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There seems to be another wave of memes going around. This one asks participants to list seven (or eight, depending on the source) weird things about themselves.

I’ve been “tagged” by several friends, but intend to duck out of this one. Why? Because I’ve answered it before!

While surfing my archives I thought it might be useful to catalog all the memes I’ve answered in one place. Combined, I bet they reveal a lot about me! And if some aspect of my knitting life still remains a mystery after reading the links below, ask! Go ahead, ask in the comments! Maybe I’ll pick a few questions to answer à la Wendy ;).


10 thoughts on “Meme catalog

  1. Suna

    Ok, Grumperina, you are a linguist, according to your bio. I used to be one back in the 80s, myself. Is this “meme” thing that consists of a list of facts about one’s self a “meme” like the meaning you link to on wikipedia? I thought a meme was a kind of cultural concept that morphs and changes.

    Don’t get me wrong, readers of the blog, I think these lists are fun, and I have participated in some, too–just last week I listed every kind of thing I ever knitted, ’cause someone else did on her blog. I just wonder how they got to be called “memes,” and I am not in the hip blog culture ingrained enough to know.

    Bye from someone who usually doesn’t comment.

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    Well, the 100 Things were fun to read again (when I really should have been doing something else………) and try to guess what you had changed.

  3. Sulafaye

    I enjoyed your “100 Things” as well! I wonder if you meant to be so apparently transparent, yet so mysterious at the same time!

    Silly me, I assumed that “meme” came from the French “same,” in that all participants do the same thing, or else that it was “mee-mee” and referred to the slightly narcissistic (but in a good way!) nature of the whole thing.

  4. Connie

    I wonder if Winter is your favorite season so you feel “ok” about sitting and knitting all night. I know I feel kinda guilty when it’s wonderful outside and I am plopped inside contentedly knitting on some project I just have to get done!

  5. Katy

    Like Suna, I am a trained (but not practicing) linguist, and I enjoy your blog but rarely comment. But I wanted to support Suna, and say that this is a questionable use of the word “meme”. And thank Kim for the informative link. After reading the Wikipedia article, I can’t even really think how the word “meme” could be extended to the usage here. It’s really just a list, right? Lists are fun! Let’s just call them lists!

    ps. I *really* enjoy your blog — keep the lovely knits coming!

  6. Melissa

    Not to hijack Grumperina’s blog, but I believe these games and lists and such came to be called meme’s because, like the examples Dawkins sites of “catch-phrases, beliefs, clothes fashions”, these blog ‘toys’ are passed from person to person in waves and integrate themselves into blog culture. I’d say they are very like catch-phrases in particular. The list ones are ways of organizing information that self-replicate by diffusion across the blogs of those who read each other – I’d say that matches the definition of meme pretty well, actually.

    Anthropologist here, not linguist, so your mileage may very.

  7. gabriella

    you know, i’d never been tagged for a meme before and thought it would be fun, but by the end i was already tired of blabbing about myself. it’s harder than it looks! it is kind of cool to learn random things about the bloggers you regularly read, though, so i guess in that sense the memes aren’t so bad.

    looking forward to seeing more of your fir cone scarf – having just put a big lace stole design project to bed, i’ve got lace on the brain and love seeing what everyone else is working on! ~gabriella

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