jeans can save me some sock-fuzz and shopping pain!

  43. Angela

    OMG!!! That is really wonderful! I hate jean shopping more than going to the dentist! I just ordered a pair and if they fit, I’m going to drive down to MA, find you, and give you a big kiss!

  44. amy

    uhmm, based on your review? i will absolutely give them a try. jeans shopping is an aggravating, hair-pulling, tear-inducing experience, to say the least, what with the gaposis and the too-tight thighs and the too long or too short waists. let’s see if my big butt, thick thighs, long narrow waist, and short legs can break the system! =]

  45. Tam

    I’m not surprised to see that the plus sized gals didn’t fare well. I am not a plus size and it still was no help to me. I’m a size 14 which, I hear, is considered the median size.

    If the person who has an “in” with the company is reading I hope you pass all of these user experiences on to the powers that be. The system is a great idea but it needs to include bigger sizes, more modest choices (there is a “high rise” on the drop down but no options for that were available), other types of fit other than “painted on” and the system should make use of the information that it already asks. If we tell it that we are 45 and have a bulging tummy, we’re not looking for ultra-low rise, bell bottom capris. Just saying. haha

  46. betzig

    Well, I’ve always appreciated your advice on everything else so I’m going for it. With this new emphasis on straight leg jeans, I have not seen anything worth buying in ages. Since I haven’t bought new jeans in a few years, I am definitely willing to splurge on a new pair (or two) or jeans. You should definitely get a cut of the revenue…

  47. Michele in Maine

    Well, I’m on a yarn diet but everything else is fair game so I just dropped an ungodly sum on two pairs of jeans. I’m not sure they’ll fit – all the jeans recommended for me were low-rise, which I really hate, so I had to do some tweaking. Now I’m waiting for a pair of Lucky’s and Red Engine’s. Will let you know how they turn out!

  48. Sara

    Thanks so much for recommending this site! I have a terrible time finding jeans that fit properly and I HATE spending a lot of time in stores trying on pair after pair. I ordered two pair: iT Jeans Hottie Eclipse and iT Jeans Sophie Night. I can’t wait to try them on to see if they *really* fit. I so hope they fit because I’d love to never have to try on jeans in a store again! ;o)

  49. Suzanne V.

    I loved trying the true jeans thing, but like a lot of other commenters, it didn’t work that well for me. I’m almost six feet tall with a tiny waist and curvy hips. None of the jeans were five starts for fit, and those that were fairly high were also in the $200 range–about four times more than I’m really willing to pay for jeans. Still, it was fun!

  50. Lee Ann Park

    Hello everyone My name is Lee Ann Park, the founder of Little in the Middle Jeans. I am an accountant by trade and started this line because nothing ever fit! One mean boy in junior high called me “elephant legs”. I am determined to help women find pants that fit and make them feel better about themself and their body.

    I am so excited to see the large response from a comment posted by one of our newest customers. I see by the feedback that most of us have the same problem finding a great pair of fitting jeans that would actually embrace our ASSests. I would like to be the first to inform all of you that Little in the Middle is doing fit testing on Friday the 11th of May for sizes ranging from 16- 20 to accomidate more people. I really appreciate all of your feedback and support for our denim line. All suggestions and feedback is reviewed by me personally and will be taken into consideration for future products. Please check out our site at and order your pair through You can email me at Sincerely, Lee Ann Park

  51. Seanna Lea

    I looked and found jeans I’d like to try. I’ll have to try again later when I have a bit of okane/moola/etc to my name. There were definitely jeans I’d like the looks of that were under 80$, so I might have a new low-high end option (rather than my low-low end option of kMart).

  52. Romney Evans

    I would like to thank the Grumperina community for the positive comments and constructive suggestions. My name is Romney Evans and I’m the Co-founder and CEO of True Jeans. I’m so glad that so many of you are so passionate about this subject. For those of you who wear plus sizes, and who may have been disappointed with your results… WE HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR J. Hang on just a little bit longer. It is extremely important to us to provide great brands to plus size customers. The plus size community has long been underserved by the apparel industry in general, and we’re trying to change that. As another blogger mentioned, we are currently doing a lot of research into plus sizes. We will be introducing two great new jeans brands for plus size women that go up to size 28 within the next few weeks and we have also been working closely with the patternmaker for Little in the Middle to extend the size offering up to size 20. As we continue our work in this area we would love to have some plus size individuals who live in the greater Boston area come in for fit testing. It’s a fun way to get one on one attention from our fit specialist and try on fabulous jeans. We use the data we gather to help us calibrate our algorithms for predicting fit online. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know what algorithms are J. Also, are there any particular plus size brands that you wish we would carry? We would love to hear from you!

