On our way to 700

The 600th and 650th Jaywalkers to be added into the gallery have been recorded!


Wendy submitted the 600th Jaywalker, Baby Jays from April’s popular pattern! She received Shannon Okey’s Spin to Knit – congratulations, Wendy! As a non-spinner, I couldn’t resist leafing through the book before mailing it off, and found myself quite intrigued!


NotScarlett had the 650th submission, and for her prize chose Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in cranberry. Excellent choice indeed! Congratulations!

I’d also like to announce the creation of a gallery for completed Roza’s Socks! Send them in – you know the drill. As always, if you have any other Grumpy FOs to show off, I’d love to add them. I’ve recently been seeing a lot of gorgeous Shifting Sands Scarves, for instance, and I know everyone would love to see them all in one spot!


17 thoughts on “On our way to 700

  1. Lynn

    You don’t spin? Good heavens, girl, get with the program! We need all the fiber-obsessed fanatics in the world that we can get. Hie thee over to Mind’s Eye Yarn in Porter Square and get cracking!

  2. Sarah

    C’mon, Grumperina — try some spinning! All the cool kids are doing it!

    (Do I sound like a drug dealer in an after-school special, or what?)

  3. elizabooth

    I’m glad about the Roza’s socks gallery! I just finished my first one last night. BTW, it’s a great pattern and I really love my finished sock.

  4. Mrs MJW

    Hi. I’ve knitted two of your “Picovoli” tees. Thank you so much for this pattern. I love simple things. Somehow they’re just more classy.

    I was wondering if you had any tips for casting off a straight edge ending (at bottom) that didn’t curl up?

  5. bookgrump

    Do you ever get a warm fuzzy feeling when you realize that your patterns have bridged geographical and political boundaries? Very cool! I think I’m going to try Rosa before Jaywalker though.

  6. Andrea

    I have a couple of FO’s on my blog & flickr. Two odessas, a black sea hat and a pair of Jaywalkers. I’ll be onto the Roza socks soon.

  7. becky c.

    I am halfway through a pair of Jaywalkers so I hope to join the party soon. I love browsing through the galleries and visiting the blogs. So many in other languages!

  8. Anne

    Ooh very pretty lorna’s laces yarn! I’ve been thinking of trying your shifting sands scarf, I’m just finding it hard to be scarf-ivated when it’s almost 70 outside most days here 🙂

  9. Anne-Caroline

    Hi Kathy! After looking through a gazillion sock patterns (and receiving my Shepherd Sock yarn – it is awesome!), I love the Roza socks the best! So, I cast on, and I think I might be doing something wonky on the first row of the repeat. I am sorry to sound so remedial, since I’m really not a bad knitter, but – can you tell me – when you do the yo, do you keep the yarn in back before you slip the next st, or does the yarn come to the front? Thanks!

  10. Sanni

    Hi Grumperina! All my favorite knitting blogs seem to be featuring all-sox almost-all-the-time. Sox, sock clubs, sock books. I’ve made a few pairs in my life but don’t get it. I’m bored by the time I get to the second sock. It seems to me like too much money & time to spend on something that a) won’t show from under your pants b) won’t go with most skirts or dresses c) won’t fit inside anything but loose sneakers. But other knitters seem transported. Can you please elucidate why it brings some knitters such joy? I’m not kidding or sarcastic here. I desire an articulate explanation of what I am missing.

    In addition to cool compliment-attracting sweater and top patterns, for which the retro zip cardigan definitely qualified and I miss already. Thank you!

  11. Angelika

    Jaywalkers and Shifting Sands are definately on my list. It’s just getting a weebit warm for a scarf, but the next winter bill be here for sure and then I’d be ready and prepared. 🙂

  12. trek

    Gosh, I haven’t knit a pair of Jays since #4 last summer. Might be time to pull out my fave Jaywalker yarn and cast on again soon.

  13. Chelsea

    I just started my Jaywalkers on Sunday. Love them so far. They are my second pair of socks, but I haven’t finished the first yet. I was sick of the plain stockinette stitch of my first pair and needed a change. I am still working on the first ones though. I am almost done with the instep.

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