Fifty-six dolphins

You know, the Moss Seasilk might have been a faulty skein after all! Remember how it didn’t have any discernable scent?

Well, in contrast, every time I handled the Straw skein, I got an unmistakable ‘green tea ice cream’ aroma, reminiscent of the Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple silk I’ve used in the past. Mmm, mmm, delicious!

Pattern: Dolphin lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby (review/preview here).

Needles: Blunti Stumpos, US 4 (3.50 mm), F (3.75 mm) crochet hook.

Yarn: HandMaiden Sea Silk in Straw, 1 skein (438 yards), used up almost in its entirety.

Finished dimensions: approximately 13″ wide and 58″ long (28 repeats plus crocheted edging).

One skein of Seasilk does it again! A totally wearable scarf which doesn’t offend the budget? Check!

What I love most about this pattern is that it really allowed me to squeeze every last stitch out of a limited amount of yarn. The lace is quite open, and knitting the scarf in one piece left the algebra ‘out of the equation’ :). As a result, the Dolphin scarf is even bigger than the Melon scarf!

The pattern was easy enough to follow once the hiccups were chased away. And the splashing, dancing dolphins inspire even land bound animals to take flight.


66 thoughts on “Fifty-six dolphins

  1. Ashley

    That last picture is super-cute. We did a pose called “dolphin” at yoga yesterday–maybe you should give that a try while wearing the scarf?

  2. Chrissy

    Beautiful! I’ve got one hank of Sea Silk left over, and I’m glad to see a picture of what could be done with it.

  3. Ryn

    Wow, that’s amazing! I love how airy and open this scarf is. It’s so beautiful! I love the sutble colour shifts in the yarn. It reminds me of iced Chai on a hot summer day.

    You’ve now convinced me that I must buy some Sea Silk and knit some fantastic lace. I’m not sure if that makes you a “good influence” or a “bad influence”. My wallet thinks it’s the latter. πŸ™‚

    But great job on the scarf! It’s beautiful, and if something inspires you to strike silly poses, that makes it even better!

  4. Wanda

    It’s beautiful. And I love that you can use one skein of the Handmaiden Silk for a functional, beautiful scarf.

  5. SallyA

    Great job! I love this scarf and how beautifully you made it. You are a constant inspiration to me. Thanks for prodding me to do better and do more!

  6. Robin

    Very beautiful! I love the subtle variegation in the sea silk. I’m hoping to make a scarf from this yarn very soon! As usual, thank for your tips and thorough coverage of your project. (now back to sewing, right?)

  7. jody

    really pretty work. it looks like it has a little weight to it (which i like). and, you got a very healthy-sized scarf out of that single hank. nice!

  8. Ühltje

    It turned out gorgeous and obviously ended up with a lot of fun. I do hope that Ene will make you laugh as you do the photo-session to celebrate her completion?

  9. Meg McG

    That’s a lovely scarf. I have not really ever knitted lace, though I’m getting geared up to by way of a couple swatches. I have a question, to keep your points pointy and your holes holey do you periodically re-block lace or would it be sacreligious to starch it a bit to help keep its lovely crisp shape? Or is that dependant on the fabric?


  10. Adam

    Ah, Kathy, the things you do with a skein of Sea Silk and a little bit of math. That scarf is so lovely it should be illegal. Or someone should make lots of them and send them to diplomats everywhere…it might just be a start to world peace! πŸ˜‰

  11. Kay

    That is beautiful. I have a skein of seasilk that I take out and stroke/sniff occasionally and that I’m too scared to do anything with in case I ruin it! I may just have to turn it into dolphins.

  12. gabriella

    Gorgeous – a perfect pattern for that style and color of yarn. (Isn’t Handmaiden wonderful? You should give their lace silk a go – I can’t get enough of how awesome the colors are.) A lovely knit!

  13. Christie

    Very lovely! I bought that book for my sister for her birthday…a book that’s good enough for the ‘rina is good enough for my sister!

  14. sabrina

    Wow, that is amazing! Nice work! and what do you mean about it smelling, is it supposed to be scented, or does it naturally smell?

  15. Heide

    I have Sea Silk on my “to get” list. Your shawl is gorgeous! I especially love the flight pose. You are a nut. A clever nut, but a nut just the same.

  16. Sil

    Very nice my dear! It almost makes me want to try lace again…almost…How’s that skirt? Done?

  17. Lanja

    Yours looks way better than the one in the book. You’ve convinced me to knit it, actually πŸ™‚ and that was the one pattern in the whole book that I really detested. Thanks!!!

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