  53. Laurie

    I would say that I love you, but I haven’t gone to the site yet. But just the THOUGHT of finding jeans that fit…oh my gosh!

    If only a fairy would come to my house and teach me to use my serger, then I’d be able to wear all of my jeans. For now, I wear the SAME PAIR over and over, while moving a pile of long jeans from here to there. (I’m 5’2″).

    Stand by for the professing of love.

  54. maria

    I just had to comment to thank you for this entry! I just ordered a pair of jeans and can hardly wait to see how they fit! (And I’ve been telling EVERYONE I work with about it too! LOL)

  55. Suzanne

    I was just coming by to tell you that after a disappointing experience this morning with getting no results (curvy size 18-20 here), I wrote to the customer service people at True Jeans and got a lovely email back from the owner Romney. It’s pretty much what she says in her comment above. So they’re listening! You are one powerful chica. Pointier Addis, plus size jeans…what do you have up your sleeve for next time?

  56. Ashley

    GIRL. I am all about jeans that fit. You know how Oprah started the well-fitting bra craze? Well, America needs the well-fitting jean craze to hit it upside the head.

    One w/e I spent 2 days dragging my hub from store to store to show him that is really is THAT hard to find jeans that fit off the rack. Ever since, he’s fine with me spending the $$ just to keep me from bitching about it!

    I LOVE Lucky’s Sweet’n’Low and their Easy Rider, too. Ah, the thrill of finding jeans that your ass doesn’t hang out of when you sit down! Oh how I love jeans that neither go up to my armpits nor require a bikini wax.

    I just checked out the LitM page and just from their home banner, I love it. For the first time in my life, I opened a denim-peddler’s website and saw a girl who looks like me!! WHEEE! Warming up the Visa.

  57. Pandora

    I hope Romney is still reading, because unfortunately True Jeans didn’t work for me either, and I’m not plus-sized. I didn’t get any hits over 3.5 stars, and those were all SUPER expensive (i.e. $125-$235). Little in the Middle (which sounds fantastic for my sister and many women I know) were recommended for me, which makes no sense whatsoever, as my middle is pretty straight up and down. I’ll just have to settle for my $68, sort-of-fits Gap jeans. (Oddly, Gap jeans have totally grown over the years. I am the same physical size as ever, but I wear a size smaller than I used to at Gap.)

  58. Max

    You should never feel ashamed of a “jeans fetish” as i think I have been wearing the exact same brand and style for nigh on 40+ years. Asking me to change brands is akin to mutiny!

  59. Stephanie

    Jeans that fit? Over the internet?

    Jeans that fit me?

    It’s like you’re speaking another language. I’m going to go see if they ship to Canada.

  60. Maritza

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Oh yay! I need to buy a couple of pairs of jeans, but I loathe going shopping at stores.

  61. Cathy

    Thank you for linking to this site! I can’t wait to do my measurements and try on jeans. And it’s in Woburn! I really want to go to the store.

  62. E to the M

    Holy S. I just spent more on a pair of jeans than I ever have! It’s worth it if they really fit well and, unlike you, I don’t burn through mulitple pairs of jeans every year so they should last awhile.

    The best part of the whole experience? Me, opantless, in my office, hoping noone walks in, trying to measure my ass with a paper tape measure. Goof thing there aren’t hidden cameras at work.Holy S. I just spent more on a pair of jeans than I ever have! It’s worth it if they really fit well and, unlike you, I don’t burn through multiple pairs of jeans every year so they should last awhile.

    The best part of the whole experience? Me, pantless, in my office, hoping no one walks in, trying to measure my ass with a paper tape measure. Goof thing there aren’t hidden cameras at work.

  63. Patricia does the same thing that True Jeans does. I’ve gotten recommendations from that site as well, and the jeans I got fit perfectly on me. Try it out, if you get the chance!

  64. Kathy

    Jeans sizing HAS changes over time. When I graduated high school (95-100lbs) I wore a size “6”, now (only 7 years later and still only 115lbs) I wear a size “2”. I think it’s all a ploy to make regular folks feel thinner, which unfortunately backfires on the genuinely thin, who begin to wonder if they’re actually wasting away, and then NOBODY knows what size they are, making sites like this necessary.

