The pattern flows out of the ribbing.

The shaping flows out of the pattern, then narrows to become the pattern once again.

The garter-edged heel flap flows out of the leg. A few moments of planning, and they line up so nicely.

Is there a reason Nancy Bush never uses a garter edge on her heel flaps? I can think of only one exception – Yarrow Ribbed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.

The sole flows out of the heel. I love when there’s a visual separation of sole and instep; in this case, a column of purl stitches which are part of the pattern.

Why, yes, I do stuff my socks with other socks: it boosts their self esteem :).


33 thoughts on “Flow

  1. Jomy

    Wow. It’s patterned so well! Flow indeed, yo! You weren’t kidding when you said that you were going to have ‘generous’ calf shaping.

    How’s Ene going?

  2. Rachel

    I love Nancy Bush’s patterns so much. Every time I pick one of her patterns to knit, you beat me to the punch! I guess great minds think alike. (I don’t actually mind, it gives me the inspiration to make mine at least a nice as yours.)

  3. margene

    I can only speculate about Nancy’s reasons. She often works from historical or ethnic patterns that don’t use it. She has talked about it in classes, however.

    Your sock is gorgeous!

  4. Nancy

    Beautiful socks! I love the color and the texture, and your details are truly amazing! I also envy your great photographs showing things up so close! Very inspiring!

  5. KT

    I just had to comment – the sock-stuffing thing was the funniest thing I’ve read all week. LOL! But, I agree with Messie – those socks are so shapely, no self-esteem issues in sight!

  6. Ryn

    Oh. Flow. I like it! Very pretty. 🙂

    Mmmm, texture. I’m knitting your Shifting Sands scarf right now, and I can’t get enough of the texture-y goodness right now! I would knit these in an instant, if I knew how to knit socks… *le sigh*

  7. Sue

    Love the pattern in that sock. As for the garter edges of the heel flap, I rarely use it myself as I prefer just the slip stitch edging. Each to his (or her) own I guess.

  8. Karen S

    thank you for restoring my sense of sanity, it is wonderful to see that others stuff their socks with socks as well 😉

    And what a beautiful sock (the one that is stuffed, that is).

  9. Alison

    Luscious socks, as always. I was trying to email you a pic of my latest jaywalkers for the gallery, but couldn’t make the “email me” link work. Any tips? thanks.

  10. kate

    Oooh, gorgeous. I very rarely see a sock pattern that makes me drool, but that one does. Go you, making it so enticing.

  11. Ronni

    Those are gorgeous socks. ‘Course everything you do looks so pretty. But those are especially pretty socks. I love how you thought everything out and planned the pattern flow. Very inspirational.

  12. Laura Neal

    I stuff my yarn ball into my socks when I am not working on the socks, it stops the kitties from chewing on the yarn and it gives a nice preview of what the finished sock will look like. 🙂 I love that garter stitch heel. It is so nice, isn’t it?

  13. Ann

    Such beautiful knitting & the details are gorgeous. Love the deep blue of the yarn – what yarn are you using?

  14. Kimber

    Beautiful sock – the shaping works very well with the pattern. I love garter edged gussets – I think it is really a nice detail!

  15. Stephanie

    Gorgeous sock – I love, love, love the pattern. I’ve never made a sock w/ a garter edged heel flap – I see my education is lacking.

  16. Deb

    Nice sock! I almost always use a garter edge on the heels of my socks, but lately, I have been picking up only the back of the loop, so the front of the loop is left showing-looks like a fine braided edge on the garter border.

  17. Nora

    I love how you’ve described the visual separation of the sole and instep as it ‘flows’ out of the heel.

    EZ recommends a garter st edge on heel flaps as it prevents holes when picking up gusset sts. I now use it on all my sock heels.

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