The right tool

My friends, do me a favor – open your VLTs to page 97.

Are you seeing the acrobatics involved in making the Scarf with fir cone lace border?!? Are you seeing this?

Also, would it be so difficult to give these scarves more creative names? Would it?!?

Anyway, faced with googly mooglies of the highest caliber, I armed myself with the best tools available – the new Addi Lace circular needles! Yes, I had to stalk online vendors and wait for my own pair just like everyone else, arriving unfashionably late to the party. So late, in fact, that all the guests have already gone home :).

All I’ll say is that, from my experience, the Addi Lace needles are most similar to INOX Express circs, except with better cords and joins. Which can really make or break a project, don’t you think?

Oh, googly mooglies, how I love thee. My heart says, “yes,” even if my left shoulder objects to making six googlies in the same row.

This scarf, by the way, will be mine, all mine! The color (Clara Barton from Schaefer Yarns) is much more “me” than HandMaiden’s Straw Sea Silk: the Dolphin Scarf had been intended for the yarn’s rightful owner all along :).


38 thoughts on “The right tool

  1. SarahJanet

    Who knew I was on time for the party for a change? I can’t wait for them to come out with more sizes and lengths for the Lace needles.

    Your googly mooglies look wonderful, as always.

  2. Becky

    Just cause others have already reviewed the needles doesn’t mean you shouldn’t too. Please oh please still tell us your thoughts. I really valued you review of the Knit Picks needles when they came out.

  3. Sarah

    That looks like an awesome challenge — except where your left shoulder is concerned. I think Yarn Harlot might be onto something when she says “knitting is a sport!”

  4. Stella

    that color is incredible.

    and i’m halfway with you on the pattern names in VLT… but on the other hand giving them names someone just thought up now would take away from the historic feel a bit, i think.

  5. becky

    You are getting an amazing amount of use out of your Victorian Lace Today book, aren’t you? It all looks so great, so I encourage you to continue to use it! πŸ™‚

  6. Camille

    Great googly moogly! I’m glad someone else loves the bright Kill Bill carnage color of Clara Barton as much as I do.

  7. Rachel

    If loving Addi Turbo Lace needles is wrong, I don’t want to be right! I got lucky and found them at Stitches West right after they came out.

    I definitely agree about the patterns names in Victorian Lace Today–I guess that is how they were originally published, but I think Ms. Sowerby could have given them an alternative title. However, the resulting knits are great! I can’t wait to make one of these projects.

  8. Karen B.

    Oh no! How could you be late to the party? You got the party started!

    So sorry to hear about your shoulder. You know I sympathize. Between your good right arm and my good left arm, we’ve got a whole knitter :o)

  9. Brenda

    I’ve been wanting to try this scarf in a dark burgundy merino lace weight I have. I’ve also been wanting an excuse to get some of the Addi lace needles (which my LYS has in stock!). Are you using the size needles the pattern calls for (I don’t have the book in front of me)? Would you describe yourself as a loose, medium or tight lace knitter?

    Yours looks lovely in that red! The names are pretty terrible in VLT, even simple numbering the patterns would have been better.

  10. June

    Don’t worry, I’m even more behind – I knit my blue shawl on Addi US0s, wondering why the heck I hadn’t ordered the lace ones. I still haven’t ordered ’em. Someday…

  11. aj

    Very pretty. I’ve never done lace, but every time I see one of your lace projects you motivate me to want to start. What patterns would you recommend for a beginning lace knitter, (but somewhat intermediate/advanced knitter)?

  12. Judy

    Oh yeah…better names. I’m doing the scarf on page 84–titled “Scarf..with the No. 20 edging from…. Catchy, no?

  13. Ryn

    Dahling, that is simply fabulous! A truly dashing colour of scarlet, I must say. I think it will look wonderful with your colouring.

    I was wondering when the googlie mooglies would show up again… Mwahahaha.

  14. Heidi

    Oh wow, I love this scarf. I’ve been meaning to knit it ever since I got the book, but this makes me even more determined to cast on for it in the near future.

    Beautiful yarn! I should use red more often! πŸ™‚

  15. Marlena

    I took one look at those googlie mooglies and turned the page! I’m a lace novice. It’s hard enough for me to imagine knitting something with such fine yarn and needles, never mind doing bobbles! Maybe someday though. That scarf is so pretty.

  16. Sarah

    I KNEW you would not be able to resist the lure of the nupps/googly-mooglies! When you first showed us all the scarves you were considering from VLT, this one was my guess.

  17. marie in florida

    that’s the one that caught my eye when you presented the menu of scarves earlier….yummy like another bite of dessert.

  18. Stephanie

    I love the googlie mooglies. But who knew you could pull muscles while knitting LOL. I can’t only imagine the acrobatics you have to do to make those. The color is gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see it finished up. I’m sure you’ll do it in record time…you always seem to :o)

  19. Beth

    Again another beautiful knitting project from you. I like the new Addi’s too, have several pairs, but I have to admit, I have some of the Knit Picks Options too, and I think I might like them better! And they are a third of the cost of Addi’s.

  20. Mel

    Goodness, woman, you are a glutton for the lace punishment. Glad to hear those needles are wonderful. They’re being stocked at my favorite LYS to rave reviews. Stocked being a theoretical thing, as they flew out the door as soon as they arrived. Gorgeous yarn, BTW.

  21. Beth S.

    Once again, much prettier in person than in the book! I think the one in the book must have relaxed a bit between the blocking and the photography session, because the googly-mooglies don’t look lacy at all, but more like Aran-type bobbles. Yours, though, are airy and light and distinctly lacy. πŸ™‚

  22. Jomy

    Ooh. You’re taste in these scarves is getting more and more interesting by project.

    I can’t see how it turns out for you.

    The one in the picture… that’s not your swatch, is it?

    Okie, I end this email with the obligatory, “How’s Ene coming along?”

  23. Jacqui

    I guess I was on time for the party (even here in lil ole England). I had to do some searching I can tell ya! BUT, despite what everyone has said before, the print on the red cable DID come off after only knitting one scarf with it so far. To top that, one of the needles is now bent. But I’m not complaining as it has bent to the most comfortable position ever… πŸ™‚

  24. domesticshorthair

    It may be a pain, but it looks better than the one in the book. I don’t care for the VLT project titles, either. Oh, I so want a pair of Addi Lace circs! Everybody else seems to have them!

  25. anne

    FYI, A Good Yarn in Brookline is carrying these now. I got one last weekend – not a huge range of sizes, but if you need a quick fix …

  26. Sarah

    I have a question since you’ve done so many patterns from VLT. I’m going to knit the circular shawl on page 27 for my sister’s wedding and would like to know about the swatch, do I need to knit it, wash it and block it, then measure? This is my first big lace, I’ve done a little on the border of some baby hats and I’m knitting a different lace baby hat, but nothing of this size by a long shot. Please Help. Thank you.


  27. Peggy

    Oh my, your knitted lace scarfs are gorgeous. So much so tha I think I may have to attempt knitting one myself. Typically I shy away from knitting with tiny needles, but these are so beautiful I am going to go for it.

  28. Knitnana

    I will be eternally grateful that you speadheaded the campaign for the Addi Lace needles…I do love them so!

    LOVE the scarf! It’s gorgeous (of course!).


  29. niteowl

    Yumm! Love the color and the pattern is gorgeous. Can’t thank you enough for stepping up on the Addi Lace Turbos. I already have 6 pair and Love love Love ’em!

  30. angelarae

    The lace scarf is beautiful. I’m working on my very first lace shawl. I hadn’t thought of pin blocking to check my pattern. What do you think? Knit happily or block often? or both?


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