    I say we lobby for sizing like men have, with *GASP* some correlation to ACTUAL REALITY (imagin ethat!), but I’m sure there are folks who would really rather not know how big their butts are.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who objects on principle to paying more than $50 on jeans that I’m going to wear every day until they fall apart four months later.

  65. Carolyn Bahm

    I’ll definitely give the True Jeans site a try — sounds intriguing. Sorry I don’t comment very often, I’m a lurker at heart! But I do consider your blog one of my must-read knitblog staples, and I subscribe via

    Also — I recently revived my own long-languishing knitblog,, and I’ve added your link to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind!

  66. confiance

    I tried the site and didn’t find anything that fit either. I have no waist, so that tends to be a problem, but hip huggers seem to be the best solution.

    However, the prices!? Are insane. I’ve been buying the same brand for as long as I’ve had say over what I wear and I rarely spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans. (Or $6, when I can find them at the local Goodwill.)

  67. Toni Jo

    I love this site… I have 5 or 6 pairs to choose from that have 4 to 4.5 stars, and I fully intend to buy them when my federal tax return comes in.

    Thanks lady! This is a great find!

    (And come on ladies… you spend over $100 on yarn for a sweater but won’t spend the same for jeans?)

  68. Julsey

    I totally agree with Pandora’s comment. I plugged in my actual measurements, and although the size it picked for me is pretty accurate, there is NO WAY i would be able to wear Little in the Middle jeans! My waist is a 10 and my hips are an 8. Their sizes are exactly the opposite (waist one size smaller than hips)…So, although the idea is a great one, I’ll continue spending $$$ on Guess, Express and AG (which aren’t brands they promote on True Jeans).

  69. Amber

    Well, I hopped on over to a Lucky store in the area to try on pants in the sizes that TrueJeans recommended, and I love them! I can’t spend that much on jeans without trying them on first–But now I know, and will order some later when I have more $$!

    However, my favorite style at Lucky’s (the Lil’ Maggie) doesn’t seem to be carried on the website…

  70. Alison

    I’m going to have to try on the pair of Lucky Brand that they recommended to me later in the summer, when I have some more money. 🙂 Thanks for the head’s up! This is awesome.

  71. Andi

    I have to say, I tried it, and ran right out to “big department store” and found the recommended jeans, and… They are Christopher Blue, Lloyd Jeans, they FIT! I am 49, 5 feet tall, petite with a round figure and ALWAYS have a gap in the back. I don’t like to feel like my jeans are falling off, but don’t want too-high-waist “Mom” jeans either. These fit PERFECTLY! I bit the bullet and bought them. Good thing I missed the MD Sheep & Wool. (No crazy yarn purchases!)

  72. Kristin T

    Hmmmm.. checked it out… I’m not in good enough shape for my stomach to be all hanging out like that! I wish I was, but no way…. I’m glad you had luck with the site though!

  73. DonnaD

    A relatively new site, I’ve seen them improving and offering lots of new styles in a short amount of time. Plus size? Check back often. If they live up to their early performance, they’ll be serving this market really soon!

  74. K.Fajardo

    I was excited to try the TrueJeans site but, sadly, I didn’t get even one(!) recommendation. Being a short-waisted apple shape doesn’t help. For some reason Old Navy Low Waist or Ultra Low Waist jeans in the short length fit me fine (hip to waist size is about the same). I’ll check back for plus sizes under $100 in the future.

  75. Eternal Sunshine

    Thanks for the link! I was quite intrigued to see if they could find jeans to fit me. The result was 1 pair of jeans which only had 2*’s (boohoo). They actually brought up 4 other pairs but I don’t class cropped jeans as proper jeans. They must not like skinny tall girls with 36.5″ inside leg lol I think I shall stick with my moto jeans! Thanks for the entertainment though, glad you got some good jeans from it!

  76. Cheri

    1. I found the perfect pair of jeans for me and then I lost weight (30 lbs) and they hang off.

    2. After losing weight I discovered I have an hour glass figure, which makes it VERY hard to find jeans that really fit.

    3. I J’ADORE JEANS!!!

    4. This sight is AMAZING!!! I am going to order myself a test pair and if they work then I might have to splurge on a more expensive pair because I will drop $100+ on jeans to look good. That is how I roll!!!

    Thank you for the non-knitting tip!

