If I don’t surface from this pile of fabric by tomorrow afternoon, send in reinforcements.

14 thoughts on “Buried

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  1. Margaret

    Reinforcements? Like interfacing? Or more snaps..? (I just almost EXACTLY COPIED reluctantmango in an effort to express great burning curiosity at the all-absorbing sewing project.)

  2. Wannietta

    I’ll use a ball of silk lace yarn – enticing & strong – to lure you and lead you to safety. Or maybe sanity?

    Good luck with whatever you’re knee-deep in there!!

  3. Lizbon

    Man, I hear that. My fabric stash is much larger than my yarn stash (I’ve had more years to amass the former; only began knitting in earnest a couple of years ago).

  4. anne

    oooh, cool! I just got rid of 3/4 of my fabric stash (actually it’s all sorted into large ziploc bags waiting for me to find a worthy cause that wants it) and bought some neato Denyse Schmidt fabrics to play with. I blogged about it (not that you have time to read my blog with that cool project to play with!).

    Have fun!

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