  77. Myrrhia

    Check it out, you go to True Jeans to see what they found for you, then print out that list to take to the outlet store, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, or even eBay to get the same thing and save $$$$$$$!

    (Or even just to save time next time you are shopping for jeans so you don’t have to try on 30 pairs that make you look bad and make you feel sad.)

  78. CatBookMom

    The TrueJeans site was disappointing for me. They recommended the ‘in the Middle’ brand that they also recommended to you, but the rise is way too low for me. I had excellent results with; their brands were in a wider price range, and I tried a pair from LL Bean that are the best fit I’ve had in years. I just ordered another pair of these.

  79. knit_tgz

    The site did not work for me, it seems they cannot find jeans for someone with large hips and thin waist like me! I must admit it’s not easy to find jeans that fit me, but they exist! SOmetimes I have to send them for a couple of alterations (to make the waist smaller) but nothing too weird.

    I will try

  80. Laura B

    I went right to True Jeans after reading your entry–unlike many who posted here, I suffer from the opposite problem. I am too tall to be the waist size that I am. Although some think my complaints about jean sizing are unfounded, I’m skinny and there’s nothing I can do about it! I have no butt and no hips, little thighs, and I CAN NOT find jeans to fit me. I also live in the boondocks, and the jean choices at Wal-mart leave much to be desired. I can shop for tops without much trial, but jean shopping often takes an hour drive and a full eight-hour day of shopping. I get little help from sales associates, they see a skinny girl and think I don’t need it. But Extra-Extra Longs are hard to find. Usually, I have to spend a hundred dollars or more for one pair of ill-fitting jeans that are as good as it gets. I never get to pick a wash, a style, or a fit.

    This site is amazing.

    They gave me hundreds of matches, immediately, and some were even under a hundred dollars. I am a college student. I like this.

    I hope they continue to add less-pricey brands, just so I can buy more all at once…

  81. waitandsee

    I tried the site too, and definitely like the LitM jeans. I’m decidedly pear-shaped, and often look like I’m sitting in a funnel when I try on jeans that fit in the hips and thighs.

    One brand I didn’t see on there that I love are JAG jeans, I can get them at Nordstrom for about $70 or so. To me, that’s a lot for jeans, but I have two pairs that I wear every weekend and they look the same as when I bought them two years ago… I’ll never be able to go back to cheap jeans, there really IS a reason for the $$$ difference.

  82. mj

    I just tried the site on your recommendation, and found a few pairs that look as if they might fit me well. I’ve been struggling to find a pair under $100, and perhaps the trick is to spend a little bit more to fit me well.

    My biggest issue seems to be with the lengths on most of the jeans, so I was wondering, and I know it’s not knitting-related…but would you post your jeans-hemming method sometime? I’ve tried the method, but I seem to always have issues right on the seams.

  83. Claire

    Well, this is just too cool. If True Jeans can expand their sizing up to 18-20, I might find a pair of jeans that fits. The best I have right now is Gander Mountain’s Guide Series jeans, which I keep having to ungracefully hike back up as the day goes by – the hips/butt is the right size, but the waist is too small. And I feel better about wearing size 18 or 20 after reading all these comments.

  84. Noelle

    I was so excited to try out True Jeans, but I just barely fit in the upper size range and every option still had to be hemmed. I was really hoping that there would be at least one short inseam option, but apparently there isn’t! I’ve actually found *some* jeans in petite lengths. I know that some exist out there, because I’ve bought them, so I wasn’t too impressed with the site’s results.

    Let me just add how depressing it was to take my lower measurements. I’d much rather not know those numbers, and I didn’t even get any good jeans to make up for it.

  85. Ronda

    Yup, came up with nothing, Zip, Nada for me. I have a small waist and big hips. I’m also among those who wear the larger sizes.

    Sad, but true. Hey, maybe one day I’ll be thin again.

  86. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh thank you! I had never seen that site before, and the gap is discontinuing the only jeans that fit me – this made my day.

  87. dharma

    I have checked before and recently was a fit model for their next project – bras! It was a fabulous experience with them. I blogged briefly about it. As soon as I have cash I will try their jeans recommendations as finding jeans that fit is basically impossible for me. So they are not a common piece in my closet

  88. chris

    The men’s section is lousy. it recommended i would look best in a women’s pair of William Rast jeans.

    As someone who fits best in Levi’s 514s, i know i’m not shaped like the female fit model at William Rast!

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